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Do you care how your site looks on mobile phones? If so, then more than likely you’ve already launched the mobile version of your website. If not, we suggest you to read the following advices as well as see the most attractive mobile websites.

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6 things to remember when creating a mobile website design:

1. Please remember, you have just a few lines of text to capture you visitors’ attention and these few lines should introduce your site in the best possible way
2. The most important information should be presented on the top of the page
3. Avoid using small font size if you want people to read your page without efforts
4. Make sure your site is easy to navigate because most people who browse mobile sites are short of time
5. Don’t add too many images and text or your site will look busy and complicated
6. Use icons or simple lists to organize the information you’d like to share

To summarize, keep your mobile site clean, easy to browse and of course beautiful. If you need more advices, then read an article on how to create mobile websites here.

And now, enjoy really captivating mobile websites and decide which trends to follow.

Travis Berry



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