Calligraphy – it’s all about art and writing. Beautiful writing – this is how it is also called. Traditional way of doing it is using a pen, brush or a feather. Today, when it has become a part of digital art, it can be nicely done with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Calligraphy fonts are widely used by designers for their visual aesthetics. Implementing them in layout, it’s possible to add a nice stylish touch to the work.

Digital calligraphy is an interesting topic to discover, but today’s post focuses on handwritten one. It’s a great source of inspiration. These nicely done examples enchant with elegant hand drawn letters, gestural strokes against white paper. Actually, paper is not the only material used in magic process of creating calligraphy masterpieces. Glass, wood, walls (you can notice graffiti almost everywhere in the cities) – whatever surfaces can be used.

Creating nice calligraphy requires constant practicing. Day after day, hour after hour, with diligence and patience – this is the only way to get perfect results.

Mastering this art is not easy and will be a long process, but it’s highly rewarding. This list of calligraphy tutorials for beginners that will give you wise tips on how to start and go on in this creative work.

How To Start Writing Calligraphy


Italic Calligraphy Online Class



Harmonious mix of vintage and modern can result in stylish design drawing viewers in. These notions complement each other and create visually-effective unity. To see how it works, check out Exterior Design Free HTML5 Theme with retro aesthetics. It is tailored for various exterior design websites (gardening, landscape design, etc), can be also used for agriculture or flower web presences. Adding minor changes into .psd files, you can modify it according to your needs.

Elements Contributing to Visual Appeal

  • Retro atmosphere. Along with described below modern graphic elements, it creates a wonderful tone of this image.
  • Oldstyle fonts. Notice their implementation in the header and logo, setting retro tone to the whole design concept.
  • Faded images and colors. All photos placed here are blurred, they look dreamy and visually appealing. Overall soft color scheme of this design behaves extremely good.
  • Simplicity. Clean and clear designs are on the top today and here is a good example of how they look.

All the elements mentioned above benefit this theme, making it a perfect fit for starting good site. Don’t hesitate and download this freebie.

demo | download

Exterior Design Free HTML5 Theme


Good logo is a way to add value to your brand. It’s power can’t be overestimated, ‘cause it’s really high. Creating a brand, most designers and thinkers start with logo designing that becomes its recognizable part later. When it is nicely designed, it works for success of the brand.

Today, when the web strives for simplicity, laconic forms are highly appreciated. As it was said by Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Nice, clean and clear logo is number one brand asset that becomes a reflection of business willingness.

Designing a logo, it’s important to arrange all that ideas in one single unit, make it easy on the eye and appealing. Any mess is inappropriate here.

Compilation of well-done logos can show how good ones should look like and inspire you for creating your own creative logos. To make this showcase even more pleasant and interesting to browse, I’ve decided to find the examples of cat logos. We all like them, so the time you’ve spend browsing this post will be both pleasant and valuable.


Cat Logos


Cat Logos



Welcome the freebie of 2014 in our usual series of free themes. Free Website Template for Spa Salon – this goodie is an effective one designed according to the latest color trends. Radiant Orchid is the color that was announced by Pantone as the most popular one this year. See the theme that makes use of its power and download it to dress your beauty projects up.

Notice how nice the undertones of purple decorate the layout. They are used not only for creation of appealing look, but also for visual division of the content parts. Fonts are also colored in its hues for being more readable. Content-wise structure of the layout allows to place all information in easy-to-perceive way. You may be sure, that a web presence based on this freebie will be a good promotion of your beauty company online.

Live demo | Download

Home Spa


The web has chosen the right direction this year and it’s minimalism has become one of the most impactful design trends in 2013. Minimalistic approach to web design – this is how it is called. Most designers and viewers love it due to the clean look and effectiveness. Less is more – this is the main principle of this design trend.

Why minimalism?

It flourishes all over the web, and it’s popularity has a solid background. Here are the main ideas beyond this notion “minimalistic design”:

• gives uncluttered look to designs
• has a soothing effect for the viewers
focuses attention on the subject matter
is laconic

Using it as the main principle of your design, you can be sure that the message you send to the viewers is clear and explicit.

To inspire you for your own clean designs, I’ve compiled awesome minimalistic wallpapers. Each item is created with a touch of beauty and simplicity. They show that the viewers can experience the design work better, when nothing distracts from its main point. Notice that most common language of minimalism is spoken by means of forms, like in most of these designs.

Enjoy all of them and apply Zen atmosphere to your desktop.


