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Cobweb on the web

World Wide Web is like an information spider web or information cobweb. It grabs different information and holds it inside. So being a net surfer we become involved in a huge information cobweb.

Ross Perot has mentioned, “Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart.” World Wide Web seems to be disorganized as well: so many links, so many paths to follow. But it’s only the first impression. If you look deeper into this you’ll understand that World Wide Web is well organized. While the spider webs appear messy and disorganized, the World Wide Web is a place where everything can be easily found if you know the right words or keywords. Links between websites, blogs, online shops and photo galleries are invisible but they would look something similar to spider lines if we could see them.

Seems World Wide Web should treat its prototype cobweb respectfully and represent it on the net in the most remarkable way. Let’s see if this supposition is true.

If you try to find out the way cobweb is introduced online the first thing you’ll find is a picture of a natural cobweb. There are lots of cobweb images and cobweb wallpapers on the net. It means people like decorating their desktops with cobwebs. Frankly speaking each cobweb is a unique example of spider’s work and it always looks original and even mysterious in some way.

And now it’s time to browse websites which have some elements of cobweb in their design. Browsing these websites it’s easy to notice that cobweb images and cobweb graphics add some mystery to these designs.



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