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Free Stationery Mockups PSD for Your Stationary & Growing Success

Normally you want to have ready-to-use and preferably free templates, unless you have a lot of time, your own photostudio and a huge will to work hard on crafting your own stationery mockups PSD. Raise the chances of your design displaying the branding identities on stationery mockups, get it more competitive using these design items in banners, stationery shop advertising – in short, in anything that can require an image of a pen, a cup, a card or paper. Certainly, the above mentioned ways of using these mockups do not limit their usage: you can use them for whatever your heart desires.

Details matter, a tiny well-placed paper-clip can be the key point of a successful design.  Besides, your client is more likely to agree on a design if they see it applied on something that looks like taken from his desk, and not like a 2D image.

Mockups have a power of 3D magic – not surprisingly, they have the proper effect on the viewer.

Needless to say, free stationary mockups PSD will be of use to you – either now or a little later.

Here’s a list of them.

1. Free Stationery Mockup (Psd Smart Object)

Free Stationery Success


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Free Smartwatch Mockups For Smart Design Showcase

If in Ancient Greece in order to be one of the progressive intellectuals you were to do philosophy, in 16th century the sign of your intelligence would be saying that the Earth was flat, now it’s having a modern gadget that lets people know you belong to advanced users who are ahead of the rest. One of the latest tech trends which captivated a grownup and so-so-grownup world is smartwatches. Handy for runners, sportsmen, office workers – they became a usual part of our work-a-day routine and eventually may become an inevitable part of our life.

According to the statistics, 46% of consumers are interested in buying smartwatch. Let’s think logically: what do we notice first  in a faceless crowd? Something or someone that we are subconsciouly interested in. Consider this trick when showcasing your work: an image on a smartwatch mockup is more likely to drag attention than on any other mockup.

Here 16 best free smartwatch mockups are listed.

Give your customers an idea of how great your work can look! 😉

1. Wearable Mockup Design




A successful e-Commerce project needs to have a decent online presentation. If you think the same, have a look at this week’s design by TemplateMonsterFree Shopify Theme for a Flower Shop. Its layout looks so cheerful and inspiring that hardly any of your site visitors will be able to leave without a purchase. Wonder why? Let’s have a deeper insight into what this template offers.

If you are running a business different from the one mentioned above, you shouldn’t worry that this design won’t fit your project. Thanks to its flexible and dynamic interface, the theme allows any of its elements to suit a number of other purposes, like beauty, fashion, gifts, holiday, wedding, accessories, hobbies & crafts or any other store. Clean & valid code as well as detailed documentation will help you attain the designed results.

The theme comes loaded with advanced Bootstrap functionality and a rich selection of Shopify features that make it a design of choice for building a powerful online store. The full-width layout was made 100% responsive, crossbrowser compatible and SEO-friendly. So, no matter what device or browser your visitors selected for reaching your store, they will enjoy all content that you’ve shared fully.

Apart from the powerful functionality, the theme looks sleek and modern. Its pleasant on the eye color scheme creates a calm atmosphere onsite. Clean, grid-based layout makes it easier to find the desired items in no time. Filterable search and sticky menu facilitate navigation. To enhance page loading, lazy load effect was added. The latter also provides for a more appealing presentation.

Summing it up, the template features every element you might need for building a beautifully-designed and functional online store to win the heart and mind of every shopper.

Demo | Download


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Free Stamp Mockups You’ve Been Looking For To Complete Your Design

Has this ever happened to you? A minute ago you were creating a great design and suddenly you realized something was missing. A detail which would complete the design, something like a… stamp.

According to the statistics, stamps in design are the first to drag the viewer’s attention. Basically, it carries the essential information.  What is the first thing you see when looking at a parcel you’ve got? A stamp. The first thing in the application form? ‘Approved’ or ‘Not approved’ stamp. A man’s eye is trained to find out the main things literally in half-second. Why not use this psychological trick for outlining the message of your design?

Besides, it’s a great way of presenting a logo. The main information in a geometric figure like a circle or a square will attract viewers’ attention.

Here are 10 great free stamp mock-ups. Choose any of them and apply in your work.


1. Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp Rectangular



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How to Buy Kingsford 24″ Charcoal Grill, 2 WordPress Themes and Stay Within Your Budget?

Spring Fever 40% Off

Welcome a chance to save your money & buy something you were planning to purchase apart from the templates, because the discount is 40% ON ALL TEMPLATEMONSTER THEMES.


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Free WordPress Template for Yoga Club That Exudes Style and Professionalism

There are plenty of WordPress themes out there that are especially created with yoga studio needs in mind. What we offer you to consider today is a Free WordPress Theme for Yoga Studios and any other related business that will help you design your own website hassle-free. Whether you are a yoga trainer and simply don’t have enough time for finding a pro web developer who will get the job done for you or you are a web developer yourself looking for some new free stuff for your own collection of web design freebies, you can safely make use of this theme.

