Are you ready for the Saturday celebration? On the 4th of July all popular companies treat their customers with something special. And what do you expect to get as a gift from a web design monster? Huge discounts for premium stuff, of course! TemplateMonster keeps on its tradition of cutting price of all products from its inventory. This Independence Day you may save 35% on any design from the gallery of 30,000+ themes.




Anyone who cares about his content presentation, never underestimates the visual power of pictures. Letters are beautiful, but the most quality content with no image will loose readers to less quality, yet illustrated content.
If you don’t do photography professionally (literally professionally, when you spend days in raw shooting everyone and everything so it would cover the demands of blogging like pictures of wild animals, celebrities, most sophisticated dishes, children or kittens), you have to have your own source of images. If you don’t have one and don’t have a friend who wouldn’t mind sharing the results of weeks-long work with you, you will have to search for images, which would satisfy you both with their content and high quality on the Web. The copyright rules are strict and most of the time you have to pay for really good pictures.
We bet that there are many other ways of spending money on/offline on your mind, and paying for pictures may be not in your budget plan. That’s why we picked the best free image sources which may help you save time on searching on the Web.
Here’s the list 🙂

1. Dealjumbo

free image sources

*** details


The competition is tough on the web today. That’s why a website with beautiful typography and funny images will hardly leave a lasting impression on users. To win the hearts of the online audience, your website should be designed with style, boast a trendy look and provide its visitors with an array of handy options for better navigation. The theme that we are going to review today features all of the options mentioned above and much more. So, please welcome a freshly designed freebie from TemplateMonster – an OpenCart Theme for Mobile Store.

With so many articles written about web design trends 2015, it’s high time to implement them in practice.  This free theme reveals how a modern online store can be designed with style. A clean layout designed in flat style features a tile-based structure, cool animation and easy-to-follow navigation. Sticky MegaMenu and advanced search help you find the desired product with a click. The theme is product-oriented. So, with the help of clever use of white space you can make each item look more appealing to the user.

Each product page features bold images with zoom effect, which allows investigating each gadget in detail. Users can leave reviews and manage star rating on each product page. Together with product details, photos and video overview, at the bottom of each product page there is a slider with related products, which enhances online shopping experience by providing users with a number of alternatives.

This well-balanced design was made fully responsive, crossbrowser compatible and SEO optimized. Valid code, simple yet powerful admin panel and advanced theme options will facilitate theme customization. A folder with detailed documentation on installation and setup was included in the package as well. OpenCart modules allow developing a user-friendly website with a thought-out layout structure where users can find any information they need with ease.

The template is intended for developing an electronics online store. However, with some quick adjustments it can also work for any other online store of yours.

Demo | Download

Free OpenCart Theme for Mobile Store


Portfolio is more than just a website, or a folder with your works – it’s your face which can make the first impression which, as we all know, lasts long.

Basically this is a non-verbal communication between you as a service-provider and your potential customer, and it’s almost the same as in a usual human acquaintance. Did you know that a person subconsciously determines their attitude to you in the first 0.3 second? It takes a little longer if you offer them your service since they have to find out what you are and what you do, but still a time period of deciding whether they like you or not is desperately small. That’s why having a proper portfolio means so much – it becomes an electronic version of ‘you’ with skills your customer or employer is interested at. So if you are aimed at creating an efficient and beautiful portfolio but you are not a web developer, you may consider using a template for creating one.

Here the best portfolio templates produced by TemplateMonster are listed, check them out – who knows, maybe in the next 34 seconds you’ll see the portfolio template you’ve been looking for in the last several days.

1. Trustworthy Financial Institutions

Portfolio Template



If you are running a consulting firm or any other business, you probably know how difficult it is to attract the right audience. It’s highly important to find your target audience, loyal customers, build trust and make them buy your real-time consulting services. To help you achieve the aforementioned goals, TemplateMonster released a Free Consulting WordPress Template.

WordPress templates are known as a perfect foundation for bringing any kind of business online. Blogging and personal projects, small to large businesses and online portfolios gain higher demand thanks to its rich functionality. Our today’s theme is no exception. New Group is primarily intended for consulting services companies. However, thanks to its powerful admin panel and an array of features the design can be adjusted for education, industrial, politics, religious, and business websites.

The layout was designed as per the latest web trends. It looks neat and elegant. Pleasant to the eye light-blue color scheme perfectly matches businesses of this kind. A large hero image, full-width backgrounds, bold banners and retina-ready photography make this theme an attention-grabber. Parallax scrolling effect together with lazy loading adds to its visual appeal. Cool animation, sliders and image hover effect provide your visitors with a more enjoyable browsing experience.

As per navigation, it was made simple and intuitive. Main menu stays in a fixed position at the top of the page. Drop down functionality was added as well. The layout features a grid-based structure, which makes it easier to scan the page when looking for the desired content. Additionally, it adds a more balanced look to the layout, allowing you to share plenty of data.

Traditionally, the template was designed with valid code. Fully responsive, crossbrowser compatible and SEO-friendly layout will run smoothly on any gadget one is using. Seamless installation and modification of the theme allow bringing your site live on the web in no time.

Demo | Download

Free Consulting WordPress Template


In business, having own website increases opportunities of growing customer base. When it comes to education, thanks to a website your institution can gain students’ recognition. By browsing masterfully designed web pages they will have a desire to enter a university or college. If you are looking for such a template but a premium design is out of your budget, then a free Joomla template for university site is just what you need. Trendy and modern, powerful and functional, it was designed by TemplateMonster.

Content is the king. This is what comes to our mind when looking at the main page of this theme. Elegant, with neat elements and focus on details, it will be a perfect solution for any educational institution. Its clean layout features sophisticated design elements that add to its visual aesthetics.

