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Millions of people suffer from hunger, sickness, poverty, divorce and abuse all over the world. To support and help them in tough living conditions, volunteers team up to create charity organizations, to spread the word and contribute financial and material assistance for those who deserve it. If you are planning to start a website for a philanthropic organization, then consider Free HTML5 Theme for Social Organization from TemplateMonster.

This freebie will fit those of you who are planning to start a website for volunteers, social and charity organizations, and other. Well-coded and wallet-friendly, it will become a good basis for starting your charity website. Thanks to its minimal look, your visitors will learn about the services you offer, the campaigns you are running, find out all necessary contact information, etc. with ease. That being said, let’s now see what this freebie features.

Theme’s Basic Features

  • One of the key tasks of any social organization is to grab the audience’s attention. Owing to the jQuery slider located at the top of the webpage, people will be able to learn about your community work and meet your staff in person.
  • The top set of 5 sub-pages includes ‘What We Do’ and ‘Media’ sections, where you can share videos and posts on the recent/upcoming events as well as a brief schedule. You may also welcome more people to become a part of your project by posting contact info and make a donation by clicking on the donation button in the top right corner of the page.
  • JQuery Direction-Aware Hover featuring the entire list of your campaigns is the major focus on the homepage. This is the place where people may learn about all of the projects your social organization is running and choose any they would like to join.

Overall, the freebie has a clear and optimistic layout, providing people with everything necessary for becoming part of the community and helping the needy.

Click the demo button below to see how your website based on this theme will look like or push the download to get it for free.

Demo | Download here



Hope center is a Free Website Template with Typography and jQuery Slider that will be a perfect solution for any charity project. As far as you remember we’ve notified you about integrating a new feature in all web themes that are produced during a month by web designers. As you can see this Free Website Template includes jQuery Slider as well as visually arresting typography.

Free Website Template with Typography and jQuery Slider

Charity is a great thing. If you have any charity related project we are absolutely sure this Free Website Template with Typography and jQuery Slider will be handy for you. Expressive typography are aimed to point out the most important parts of the content that without doubt will help you to catch the attention of your readers.

There are two possible ways to get this freebie: with PSD source files included or without them. In order to download this theme with PSD source files, visit the Free Website Template for Charity Project with jQuery Slider and Visually Arresting Typography download page at TemplateMonster and don’t forget to type your valid email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to. Remember you are absolutely free to use this professionally made web template for your projects but you are not allowed to resell it.


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