The importance of clever web design for church-related sites shouldn’t be underestimated. TemplateMonster team knows that and now these guys have launched another great free HTML5 theme for religious sites to make it possible for even the smallest church have its own online presentation.

A church website is more than just a way to let the world know about your organization. This is an invaluable communications tool that allows people worship God, study his word and pray. Running a website one can either attract new members and introduce them to the church or keep regular attendants informed about the events and programs they can’t miss.

Each church has its own history, culture and style. People will most likely want to have an idea of what to expect when visiting your establishment, so developing smart web presence is a must. The given design in pleasant to the eye hues will smoothen things down for you. Its clever organization allows users learn more about the church and its mission, makes it easier to know when and where they should be in order to attend the upcoming events, explains what to expect from visiting the church, etc. The thought-out content structure makes the site easy-to-follow, scannable and easy to navigate.

Pick the design for developing a site dealing with worship services and achieve proper balance between style and functionality.

Demo | Download here



Mock-ups are a true way to showcase designs. Do you remember how many of these we saw before the actual iPhone 6 release? How many concept videos we were introduced to before the latest iMac launch? Mocking up designs will help you boost the value of your work by giving an insight into how the project you are currently working on will look like in the end. Our today’s chart of free Apple mock-up PSD templates will come in handy to those of your working on a new design project. This is not a traditional compilation of all free PSD templates available over there. We have handpicked 20 mock-ups that will smoothen things down for you.

True Apple fans will appreciate this chart since here you’ll find a number of great mock-ups for iPhone, iMac, iPad and iPod. We hope some of these flat and photo-realistic design will be of use to you when developing your next project. Watch and enjoy!


Photorealistic Device Mock-Ups



People are judged by appearances. The same deals with resorts to visit, hotels to stay, food to eat, etc. Clever presentation is of high importance in web design, branding and marketing. Will you pay attention to a poorly designed banner or a billboard? I really doubt that. Developing remarkable street posters is part of any company success. For a new client, appearance and presentation of your business are all that count. We always pay attention to the way advertising is designed, what it reveals and what it’s all about in general. Making it influential and appealing is the key to success. In our today’s post we’ve decided to gather more than 20 premium and free mockup templates, which you can download and use for developing street billboards and posters of your own.

The importance of graphic design shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want a commercial to catch user eye on a busy street, if you want it to stick in their memory and encourage buying something from you, trying your services and what not, then it should feature something to appeal to them. It’s up to you what strategy to opt for. Your street billboard can represent a negative or positive message, cheer up or upset, excite or relax. An effective design will help you achieve whatever you want.

The following premium and free outdoor billboard mockups will become a great starting point for developing an ad that will work for you. Which one do you prefer?







TemplateMonster knows the true value of solid online presentation. This week’s HTML5 free for Marketing Agency is a great confirmation to this fact. Boasting of modern, stylish design, this template can be the perfect match for any corporate, business, marketing, insurance or personal website. Take your time and see how your own project can benefit from it.

For many out there, developing a business website is a lengthy and daunting task. How many times have you wondered what to start your work with? What elements to incorporate? What style to opt for? We have decided to smoothen things down for you by launching this free HTML5 theme. Its clean and clear layout featuring pleasant to the eye turquoise hues with clever usage of negative space will help you draw user attention on your content primarily. You will find no difficulty with introducing the audience to your business, its goals and achievements.

The first thing any of you will mention when casting a glance at the given design is its simplicity and elegance. Ivy Green, the designer who brought the idea of creating a sleek template to life, took care of making each of its elements user-friendly and usable. Just have a look at the navigation bar, homepage slider, icons, calls-to-action. Don’t you find these easy-to-follow? Another point no business web page can go without is responsiveness. Making use of this theme for building your updating your corporate website you may feel safe the content you share will be properly displayed on any screen size, either desktop or handheld devices.

Establishing online presence for your business, don’t pass by this free theme. It incorporates everything you will need to make your project a success. So as not to speak without a proof, we offer you to see the template in action by clicking the demo button.

