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Creation, development, launch and managing of profitable and well-structured online store is rather challenging task that has many subtleties and peculiarities. And if you’re already have your own online store or just planning to run it, the question of its successful consolidation on the online market comes up first. Under the words “successful consolidation” we mean strong competitive capability of an eCommerce website and its great sales rates. So today we’re considering one of the main aspects of online store’s foundation to figure out what style of eCommerce product pages has the highest conversion.

Before specifying the initial principles of the appropriate style, we need to underline that the whole presentation of your online store should be effective, eye-catching and corresponding to all target goals of your online business. The overall layout must be compatible with your online store topic, highlighting its main concept and profitably introduce products.

Let’s try to single out in the thesis form the initial principles of the high-end style that will help you to get the highest conversion:

• Create clean background with simple, but effective design;
• Follow an appropriate color scheme that will suit to the whole website’s presentation;
• Maintain clear navigation paths to simplify the shopping process;
• Provide detailed description of each product item;
• Comprise impressive product imagery including zoom, angles and specific details;
• Use video for showing the product in action;
• Include well-placed variants of color, sizes and similar models of a product item;
• Set the visible shopping cart;
• Add product reviews as the great customers’ testimonies;
• Use strong calls-to-action;
• Provide the easy checkout process;
• Be sure that you’re using optimal security in your checkout system.

Actually, this list covers the style aspects of eCommerce product pages, but it is only the small part of the entire conceptual system of professional online store’s building. That’s why it is always useful to learn more about eCommerce and get enough skills to apply your knowledge in practice and set a professional online store with the highest conversion.


There are thousands online shops on the net. As eCommerce becomes more and more the main stream you’re probably although thinking of building your own online store. So today we’ll speak about web designs for various online stores.

There are two ways to get a web design for you online store. The first one is to hire a professional web developer to do the whole work for you. In this case you should describe how your future online store should look like and wait till the designer creates the design you’ve been dreaming of. This way can be a good one, but it has several drawbacks: the designer can create something you don’t really like; also, professional web designers don’t come cheap.

Custom website design is always like buying a pig in a poke. Some people are really satisfied with the design they get for their money, the others (who aren’t so lucky) have to pay for redesign or just enjoy the design they get. Anyone hopes that web designer will create the design of his dream. Sometimes it happens so, but unfortunately not always. So you can either risk or choose the second way to get web design for your online store.

The second way is to buy a professionally developed eCommerce template from TemplateMonster. Each eCommerce template is a web design for an online store. You can browse through hundreds of eCommerce templates before you choose a design to your liking. It guarantees your online store will look the way you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, professionally designed eCommerce templates cost far less than custom designs. So using a well-developed eCommerce template is a tremendous time and money saver. It should be also mentioned that all eCommerce templates are created by professional web developers. So, whatever eCommerce template you choose you’ll get a professionally looking and easy-customizable design for your eCommerce website.

Don’t you agree that impressive online stores attract many people by their stunning look and by the way they present their products? Click here to check out the eCommerce templates that may applied for online clothes stores, online electronics stores, online jewelry stores, online flower stores, online furniture stores, online drug stores and other eCommerce websites.

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