Like many other ready-made designs that we write about on our blog, this freebie was developed by TemplateMonster’s creative team. Each week these guys have something new and trendy to impress us. Clean and minimalist, Yoga Studio WordPress Freebie will work for many other purposes, including sport, architecture, interior, exterior, design studio, business, etc. Thanks to its advanced functionality, the theme is easy to install and manage. It comes loaded with every single feature you might need to strengthen your website’s reputation and provide your visitors with all information they might need to know about your organization.

First and foremost, the theme was made fully responsive. Its flexible and adaptive layout will smoothly run on any screen size, whether it’s a desktop or a handheld device. For seamless web development, the theme features advanced Bootstrap functionality and comes powered by Cherry Framework. Multiple font and color options as well as custom widgets and shortcodes will be at your disposal for a quicker and easier customization. There will be no need in testing how your website runs on all the major web browsers since the template was made crossbrowser compatible and SEO-friendly.

Functional from the inside, Yoga Club WordPress Freebie has a very appealing look. Parallax scrolling and lazy load effects enhance its visual appeal. The latter also provides for faster page loading. To better introduce your yoga club to your visitors and highlight your business objectives, recent news and achievements, image galleries and filterable portfolios were added. See how the theme works on your own and don’t hesitate to download it for free right away.

Demo | Download


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22 Best Brewery Templates For Beery Websites From TemplateMonster

This so long-awaited moment has come.

Finally you got a project which you are carved for – your client needs a beer website. You know that this beer project deserves your special attention: it’s tender and mild. You already feel the warmth of your heart coming up for it and you firmly decide to bring up the best of your webdesign talent to create a masterpiece.

You understand the high responsibility for creating a welcoming shelter which will rescue tired after-work hearts and you take it very seriously. Suddenly you remember Benjamin Frankin’s phrase ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy’ and this starts the ball rolling… The creative ideas start piling up in your head. And with a humble and noble impulse to make the world more beery you go on the web in search of best brewery templates.

We understand how important it is. That’s why we’ve picked the best brewery templates built on different CMS (and HTML) so you can choose the right one for you.



Beer and Supplies VirtueMart Template


Beer and supplies



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Defrozo – Top Reasons Why it’s Worthy of Your Attention

Did you hear anything about Defrozo and what it’s all about? If you are keen on photography, then the following information will be of use to you. Whether photography is only your hobby of a full-time job, running a portfolio showcasing all your works at their best is essential. However, many photo enthusiasts face a problem of running different accounts on multiple platforms, which is very inconvenient. Since now on, each of you can have all the popular photos apps gathered together in one place for FREE.


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15 Free Mosaic Vector Pattern Collections For Your Projects

If you need a free vector mosaic backgrounds patterns, you are at the right place at the right time. It’s one of the greatest patterns used in design.

Speaking of the very concept of mosaic, have you ever wondered why it’s called so? It comes from Medieval Latin: ‘mosaicum’ meant ‘the work of Muses’. Quite inspiring, isn’t it? Maybe this can do as an explanation why mosaic patterns are so requested in the field.
At some point of your work you may also need these geometric patterns and go online in search of them. Various geometric shapes, colorful or black and white, light-toned or bright – all of them fit for different types of projects.

Here’s a list of free mosaic vector patterns collections presented: check them out and find the one which will be perfect for your project.

Please note that in the preview you may see only one image, to see more of the set click on it.

1. 6 Polygon Background

6 Polygon Background


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Toy Store ZenCart Template – Free Theme with Premium Functionality

Who doesn’t like freebies? Especially when it’s a product with advanced functionality? I guess each of you has once been seduced by such an appealing offer but by downloading a free stuff to your PC it didn’t provide anything special. Today, we are going to present you a free website template from TemplateMonster that not only looks good, but also comes loaded with premium-quality features, all of which you can get for free.

Toy Store ZenCart Theme can become a rock-solid solution for building an e-Commerce project of yours, no matter what niche. Sleek and modern, it boasts advanced functionality that can help you easily compete with other industry-leaders. Mobile-friendly design has become a default setting nowadays. However, not all web resources have switched to it. By picking this theme you will no need to develop a mobile version of your site since the template automatically adjusts to any screen size and resolution. What’s more, it features Retina-ready images that will make your products look sharp on the popular last-gen devices.

As a rule, online shoppers don’t deal with stores that look cluttered and are not that easy to navigate. To avoid any issues of this kind, the layout features a grid-based structure, which adds a well-balanced look to your site. For better browsing, the template is supplied with two menus – one horizontal and one vertical. Main menu providing quick access to new products, specials, reviews, FAQs, and contacts can be found in the header. Categories menu, in its turn, has been moved to the sidebar.

The header is worth of our special attention. It is presented in the form of tile-based banners with cool hover effect. Due to such an  approach, you can not only help users better understand your business once they land on your page, but also make them unintentionally pay attention to your hot offers. Wonder how all this has been combined in one design? You are welcome to view its live demo.

Demo | Download


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