Demo | Download here



TemplateMonster team never ceases to amaze us. This time these guys have indeed outdone themselves with the release of the new type of WordPress themes. This is not a common product we have accustomed to. It seemed after the release and full upgrade of Cherry Framework there would hardly be anything to stun us with. However, we were wrong. Get ready to meet the last-gen WorsPress themes with Cherry Framework and MotoPress integration. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out what it’s all about.

One of the biggest advantages of new WordPress themes is that you don’t have to be a tech specialist to customize these to your liking. Thanks to MotoPress drag’n’drop builder you can edit pages without writing a single line of code. Everything is simple and intuitive.

Using standard WordPress visual editor you can edit styles, add shortcodes, media and a number of other elements via coding.


I believe all of you have worked or at least seen how the standard WordPress content editor looks like. There are two tabs you can work in:



and Text


Applying any changes to the content you are working with, you need to push the preview button to check out how these will appear on your webpage. Though we have already got accustomed to this, waiting till the content reloads takes a lot of time. However, things are absolutely different when you work with the new WordPress theme. And here’s the reason why.

You will never do it wrong since there is no need in coding. Here is how the editor of new WordPress themes looks like.




Traditionally, the first Monday in September is a great holiday in the US. This year we commemorate the social and economic achievements of American workers on September 1st. The three-day long weekend can be a great opportunity to recharge batteries before autumn and enjoy last warm summer days.

Over the last years the way we celebrate Labor Day has changed to a great extent. Instead of attending parades and listening to speeches, the majority of American workers prefer spending their day off with families and friends in the open air. As the Labor Day celebration is less than a week away, we have decided to share a compilation of great posters related to this occasion. The designs we list below were taken from different resources. By clicking any of them you’ll be taken to the page where these were initially shared. Do you want to download one to congratulate your friends on this occasion? Not a problem at all. The modern & vintage Labor Day posters come in free and premium versions, so you can choose any to your liking.

How are you planning to spend Labor Day this year? Will you through a party or participate in Labor Day parades? Enjoy celebration and let these great designs cheer you up!





Your website is your online business. In most cases, people simply cannot reach your physical location. However, things get absolutely different when it comes to online presentation. Thanks to the ongoing computerization of the modern society, more people are shifting online. So, the presentation of your business in the internet, its ease of use and attractiveness highly matter. Today we are glad to introduce you to another HTML5 freebie by TemplateMonster team that can serve as a solid basis for setting up design, architecture, CV or any other web resource.

If you want your business to succeed, then you should pay special attention to the way it will be presented online. Here every detail matters, so trusting its development to novice designers is not a good idea. Ivy Green, skilled designer from TemplateMonster, has developed a well-coded HTML5 freebie with a thoroughly selected color palette. Perfect in every detail, this theme demonstrates how easily functionality can be combined with refined aesthetics.

Starting working on this design, Ivy got inspired by the masterfully crafted websites showcased on Awwwards, CSSWinner, TheBestDesigns. As a result, we can now enjoy a stylish look of this theme, which features all the latest web design trends like ghost buttons, full-width background photo, hipster logo, and photo-rich gallery.

The one page navigation allows introducing users to your company story in an interesting and intriguing way. We have decided to start with a catching image in the header, then organize the services of the promoted business in a creative manner, move to the portfolio based on Owl Carousel, the list of staff, and sum it all up with contact details. Navigation has been made simple thanks to the fixed header, which provides users with constant access to menu and site name.

Make sure you can make an impact by watching the theme in action.

Demo | Download here



We often underestimate the value of 404 error pages. However, have you ever thought this can be another great way of communicating with the audience? 404 error pages can open the way for improvements in your work. For instance, you can provide them with helpful links or simply share your contact details in order to make it easier for everyone who came up with it to reach you to report an error, learn what went wrong, etc. By ‘contact details’ we assume your email address, phone number, or direct link to the areas where people can find help.

In case you discover that a lot of people come up with your 404 error page, try to provide them with some helpful information instead of directing then back to your homepage. Even the error page can work for your benefit. The following tips will help you achieve this with ease.