  • Metro style with bold colors, readable fonts and shapes is in the spotlight.
  • Vivid banners with a cool hover effect make the theme more interactive and usable.
  • Vertical dropdown menu and advanced search bar right above it facilitate navigation. Back to top button, in its turn, will always help reaching the top of the page with a click.
  • Neat icons make it easier to differentiate content blocks. Grids add more structure to the layout.
  • Simple newsletter sign up form is a great way to gain followers on site.
  • Youngsters are obsessed with social media. That’s why having an embedded news feed from, say, Twitter and Instagram, will grow your popularity.
  • Google map integration is the feature to which many web users need to have access when reaching education, entertainment, business or e-Commerce projects.
  • Easy-to-use contact form allows keeping in touch with the audience.

The template was made fully responsive, which increases your chances of growing user base. Modern students prefer browsing on-the-go. So, this is the feature they will definitely appreciate. Though the template is primarily intended for education websites, it can be customized to fit business, law, and society & culture projects.

Demo | Download



If you are a big fan of web design trends and like to design in style, then you should enjoy this news. TemplateMonster offers you to win a deck of web design playing cards that were inspired by an interactive infographic that was launched in the beginning of 2015.




Appearance is crucial in the fashion world. The more stylish, elegant and noticeable you look, the more likely people will talk about you. That’s why, no fashion catwalk goes without outstanding clothing designs, stunning accessories and beautiful models. Following a similar approach, Fashion Store Free PrestaShop Theme from TemplateMonster will hardly leave anyone indifferent after viewing. An aesthetically pleasing layout with sleek details will add a more refined look to a fashion, photography, beauty, and interior and furniture websites.

Different brands design their websites differently.  There are many styles and approaches popular among fashion gurus. What we offer you to consider today is a trendy full-width Prestashop template that can be adjusted to fit various purposes. Taking into consideration that images play a major role on fashion websites, the template makes a heavy usage of visuals. For instance, in the header there is a large hero area with a transparent block demonstrating different slogans. A full-width slider features a parallax scrolling effect that creates an awesome 3D illusion onsite. Three catchy banners below were added to draw users’ attention to the major categories of products you have on offer. To make it easier to differentiate content blocks, full-width images with catchy calls-to-action were integrated. Scrolling down the main page you will be introduced to a block of featured products that can be filtered by Popular, New Arrivals, Best Sellers and Specials. You can take a closer look at each item by clicking a thumbnail image. A popup with pricing details, product details, an Add to Cart button and social sharing options will appear.

This free Prestashop theme from TemplateMonster was made fully responsive and crossbrowser compatible. Valid code and HTML plus JS animation will make your site based on this theme much easier to customize and more visually pleasing. Retina ready images will look sharp on any desktop of handheld device.

Like any other template released by TemplateMonster, Prestige is well-documented and comes loaded with advanced functionality for seamless customization.

Demo | Download


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35 Fresh Free Fonts of 2015

2015 seems to just have started, but our calendar tells us that soon it’ll be half a year already. Another 6 months have whooshed by, and by this point our web design peers have managed to create some really good free fonts which you can use in your designs.
In a thousand year history of typography nothing changed: beautiful typography was highly valued then, and it is highly valued now. Of course, the means of achieving perfectly spaced, well curved and beautifully presented fonts,have somewhat changed, to say the least, but the gist of typography stayed the same. It still is shaping physically immaterial words into visually attractive embodiment of content. Bet that you (if you deal with design anyhow) can’t help enjoying beautiful fonts when seeing them. And no matter how many fonts there have been created, they seem to never outrun of new ideas.

Meet the best and the freshest free fonts of the year 2015.
And if you have any other fonts on mind and want to share them with world – you are most welcome!

1. Origami Free Vector

Origami Free Vector

*** details


WordPress is the preferred CMS of blogs, online portfolios, personal and business websites. A simple interface and an array of customization options make it one of the most popular platforms among web developers today. Even if you are not a web developer, you can start a WP-powered online project effortlessly. There are plenty of free and premium website templates available for download. As you’ve already guessed, today we’ll talk about a free WordPress theme for photography portfolio websites.

The theme was released by TemplateMonster’s creative team of professionals. Like many other products developed by these guys, the template is attractive from the outside and functional from the inside. Plenty of useful customization options make it easier to adjust the design for multiple purposes, including art & photography, beauty, fashion, personal pages, gifts, wedding, interior and exterior design, and many others.

The theme’s layout looks well-structured and balanced. Each content block is separated from others by means of a different color of the background, a signup form, etc. Users can enjoy your content fully thanks to fair color scheme of the template. Such meaningful areas as navigation bar, calls-to-action, newsletter subscription form, and social sharing options were highlighted with vivid coral hues. If you need to change the color palette of this design for a different one, which will perfectly work with your business, then it can be done easily with the help of advanced theme options.

By landing on your portfolio website based on this theme users will notice a large hero area that adds to the visual appeal of the design and helps to better introduce the audience to your business. To make the theme more user-friendly and enhance UI, navigation bar was made sticky. Thus, people will always have access to the rest of your site’s content. Owners of handheld devices will enjoy seamless browsing of your site owing to a fully responsive, crossbrowser compatible framework. What’s more, the template is SEO-friendly, which guarantees higher ranking in search engines. Lazy load effect provides for faster page loading.

In a word, this freebie includes every feature you might need for developing a competitive photography portfolio. 2-step installation and valid code will make it a pleasure to work with the theme.

Demo | Download

Photographer Portfolio free WordPress Theme

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