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We are often asked – what are the best WordPress plugins for blogs? What tools are better than the other? What functionality should we better pay attention to when choosing the best option for a blog? In an attempt to answer these and other questions, TemplateMonster’s team has decided to reach out the top WordPress blogs and requested them for the lists of plugins they have installed in their dashboards.

As a result, they have made up a compilation of 98 best WordPress plugins 2016 that 15 top WordPress blogs use. Some tools turned out to be more popular than the others, some of them were installed only on 1 or 2 of the blogs that the team has reached. So, in an attempt to create a more detailed categorization of the most handy tools for bloggers, TemplateMonster’s team has organized them into two groups – the first one contains plugins that are more popular than the others, whereas another group includes plugins that are installed on individual blogs only. Each of the aforementioned groups, in its turn, features categorization of plugins by their purpose of use (like navigation, social media, security, site performance, email, comments, etc.), so you can easily navigate to any section that is of the greatest interest to you with a click.



When it comes to choosing the best ready-made website template for your site, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of solutions to choose from. What CMS should you better choose? What functionality to include? What style to choose? How to optimize it for search engines? These are only some of the questions that come to our mind when looking for the best option.

With the purpose to narrow down your search, TemplateMonster has made up a compilation of the 24 of its most trending WordPress eCommerce templates and shared it at MonsterPost. Here you can find themes for travel, fashion, car tuning, food and drink, sport, electronics, and other purposes.


Just go ahead, browse the list and pick a solution that comes to your liking the most.


WordPress is the #1 blogging solution worldwide. With its help you can not only keep all content organized, but also showcase photo galleries, team members and portfolios effectively. Do you want your site to be simple or complex? Do you want it to feature a one-column layout, tile- or grid-based list? Today the possibilities of this CMS are literally endless. However, because of its flexibility and complexity, it’s easy to make some common mistakes while using it. Here is a list of the most popular errors that you should avoid in order for your online business to be a success.



Quality WordPress themes are always in demand. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration or a well-coded ready-made solution – in both cases you can apply them and start creating customized designs without the necessity to reinvent the wheel all the time.

And what if you could grab a professionally designed WordPress theme toll free? Though it sounds like something unbelievable, TemplateMonster team breaks all stereotypes and releases a free predesigned solution just for you. This week we are happy to present a sleek, clean and modern Free WordPress Business theme. It boasts flexible framework, which allows adjusting the design to fit your particular needs hassle-free. Developed to fit any screen size, you may feel safe your business website will properly run throughout multiple devices.

What can it be used for? The theme is primarily intended for financial, bank, consulting, IT, marketing, investment, or any other business you are running. Coming paced with multiple theme options, it allows adjusting any element of the design the way you wish, including fonts, colors, visuals, content structure, etc.

With dark background and vivid blue accents, the template looks decent and professional. Grids enable you to build solid, well-balanced form and structure into the design. Owing to this, the content is organized in a logical, easy-to-perceive manner. Visualization plays a significant role in any kind of website one is running. So, Accordion, Carousel, Isotope sliders will no doubt come in handy. Your website will look catchier and more visually appealing with full-width background images that can also be used to separate different content blocks.

Overall, if you are looking a usable, easy-to-customize and pocket-friendly design to build your business website with, then feel free to download this Responsive WordPress Theme right away.

View Demo Here | Download Here



You’ll not have to surf much before bumping into bloggers and web enthusiast harping on about how a website is lifeless without SEO, and how webmasters who are not leveraging social media for more traffic are wasting massive opportunities. Should you believe these strong statements? Well and truly, YES, you should!

SEO is, indeed, the fuel that can take a website to its success destination. The simplest, and arguably the smartest option for webmasters is to work with the best SEO plugins to make their WordPress websites in line with what Google and other search engines want. Add meta tags for all previous and new posts, create keyword focused content, fine-tune housekeeping practices for the best SEO impact, automatically create and submit sitemap, get rid of SEO dissuades such as 404 pages, erroneous internal links, and do everything that an SEO consultant will do for you for hundreds of dollars, using the best WordPress SEO plugins.

There’s nothing like a shortcut to the enviable traffic counts that webmasters always chase. However, social media marketing of your websites is as close as you can come to triggering an avalanche of traffic, and social media plugins are the weapons that you’ll need to use for the same. Create aesthetically impressive sidebars housing one-click share, like, post and comment buttons at bottom of your posts, offer all your social connections in the form of stylish tiles, analyse the most successful social channels from all your campaigns, and publish your web content to all social channels in one-click, all this with the best social plugins for WordPress.


At a certain stage of website development some site owners realize that it’s time to start a shop based on the already existing website. Generally it’s not that easy to fulfill, but the market offers dozens of solutions to make this work. Plugins for WordPress are widely used for converting it into a solid eCommerce solution. This content management system is mostly known for its blogging advantages, but don’t underestimate its abilities. Using various plugins, you can easily create eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Most of them are free of charge, though, there are still some you have to pay for. It’s up to you which one to choose. The list below will show you the top 5 WordPress eCommerce Plugins. Two of them that are considered to be the leading ones – Jigoshop and WooCommerce are featured at the beginning of the list.