  • Clearly explain the reason why they have reached this, either because of the broken link, deleted post, etc.
  • Let users report the error.
  • Share contact details in case someone needs to inform you about anything or ask for additional information.
  • Link to popular posts on your website.
  • Capture your audience with an image/video.
  • Provide users with suggestions on how to find the content they were looking for.
  • Embed a search bar in order to make it easier for people to come up with the necessary data.
  • Entertain the audience with interactive games, texts, jokes.
  • Instead of a boring background, add illustrations.

With all these recommendations in mind, let’s have a look at the stunning examples of well-designed, captivating 404 error pages. Each of them has something to grab your attention with. Have a look at our compilation and get inspired for your own unique designs.





Date: August 23-24

Credit: Big Brother Big Sisters

WordPress community from all over the world is anticipating this weekend. This is the fifth time Boston will host the event. With all the tickets sold out and the full list of sponsors and speakers announced, we are expecting to have two action-packed summer days. If you missed this for any reason, make sure to check out the schedule of this year’s event. Alongside with two amazing days of talks followed by food, drinks and socializing, we are expected to learn plenty of new aspects of WordPress.

There is always something to learn about, especially when it comes to the ever-growing field of web development. From year to year, WordCamp Boston hosts thousands of smart tech-savvy people who invest millions of hours per year in WordPress development. So, it will be a great opportunity to listen to their reports and learn fine things from them.


Soon after WordCamp Boston, there will be another much-talked-of event all of us are impatiently waiting – WordCamp Europe scheduled to be held on September 27-29 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The final list of organizers has not been revealed as of yet since new volunteers enrolls daily. Last year’s event was fabulous and we can’t wait to see what the dedicated group of volunteer organizers will impress us with this time.

We’ll keep you updated on this. So, stay tuned!


No business can go without good presentation. Alongside with creating breathtaking web designs and memorable commercials, you should never forget about developing business cards. The latter have always been one of the most effective ways of business promotion. Though some consider this a somewhat outdated and low-tech marketing approach, business cards (or calling cards) can easily compete with other cool promotional methods, like websites, audio/video ads, etc.

Ideally, a business card should be custom-made. Don’t be lazy to find a specialist who will be able to create an impressive design or develop it on your own. Every detail of such designs matters, so one should think twice and use space effectively. However, not all businesses have enough money and resources to develop cards. In such cases, free PSD business card templates may come in handy. While there are thousands of such offers available on the web, not all of them can boast of breathtaking, remarkable presentation. In our today’s compilation we are going to introduce you to 30 amazing designs that really work. Picking these for promoting your business you will only benefit. All of the templates we list below are available in PSD format. So, you may feel free to download any of them and customize to your liking. In such a way, you can turn any design into a unique artwork that will help you stick into your clients’ mind.

Why Use Business Cards

Business cards have a long history. Everything started back in the 17th century, when English businessmen started using early forms of business cards to advertise their trade, provide a map and information about any business, as well as share contact details in order to get in touch with one person or another with ease. Nowadays, business cards are being used for the same purpose. When you need to find new clients or partners, provide them with information on how to reach you, etc. business cards come in handy. Among other benefits of using business cards one can highlight:

  • Convenience of use. Business cards are small in size. Measuring 3.5 inches by 2 inches only, these don’t require much space to be stored in your wallet, so you can always keep them handy any time you need to establish cooperation with new partners.
  • Business cards help in saving time when you need to write down important information. In order to free your prospective customers from unnecessary fuss, just give them a card with all contact info they might need, which can be easily placed in the pocket without being obtrusive.
  • These are a true way of building credibility. Putting your company name, contact details and other information on a business card you will be able to represent credibility, trustworthiness and reliability of your company.
  • In addition, business cards can be used as an effective promotional tool. Creating a cutting-edge design, you will not only stun people with your creative approach to doing business, but also build customer loyalty.

30 Free PSD Business Card Templates to Save your Time

If you are only starting your business or just lack time to create a card to promote your brand, then the following compilation of 30 free PSD business card templates should be of use to you. These come in different styles, which will help you find the one that would perfectly communicate your business ideas. As we’ve already mentioned above, all of them are toll free and come in PSD format, which allows editing any of these templates the way you wish. Click the image and you’ll be directed to the download page.