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First impression counts, especially when we are talking about cafe and restaurant websites. Such a resource should be able to perfectly communicate your business ideas online as well as work up appetite of your visitors. Of course, you may hire a pro to develop a custom-made design that would perfectly fit the image and style of your restaurant or save time and money and grab this ready-made, stunning free HTML5 theme for a restaurant or cafe site that would attract online audience with its clear organization.

You will hardly find a restaurant that doesn’t have its official web page. To attract new clients and let the world know about your establishment, one of the first things you should take into consideration is setting up a user-friendly web resource that would help you perfectly communicate your business ideas.

What do people expect to see when reaching a restaurant site? I guess many of you would assume that would be a rich gallery showcasing their dishes in menu as well as pricing policy. And you would be absolutely right. In order not to be confused with stratospheric prices, people commonly check out a restaurant website before actually visiting it. Sharing the full range of dishes you may treat your visitors with as well as giving them a possibility to read testimonials of other clients who had a change to visit your establishment a bit earlier, you will be able to build trust effortlessly and boost your loyal client base.

The theme under review will fit any type of cafe or restaurant. Whether you’re running a refined dining, healthy food or organic restaurant, picking this uncluttered design is a way to go. Similar to other freebies launched by TemplateMonster, this theme is easily customizable, meaning that you’ll be free to change any colors, fonts, textures, and images you wish. Modern users like it when everything is simple and intuitive. This layout is no exception. Its easy-to-follow navigation allows everyone browse your site seamlessly, enjoy catchy visuals, look through informative written blocks, read about your business history and user testimonials, etc. In a word, every element of this design was carefully crafted to turn accidental visitors into your loyal clients.

Enjoy the cutting-edge look of its home page and imagine what a welcoming look your website would have.

Demo | Download




At all times WordPress has been considered as one of the most easy-to-use and handy tools for building a site. Are you planning to set up a single page resource or a project with plenty of different pages showing your business at its best? No matter what goals you pursue, WordPress would be the perfect CMS to choose.

Nowadays, more and more users are shifting from multi page to single page websites. These not only allow saving time on their development, but also give webmasters a possibility to set up an interactive online resource that would make one stay and keep scrolling till the end. No one argues that a custom-made design would be able to better represent your brand, masterfully highlight its strong points, as well as be one of a kind. However, many prefer to set up their company websites with a click of a button using ready-made WordPress themes. The web is flooded with thousands of these offers to any taste and budget. There are both free and premium themes to choose from, so you are always free to pick the option that meets your requirements.

Today we’d like to focus your attention on some of the best free single page WordPress themes that can be easily customized and would help you to boost your business with ease. These would be the perfect way to showcase your works online. Whether you are pro photographer and want to bring your portfolio online, an experienced designer dreaming about bringing more stylish hues into this dull, grey world or a restaurateur who wants his business to get international recognition – single page WordPress themes would help you achieve the desired results with ease.

Do you need to develop a website for promoting your brainchild? Or maybe you are looking for the best way to deliver information about your company to prospective clients in a unique, remarkable way? Have a look at our compilation of free single page WordPress themes.



This toll free, responsive WordPress theme would be the perfect choice for your portfolio, business showcase and personal pages. Thanks to its bright layout and intuitive navigation, you may turn browsing your site into enjoyable experience.




The secret component of any design studio success is creativity. In search of the best agency that can be entrusted with the way to represent a company, users carefully examine all offers available on the market to pick the one with the best quality, customer support, trueness in price, and more. And what can better introduce your business than a masterfully crafted website? Today we’d like to share another great freebie by TemplateMonster that would make your web design company a success.

It’s a known fact that the first encounter with the company webpage plays a huge role in making an impression on your potential clients. Taking into consideration that we are now dealing with a theme for a design studio, the way your official page would be organized would significantly influence users’ decision-making. Moving towards perfection, we strive to make everything around us fit the highest standards. If you are one of those perfectionists and making your company page look clean and tidy is your highest priority, then you would hardly pass by this theme.

Built in the true minimalist canons, the freebie comes packed with a number of elements that make it look sleek and stylish. The clever usage of negative space, nice blurred images, ghost buttons, and pointed edges make it the perfect choice for those of you running web design studios, architecture, art and photography, exterior and interior design projects. Thanks to the nice transitions between content areas, your visitors won’t be confused with the data you share.

