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Hello guys! Without doubt you will agree with these two universal rules. One is that everyone likes freebies. The other universal rule is that you can get double benefit: not only get the stuff absolutely for free but also implement it to make your online projects more vivid and eyecatching. So today you are welcome to download 1500+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes and promote your websites! Don’t loose such a wonderful chance and browse this great collection of 1500+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes right now!

1500+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes includes different readymade custom shape presets to any taste on different categories: People, Geometric, Vehicles, Animals, Logos, Arrows, Lines and Flashes, Media, Flowers and Other Shapes. You can easily use them if you don’t have an appropriate photoshop brush. Remember that you can scale custom shapes to large sizes without loss of quality and sharpness. Also here it is a small hint on how to download custom shapes: Open your Adobe Photoshop then Edit > Preset Manage > set Preset type to Custom Shape > click to load > Browse and select your favorite Custom Shape set and then click done. Hope this collection will be useful for you! Don’t forget to drop us a line!


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