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A while back we’ve listed the websites that share the most essential AfterEffects tutorials, but we believe the more tutorials to choose from the better. So here is a list of video tutorials that teach how to use Adobe After Effects software.

All After Effects tutorials are free to watch and share with friends and other developers. Each tutorial is extremely detailed and well explained. Just decide whether you’d like to learn how to achieve an invisible effect or slow motion effect, or maybe you’d like to know what it takes to create a floating fire effect.

There are more than twenty After Effects tutorials in total. So feel free to watch them and expand your knowledge of Adobe After Effects software.

Fire Text Reveal: After Effects Tutorial by RevolutionsTV



If you know how powerful Adobe After Effects software is, then you’ll be happy to find a huge list of sites which offer various After Effects Tutorials. However, if you are new to this software and would like to know what it is all about, you’d better start with visiting the official Adobe website and Wikipedia.

If you are short of time here is a short explanation of Adobe After Effects software and why you may need it.

Adobe After Effects software enables you to create awesome motion graphics and fascinating visual effects. It is a way to go in case you are involved in broadcast and film production or you are busy creating interactive sites or other animated projects. With Adobe After Effects you can easily put your ideas in motion and make sure the videos you create will look great in HD. Basically, Adobe After Effects software is perfect if you want to add some animation and interactivity to your project. Also, it is recommended for video editing.

If you think that Adobe After Effects software is exactly what you need, then you’ll be pleased to find the most helpful After Effects Tutorials. With this in mind we have put together the top resources for After Effects Tutorials. Make sure you visit all sites listed below because each of them provides a lot of guides to help you make the most of the Adobe After Effects software.

1. Learn After Effects CS4 “Learn how to use After Effects CS4 with tutorials selected by experts at Adobe. There’s everything from Getting Started for beginners, to New Features, Workflows, and Overviews.”

2. provides a good choice of After Effects Tutorials. Feel free to visit this site and check out the tutorials on Adobe After Effects, Adobe After Effects basics, and Adobe After Effects Expressions

3. Free After Effects Tutorials by

4. aims to showcase the best After Effects tutorials around.

5. Free Adobe After Effects Tutorials which can be found at

6. Free After Effects Video Tutorials by

7. After Effects Tutorials by Forging Fire Studio

8. After Effects How-to Videos and Articles featured at

9. Adobe After Effects Tutorials listed at

10. Archive for After Effects Tutorials at


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