Similar to the rest of the themes launched by TemplateMonster, this one is well-coded and ready for work. Being easily customized and supporting crossbrowser compatibility, it would be properly displayed in any browser one is using. The back-to-top button and handy drop-down menu not only help in making navigation through your site more enjoyable, but also allow preserving the purity and perfection of this minimalist layout.

Choose this theme to dress up your webpage and make everyone believe in the reliability of your business.

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In the modern age no company or organization can go without a website. The things have become much easier today. We no longer need to spend time and money on building a business web page since there are so many great free designs available on the web. Just pick the ones you like, download and customize them the way you wish. However, many still prefer custom-made themes. Undoubtedly, these have a number of advantages over ready-made ones, like they would be individually developed to fit your company, choosing this option you can be 100% sure that you would get one of a kind design that would make your company stand out, etc.

Building a web resource from scratch not only requires much effort but also time. During the period when your site is being under construction, you might lose your potential clients since after one comes up with a web page and sees “URL Not Found” message, he/she would hardly come back. In order for this not to happen you should consider putting up an under construction page to let users know that your website is not ready yet and they should visit it again after some time. The following list of dazzling coming soon and under construction templates will help you excite curiosity of your potential clients and make them follow you.

Coming soon and under construction templates have a number or benefits for both web masters and ordinary web users. For instance, while developing your web page, such pages will tell your visitors the site is under maintenance or construction and welcome them to come back later. What is more, you can provide people with an option of email sign up, which would allow you notifying that the audience the site went live. Other features you should take into consideration are the newsletter sign up, social media subscriptions, and countdown showing how much time is left till the launch of your site. It’s not necessary to stuff the coming soon page with all of the aforementioned elements. Adding a newsletter sign-up form would be more than enough.

While there are so many coming soon templates available on the web, it’s rather difficult to find some great examples in PSD Format. We have decided to smoothen things down for you and make a compilation of free PSD and HTML coming soon page templates than you may safely download and apply to your own web projects.


Free Photoshop PSD Coming Soon Page 

Free Photoshop PSD Coming Soon Page



The popularity of online shopping is growing at tremendous speeds. There are plenty of reasons why people are shifting online, like saving time, looking through the full list of products on offer and their prices in a more appropriate way, the possibility to keep track of special offers and buy stuff at a discount. Many retailers are starting online stores to broaden their client base and engage new buyers in. Setting up your web resource you should not only think about its attractiveness and visual appeal, but also convenience of use.

By building their online stores, small town merchants can open doors to the worldwide audience and gain international recognition. Selling stuff online turns out to be a more convenient way of doing business for both retailers and buyers since people don’t need to come into a local store, stay in the queue, and roam around the store in search of the most appropriate item. None of these are the same as browsing through an online shop with the whole variety products displayed right in front of you.

So, if online shopping is so much enjoyed by modern shoppers, why don’t all merchants get their companies online? The biggest barrier preventing them from following this track is the fear of technology. Many of them think that without adequate support of a pro they wouldn’t be able to set up a fine site. However, that is not true. The web is flooded with thousands of ready-made themes (both free and premium) that can help one develop a store of his/her dreams with a click of a button. The rule of success is rather simple – don’t be afraid of trying something new.



Once you try working in Adobe Illustrator, you will hardly stop getting back to it over and over again. It has proven to be one of the most helpful and successful means of bringing your creative ideas to life. Coming packed with a variety of useful drawing tools, natural brushes and a bunch of other time savers, it seems there is nothing you could not do with it.

From time to time we decide to collect the most effective, easy and free Adobe Illustrator tutorials to give you a chance to discover it deeper and gain new skills to get extra-amazing results. This week is no exception. In today’s round-up we’ve collected 15 Adobe Illustrator vector tutorials that will help you develop breathtaking vector graphics.


1. Creating Bart Simpson Vector Character in Illustrator

If you are a big fan of The Simpsons, you will no doubt enjoy this guide. Using layers, Pen tool and its sister tools like Convert Anchor Point Tool and Direct Selcetion Tool, the tutorial will teach you how to draw and colorize a vector Bart Simpson in Adobe Illustrator. Starting from the basic shape and then moving further while adding shadows and other effects, you’ll be able to create the character on your own.




