Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for photographers, graphic designers and game artists who earn their leaving creating stunning designs. However, doing the same simultaneous job from day to day can be a tiresome and dull process. To save your time and achieve the desired results without spending much time applying similar effects to your artworks, we offer you to consider our today’s compilation of cool Photoshop actions.

The solutions we’ll offer you in this post come in either free or premium versions. We’ll illustrate what results each of the actions on the list can achieve, so you are free to choose any that meets your requirements the most. To simplify decision-making we’ll organize the best Photoshop actions in two groups – free and premium, so that you can go directly to any group you wish. But before we move to the chart, let’s find out what PS actions are and how these can be used.

What Are Photoshop Actions and How to Use Them

If you ask any professional designer about the benefits of using Adobe Photoshop actions, he or she will tell you without hesitation that these help to become more productive. While there is no exact definition of what Photoshop action is, I’ll try to define it in a couple of ways.

  • This is a set of steps recorded by the designer to help photographers achieve the desired look in a click.
  • These are shortcuts for photographers and graphic designers, which help to speed up their work in PS.

You can either download Photoshop actions from the web or record your own ones thanks to the powerful PS programming language. Using actions you can avoid spending time on each step in the photo editor by recording them once, saving and using as many times as you want. It will automate your work and help you reproduce each editing step absolutely the same way you did it while recording actions.

The next logical question should be “How to use actions?” It is very simple and can be managed even by a kid. All you need to do is to open Photoshop, find the Window menu in the top bar, pick the action you’d like to use and click the start button.

In case you’d like to record your own actions for further use, here’s how this can be done:

  • Select a New Action icon.
  • Double click on the icon and type the name.
  • Once you decide to start editing the photo, hit the record button.
  • When you are done with editing, click the Stop Recording button. That’s it.

So, to expand your collection of Photoshop essentials, we offer two groups of free and premium PS actions that are easy to download and install. Pick the solutions to your liking, follow the links, and start enjoying fast and smooth photo editing on your own.

Free Photoshop Actions

Red Lips Action



Can you recollect how many times you had to make a screenshot or record a video from your browser asap but didn’t have the right tool at your disposal? I believe all of us have once faced this. You can no doubt press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then paste the image into Photoshop or any other app that supports image editing. However, once coming up with a cool video, which you can further use in your personal or professional purposes, it’s not always possible to download or simply share it. I don’t know what about you, but I get really pissed off because of this.

We have decided to make an attempt to gather several initiatives for capturing videos and screenshots right from your browser, which you can use both on mobile and desktop devices. Have a look at what we have come up with. Maybe you’ll find the tool you can add to your favorites.



JSCapture is a screen capturing library, which allows to record video of your desktop from your browser or simply capture screenshots using Vanilla JavaScript. The API for screen capturing is currently supported by Google Chrome, Canary and Chromium. Enable the experimental flag in your browser, restart it and start screen recording.




The way you present your business online can influence its success. Before picking up the phone to hire you, modern users will thoroughly examine your web page, your company story and the list of partners/clients who have once collaborated with you. First impression always matters. This is especially important for business web design. Your company web page should be clearly structured and feature an element that would capture their attention and stick in memory for long. Thinking about a new freebie design, we came up with the idea to treat you with something stylish, elegant and professional, something that can serve as a solid base for building a business web page. So, get ready to meet the all new HTML5 freebie for a consulting site.

In effort of gaining customer trust and loyalty, web masters are launching content heavy projects with a bundle of bright elements that distract user attention from the things they should consider. This week’s freebie is all about simplicity and usability. Its minimalist layout with clever usage of negative space helps focus user attention on the valuable information about your business. Like the rest of theme in TemplateMonster inventory, this design can be easily customized. The default theme features a large photo background in the header, which you can easily replace with any other image that would perfectly introduce your company online. The same deals with color scheme. We offer to choose turquoise hues to make your resource look professional and stylish.

In a word, every element of this theme was hand-picked to make texts more readable and images more vibrant. Picking it for a consulting company or any other business, be sure success will follow. Have a look at the demo version and imagine how your website will look like when built with this theme. Or click the download button to grab it and start adjusting it right away.

Demo | Download



Coding is an indispensable part of web development. It includes a lot of hectic work, especially when you need to develop a complicated app. An incorrectly picked code editor can make the job even more complicated. So, choosing an effective code IDE editor is part of job. Among thousands of offers available on the web, it’s easy to get lost. To smoothen thins down for you, we have picked 10 most popular open source editors that come packed with plenty of outstanding features, multiple languages support, and run on the most popular OS. Watch and enjoy.


Xcode IDE is an efficient tool for creating cutting-edge apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Supporting C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python and Ruby, Xcode lets you write, edit and preview the code right away. Initially, it used to be a paid service, however now it is available for free to web developers.




In order to establish a good market standing in today’s highly competitive web design industry, it is becoming needful for website owners to contemplate about re-designing their site in line with current industry trends. Parallax scrolling was a nascent trend but has now emerged as a big web design trend of 2014. This web design trend enable site owners to tell their stories so as to keep their sites’ visitors captivated and engaged. The idea behind parallax scrolling is that as a user scrolls down a page, your website will morph en route so as to tell your story in an enticing manner. It’s obvious, people will definitely love to re-visit your site if you’ll make reading a fun activity for the visitors, instead of forcing them to read long lines of text.

If you’ve running a WordPress powered site, but still missing out the parallax scrolling effect in your website, here’s a list of top 5 Parallax WordPress themes you can choose from:



If you’ve been racking the web for a dazzling single-page splendid design with parallax scrolling effect, then Themify’s Parallax theme best fit your needs. The best aspect about Parallax is that it make use of WP’s custom post types – in order to manage Portfolio, Highlight and Team post types. Besides it allows users to upload a custom header background or a slider and even help assign custom navigation menu. With parallax you can easily customize layouts with different columns options. In addition, it comes with an infinite scroll option that allows users to add multiple posts in the blog feed.