But are the plugins the only way to get the well-done eCommerce site? Of course, not. You can easily use ready-made WordPress eCommerce themes based on the functionality of Jigoshop (one of the top plugins for the present time). They are Responsive Jigoshop easy-to-customize themes and provide you with the powerful set of features (descriptive product pages, decent navigation, well thought-out layout) you need to start your online shop and get maximum benefit out of it. The list of such themes you can find at the end of the post.



Here is the plugin designed specifically for WordPress and its called Jigoshop. Among its peers it stands out due to extensive functionalities and minimum of headache. Easy to use, secure, highly customizable, great support – this is what makes it so powerful.With the help of Jigoshop you can start an online store in no time.



You will certainly enjoy the ease of learning and working this WooCommerce. This free plugin integrates with the standard WordPress themes (Woothemes). Its layout resembles the one of WordPress admin panel, and that’s makes your work with it ease.


If your relationship with WordPress reminds a bad romance, don’t get upset. Here you will find some tips on how to get it better. If you want to learn how to create WordPress business themes, allow some time for reading this post featuring Photoshop Tutorials dedicated to this theme. The designers have taken their secrets public, and you can learn about them checking out the tutorials below.

This post will be helpful for all those who don’t have years of designing experience. Such tutorials that show everything in details are a great way to start and learn more about design tricks. All this will help you create your first WordPress business themes, and, perhaps, share your experience with others in some time. Are you ready to start with it? Don’t hesitate!

PS. People differ, and not all of us are ready to spend 1 hour or even more for mastering these tuts. For lifehackers TemplateMonster offers the ready-made WordPress business layout that are already designed by skillful professionals with all you needs in mind.


Corporate WordPress Style Layout Tutorial

Good tutorial about creating a corporate WordPress styled layout. .PSD files are attached.


Create Business WordPress PSD Layout

Learn how to create the contrasting business WordPress layout for your website. Can be also used as a corporate layout.


We are happy to cherish all web design enthusiasts with a new freebie from TemplateMonsterFree WordPress Business Theme. It’s a good theme for making your visitors focused on your business ideas. This contrasting design is perfect for starting up your business online and gaining more interest of your clients.

Here is the attractive to eyes layout with acute attention to the details. Use it to bring life to your ideas, and stand out among others. Apricot and brown colors create a pleasant tone and a warm welcome to the clients. This layout is good for even a content heavy sites, ‘cause it features the wise arrangement of all content blocks. The visually effective slider in the header is a good place for presenting the key points of your company. Try it for communicating your business goals, and winning the clients’ interest. Free template live demo will show this theme in work.

Free WordPress Business Theme:

To download the whole package of this template, visit the Free WordPress Business Theme download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free WordPress Business Theme(18,6MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.


What is WordPress Child Theme?

It is the theme that possesses the functionality of the parent theme which is a core. The child theme can be modified according to your needs. In order to change the style of this theme, you take the style files, overwrite properties and leave other files unchanged.

How to Get a Child Theme?

Use FTP (or other file management application from your host) for creating a directory, put a correctly formatted style.css file in it, and that’s all.

You’ll notice the child theme by the “Template: parent-theme-dir” header. When creating a child theme (everything you need is a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS), you’re able to modify the styling and layout of a parent as you like, the files of the latter one will remain unchanged. Even when the parent theme is updated, all your changes are saved.


Go to the WordPress folder wp-content/themes to find the child theme in the separate folder. Its name can vary, but the folder should contain the file style.css (the only required file of the child theme).


Bootstrap hit the market in 2011, and caused a real craziness all over the web. People started creating Bootstrap based websites, and today their number grows. What’s the secret of its popularity? This sleek intuitive and powerful front-end framework makes life of web masters much easier. If you look in it deeper, you can find the following great features inside:

– Easy-to-use navigation toolkit;
– Wide management instrument for image and video content;
– LESS for preprocessing CSS;
– Responsive design and lots of other cool things.

That’s about Bootstrap itself. And what makes Bootstrap themes undoubtedly powerful? Here are the main three of them:

  • Framework + child theme.
  • Cherry themes are presented in several archives: one includes framework files i.e. parent theme, another one – child theme files. Child theme inherits functionalities of the parent theme, and allows you to modify it by adding any possible functionalities.

  • Easy sample data install.
  • You don’t need plenty of time for the installation of such a theme. All files needed for adequate template display are installed in three steps.

  • Framework update.
  • When it comes to maintaining these days, a self-respecting company should provide its customers with updates of software or any other products. The same principle works with Cherry themes, once you install the framework, from time-to-time you’ll be able to install updates of the frame. Programmers are working daily and nightly to improve Cherry framework functionalities, by the time major update is ready you’ll be notified within your WordPress admin panel.

Let’s see the way all these features are implemented in themes. Do you like them? Have a look at this collection of Cherry WordPress Themes, and think about how you can start a good site on their basis.

Want moreCherry WordPress Themes? Don’t stop, and go on searching the desired one!


Entertainment Theme


Photography Theme


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