When it comes to architecture, everything should be perfect. So, if you want to build customer trust from the very first interaction with your company, you should pay attention to every detail. Since most of the modern buyers start searching for various services and offers online, you should consider developing a great web resource that would present your business at its best. Not to waste time and money on developing a custom-made design, we offer you to download this toll free HTML5 theme for architecture site.

Because of the tough competition on the modern market, with so many architecture agencies trying to win your heart, it’s really hard to stand out. However, we have decided to smoothen things down for your and offer you to download a SEO-optimized, clean and clear design that would give your clients just what they need. What do you pay attention to when looking for the most appropriate building agency? I believe that would be the showcase of their projects. This photo-rich theme will help you introduce the audience to your works and services, let them discover more about your company and clients, as well as read user testimonials that would help them in decision making.

The theme is easily customizable, so it wouldn’t take you much time to turn it into the desired website of your own. Featuring intuitive interface and pleasant to the eye color scheme, it comes packed with a number of other amazing characteristics, like:

  • Carousel and Owl sliders allow better presenting your visual content and draw user attention.
  • Thanks to its responsive nature people will be able to enjoy this design in full no matter what gadget they use to reach your site.
  • User-oriented navigation and comfortable site structure allow finding all necessary information in a few clicks.

If you want to build a solid online presence for you business and make your company stand out, then you should consider dressing up your site with this theme. You may see it in action clicking the demo button below or simply download it to attract new clients.

Demo | Download



Wedding is the most precious, long-awaiting, and important day of your life. So, you should pay attention to each and every detail to make it memorable and exciting. Alongside with choosing breathtaking wedding dress and cake, pick outstanding wedding invitations that your guests will keep as a memory about your festivity.

Many couples underestimate the value of wedding invitations. In fact, these are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning since invitations set the tone of your event; this is the first hint at the theme and style of your special day. Trying to stand out of the crowd, people make wedding invitations in extraordinary styles and shapes that would match the level of formality of the event, its color scheme, etc.

If you lack time or inspiration, consider these amazing free PSD wedding invitations. Available in different styles and color themes, you will definitely find something that would fit your wedding theme.


Beautiful wedding

Beautiful wedding



Denim is always in trend. It is the most popular fabric to wear on a daily basis and no doubt one of the most extravagant ways to dress up your site. Adding some cool denim textures to your web resource you will make it more catchy, stylish and up-to-date. Do you want to treat your viewers with some high-res denim textures? You’ve come up with the right post. Today we’ll share a rich collection of toll free jeans textures with you.

What is Denim

This is a very tough and durable fabric that was initially worn by workers and farmers. It is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which weft passes under two or more warp threads. The colors for the wrap and weft are different, with one of these being predominant on the fabric surface. This makes it rather strong and different from other textures on the market.

A Bit of History

Denim is a versatile fabric and an indispensable component in the world of fashion. When so many trends come and go, denim clothes hit the catwalk each and every season. The name originates from the title of a sturdy fabric called serge made in Nîmes, France. Originally, denim was called serge de Nîmes but with time it was shortened to just Demin.

I believe all of you are familiar with the popular Levi Strauss brand. Back in the 1800 American gold miners wanted clothes made of fabric that would not tear easily. Back then Leob Strauss joined forces with a Nevada tailor and came up with the idea of putting rivets on stress points on the workers’ waist high overalls, better known as jeans. The outfit was tough and durable, and perfectly fit miners’ demand. Since then the business of Leob Strauss and the Nevada tailor became extremely recognizable. Leob changed his name to Levi and called their company Levi Strauss, which is still familiar to the modern buyers.

In the beginning of the 20th century jeans became very popular among cowboys. Movies are a strong visual evidence of that. The trend of wearing jeans further lead to a huge increase in people wanting to buy this piece of garment and wear on a daily basis. With the flow of time manufacturers started developing different variations of jeans to match the current fashion.

Compilation of Free Denim Textures for Your Website

Below we offer you a rich compilation of jeans textures and resources for you to check out. You can add it to any part of your web resource like illustration, background, icons, banners, and more. Pick the ones to your liking and apply high-res textures to your web projects.


Jean Textures by daintyish