None of the modern businesses can go without online presentation. This is particularly important for the entertainment industry. Entertainment websites are all about engagement. These should grab user attention once they land on your page. If they find your web resource outdated, clunky or boring, chances are they will never come back again. If you don’t want this to happen, you need to be pretty fastidious around its appearance. The more visually appealing, user-friendly, and cheerful it looks, the more likely users will keep on dealing with you. To achieve the desired results and make your website the number one spot for everyone looking for the best party planning services on the web, this responsive HTML5 theme was developed.

Serving as a great visual presentation of your business, the offered design can be also used as a perfect promotional tool. Both site visitors and administrators will enjoy the ease of its usage. Thanks to its responsive nature, you may feel safe all content you share will be displayed on any device one is using. Taking into consideration all the aforementioned factors and combining these with outstanding usability, picking this theme for refreshing your entertainment company website would be a good move to gain customer loyalty.

The joyous mood can be seen in every element of this design. Just have a look at its home page below. Bright images, pleasant to the eye color scheme, stunning fonts will be hardly left unmarked. Once coming up with such a resource, people will be confident of the collaboration success. The implemented gallery with bright images will show what a great party one may throw, whereas a block with Shuffle Images will reveal all possible variants of party planning. The engaging Recent Events field with CSS3 hover effects will better introduce your company to the audience and help them with decision-making.

Building your website on a bright theme like this one will help you win user hearts and build strong online presence. Have a look at its live demo and imagine what a stunning effect it will have on your audience.

Demo | Download



Why die-cut brochures? Because of the tough competition in the modern marketplace, it has become rather difficult to stand out and win the hearts of the audience. Brands make use of various promotional means to invite new clients and attract them to their offerings. Opting for different means of print media, video and audio commercials, marketers try to catch the eye of their prospective customers and awake their curiosity. Today we’d like to focus your attention on the print media, i.e. die-cut brochures that can help you better present your brand, gain recognition, and engage more people in. However, to make a cutting-edge die-cut, one should master specific techniques on how to do this professionally and make each brochure work. Keep reading to find out what exactly die-cuts are, what types of the latter exist, as well as look though 20 creative brochure ideas as a source of inspiration for your own projects.

What Are Die-Cuts

Die-cuts are shapes cut from pieces of cardstock paper. The shapes can be printed at home with the help of a regular printer and then given to a crafter who will cut the shape himself with the help of a pair of scissors. Or you can make use of die cut machines that will help you get the desired results in no time. The latter come in two big groups – the ones that do not require any electricity and electronic die-cut machines. If you opt for the latter, you will be able to cut brochures of different shapes and sizes, however you will always need to have an electric outlet somewhere nearby in order to bring your ideas to life. Anyway, it’s up to you which of the aforementioned options to choose. You can simply go to the scrapbooking and craft stores and pick the desired shape.




What can cheer you up better than a funny, touching video? We are always attracted to something that can make us laugh or, on the contrary, evoke sentimental emotions. Today we offer you to look through 20 amazing videos shared on Motion Graphics. These high quality artworks from first class designers from all over the world will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

I believe many of you are surfing through popular video-rich resources like YouTube, Vimeo and others every day and hour looking for some cool source of inspiration. While browsing the works of others you can come up with great elements that would push you to creating something new and unique. Have you ever thought that once you will be able to come up with a free resource where all the best motion graphics videos would be stored? Now your dreams can come true.

Motiongraphics.nu is a cutting edge project launched by Stef Nitert from Enschede, Netherlands. Working as a fleelancer and studying Applied Arts, he got interested in product animation and started studying this notion in depth. He often searched the web for a resource of inspiration where numerous great design projects can be gathered in one place. That was the time when he came up with the idea of launching Motion Graphics website where users can watch numerous fine videos in one view. The site features a well-organized home page with all the recently shared videos as well as a slideshow of featured clips.

Here are some of the most inspirational and memorable videos on Motion Graphics. Featuring not only impressive visual presentation but also breathtaking music in the background, such things are a must to be watched.


Merchants & Sons Spring Montage



Nothing wakes me up better than a cup of coffee in the morning. While for some of us a coffee or tea break is just a way to rest from monotonous work and boost energy, for many others it’s a special ritual that has spiritual significance.

In many cultures, the ritual aspect of having a cup of coffee or tea has semi-religious status. Let’s take the Japanese culture, for instance. I believe all of you have heard about the famous Japanese tea ceremonies, in which green tea is whipped in a traditional bowl to form a rich, nosey drink. The ceremony is held in the full silence to contemplate the presence of eternity in the moment.

Whether you perceive a coffee break as a special ritual or a habitual action, our today’s compilation of great mug design ideas should come in handy. While even the cheapest plastic cups can do the job, one will hardly disagree that drinking your favorite beverage from a creative mug would only make it tastier. If you are looking for something unique, funny of practical – in our today’s compilation we have made an effort to gather mugs and glasses of different forms and designs to please your taste. Have a look at these creative coffee mug design ideas. Here you will definitely find something to your liking. A little less conversation, a little more action. Let’s get straight to business.


Ceramic Shave Mug for wet shaving

Ceramic Shave Mug for wet shaving



Independence Day is the holiday many of us have long waited so long. Either for the sake of having a chance to hang out with friends or commemorate the adoption of Declaration of Independence, this is one of the most anticipated celebrations for each US citizen. TemplateMonster doesn’t miss a chance to invite all of its customers and starts the July 4th campaign, giving you a 50% discount on all templates available. A great bargain, don’t you think?!