Minimalistic Wallpapers

I Love Photoshop

Minimalistic Wallpapers details


Surprise your fans with a wow design of your online portfolio. Being a photographer means being creative in everything you do. Your works, portfolio, ideas – an artist should be original in all things he does. Hyper-Stylish Free HTML5 Theme will come in handy for all of you who want to start an attractive web presence to share portfolio online.

The front page of this theme looks like timeline. Its layout offers you to arrange all content in multicolored blocks (each one for definite type of content) with tiny icons above that indicate the information placed in them (video, written, photos from gallery). Your portfolio will be nicely displayed on the gallery page with Masonry layout. The theme implies video integration, so you can share your video works with others on the same name page.

Follow the links below to see this template in live action and download it for your great works.

live demo | download



Drag & drop website builder is what you need to get your site up and running in no time. They allow you to cut a long process from creating to launching a site. All you need is to create an account at any SAAS site, choose the type of subscription and find the theme you need there.

Among all SAAS sites, Shopify is one of the most popular. Why? With all those 21 free templates + 152 paid templates, easy customization, a number of apps, POS. (a terminal for receiving payments from plastic), it is a great solution for starting your online shop without extra efforts and easily maintain it. 14-day trial can help you see whether you need it. Be sure, after trying it out, you’ll say “yes”.

Have a look at Shopify themes that were recently launched at TemplateMonster, and you can browse the whole gallery of these cool designs for your online stores of various kinds. If the category of your shop differ from several presented in this category, you can easily add the desired changes into the chosen theme and get the one you need.

See the list of features Shopify themes go with:

  • Bootstrap based and responsive
  • Fully configurable via admin panel
  • Well-documented
  • Uses Liquid templating language – simple & safe template engine
  • Grid display of all products
  • Camera Slideshow and NivoSlider plugins in each template
  • Fully functional forms (newsletter, contact, etc)

If you haven’t seen these themes, hurry up and check out all of them. Premium solutions for your online store will help you start with ease any you like.

Watches Store Shopify Theme



Are you getting presents from our Christmas Eve Calendar every day? We’ve recently wrote about it. TemplateMonster launched a so nice calendar that counts days till X-mas and offers you some cool presents. One day – one present. They are: various promos, discounts, freebies and whatever useful stuff that can come in handy in your work. These presents are given away during 24 hours, and the next day they are changed into the new ones.

What’s today’s gift? Its a set of nice call-to-action buttons. Not a single site can go without effective buttons of this kind that push visitors to do somethings. Just have a look at them. They can be the ones you’ve been looking for recently.

Several presents are still active. Hurry up to make use of these deals:

  • 30% OFF InkyDeals current offers, 50% OFF DesignTNT.comactive till December 31, 2013
  • 40% discount from UltimateDesignerToolkit.comactive till December 24, 2013

It’s so pleasant to get presents. Don’t miss them!



Christmas charity is extremely popular nowadays. This wonderful season, is the very time of the year makes you a bit happier and more kind. It’s time to think about those who are in need and help them. Charity organizations offer you number of programs to choose from, and you can support charity organizations with a good website created on the basis of Free Responsive HTML5 Theme.

What’s Special About This Free Theme?

  • Most charity sites make use of neutral color schemes. This one is an exception, its design is created in the so popular today Metro style.
  • Multicolored blocks all around the layout help divide the content into sections and put accents on the key ones.
  • HTML5 Plus JS animation works for better visual presentation of information presented on the site.
  • Videos page allows to integrate videos about the company to promote its work.
  • The template is responsive. Whatever portable devices people use, the site will be nicely displayed on each of them.

If you want to do something good, here is the way to go. Download the theme following the link below and set up a site for charity organization.

Live demo | Download

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme


In several weeks you’ll throw out your calendar and what will happen? You’ll start looking for the new one that will decorate your working place during the next year. Do you have any options? There is a variety of them: digital, desktop, wall calendars, some creative items that look like cards, circles, the ones created from various materials. The creativity has no boundaries here.

Calendars are not only the way to count days, but also to promote products and services of your company. Calendars bring company logo, main colors and slogans in the focus of attention, thus increasing its brand awareness.

Today you can find a great number of calendars that fit all possible tastes. People strive for creative solutions and that’s why all original products draw their attention. Don’t waste your time looking around, here are Creative 2014 Calendars that will nicely decorate your working place and bring inspiration for each day of the upcoming year. Check out and enjoy them!


Colorful 2014 Calendar

2014 Calendars


2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar

2014 Calendars