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The popularity of online shopping is growing at tremendous speeds. There are plenty of reasons why people are shifting online, like saving time, looking through the full list of products on offer and their prices in a more appropriate way, the possibility to keep track of special offers and buy stuff at a discount. Many retailers are starting online stores to broaden their client base and engage new buyers in. Setting up your web resource you should not only think about its attractiveness and visual appeal, but also convenience of use.

By building their online stores, small town merchants can open doors to the worldwide audience and gain international recognition. Selling stuff online turns out to be a more convenient way of doing business for both retailers and buyers since people don’t need to come into a local store, stay in the queue, and roam around the store in search of the most appropriate item. None of these are the same as browsing through an online shop with the whole variety products displayed right in front of you.

So, if online shopping is so much enjoyed by modern shoppers, why don’t all merchants get their companies online? The biggest barrier preventing them from following this track is the fear of technology. Many of them think that without adequate support of a pro they wouldn’t be able to set up a fine site. However, that is not true. The web is flooded with thousands of ready-made themes (both free and premium) that can help one develop a store of his/her dreams with a click of a button. The rule of success is rather simple – don’t be afraid of trying something new.


Internet plays an important role in our modern life. We use it in professional purposes, to check out the latest news or simply to entertain. It is no surprise that a number of recording companies and music bands bring their business online and start official websites. In such a way, they may effortlessly promote their new products, get closer to fans, share tour schedules, sell tracks, and more. But in order to make it all work you need to create an eye-catching resource that would draw your visitors’ attention once they reach it and motivate people to keep navigating through it to discover more.

No doubt, the most effective way to achieve success is to develop a stunning home page design with user-friendly interface and easy navigation that would please even the most exacting user. Today we’ll concentrate mostly on rock band web designs, share some useful tips on how to make your resource attention-grabbing and useful, as well as have a look at 15 awesome examples of rock band websites to inspire you for new projects.

Helpful Rock Band Web Design Tricks

The goal of any rock band website is promoting their tracks online and expanding fan base. Music websites should be anything but boring, so you may add some awesome details that would reflect the nature of your band, audio and video files from the recent gigs, tour photos, etc. In short, you may stuff your rock band site with anything you wish to make it more visually appealing and engage more viewers in.

  • Your visitors should be able to make an educated guess about your band at the first sight on your home page. Your band logo, members’ photos, lyrics, songs and other details should be easily recognizable. In short, the home page design should stir uses’ interest to stay on your site and discover more about you.
  • Content is the king. Alongside with checking out your band photos, audio and video recording, your visitors would like to learn more about your band, its history and members. Integrating a blog section into your site you’ll give users a unique opportunity to be the first to know about your latest news, achievements, and more. Interesting and entertaining content will give people a reason to come back and follow your archives.
  • Informative content blocks are nice to some degree. Modern web users prefer short posts with plenty of outstanding images rather than long texts. Creating a special block with photo galleries from your gigs, some backstage shooting, and pictures showing a common day in the life of a rock star will definitely erouse your fans’ interest and let them get closer to your band.
  • How can a rock band website go without some live streaming samples? Once people reach your resource, most likely they’ll be willing to listen to some of your latest recording and even purchase them. We recommend setting up audio streaming right on your rock band website, let people buy the entire albums or just a few tracks, and even offer free music downloads.
  • Don’t deprive people of the opportunity to buy something from your site. Alongside with selling digital content you shouldn’t forget about providing your audience with the opportunity to buy some physical stuff like CDs, t-shirts, wristbands and anything else with your band logo. In addition, you may also start selling tickets for each gig once you go on tour. If you can’t manage sale son your own, such external sites as Ticketmaster will come in handy.

Best Rock Band Websites Showcase

We have collected 15 cool examples of rock band web designs. Each of the sites we list below feature unique design that presents some cool characteristics of the band’s genre, songs, video clips, audio and video recordings from their gigs, and plenty of other cool stuff. We hope our rock band websites showcase will inspire you for new rocking projects.


Green Day



One would have thought that nothing can be easier than designing a logo. However, it’s more complicated than it seems. It’s always a bit of a challenge to create a company logo that would reveal the main objective of your business and make people talk. Pretty often the most minimalist, simple logo requires lots of time and effort to be crafted, so don’t underestimate the amount of work involved.

Logo is the face of your company. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about such well-known brands as Coka Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Starbucks? I believe that would be their remarkable logos. One of the key points to consider when working on a logo design is making it recognizable and unique. Applying hand-drawn technique will help you develop a logo that would be easily recognized and show off your company personality. Have a look at our showcase of 30 cool hand-drawn logos. Find a cool source of inspiration for your next design project!




What’s the idea of a good site navigation? If should guide the viewers easily through-out the site and be quite understandable. What’s the idea of creative navigation? It should do the mentioned above plus make the visitors’ journey around the site captivating.

Under creativity I mean some techniques like parallax scrolling that creates a kind of 3D effect (of course, a faux one). When you see a site with various backgrounds that move at different speeds to one another, it is definitely parallax. It’s hard to mix it up with something else, ‘cause it can be clearly seen that it creates the feeling of depth (the objects that are close to your seem to be larger than the other ones).

Parallax websites is a way to withdraw from boring layouts with the usual navigation that can be a wise one, but oft-recurring.

If you think that all parallax websites look the alike, you’re mistaken. It only seems that the changeable layers produce the same effect, but various ways of their implementation can give totally different results. What exactly? Continue reading this post to see it and discover the top parallax websites.



Parallax Websites

Have you ever seen a site of typefamily that presents it so impressively? Single page layout with parallax scrolling invites you to see all the variations of the type. The contrasting colors, interesting solutions for presenting text examples (as citations, magazine pages, prints on cups, book paragraphs) work excellently for catching your attention.



Parallax Websites

This design reminds me scrapbooking where a variety of pieces (different materials, papers, fabric, ribbons, etc.) are nicely arranged in one work. This site welcomes you with its delicate tones, so wonderful images, nice typography and parallax scrolling.


The design is like a melody that you play. The right hand produces the melody, the left sets the rhythm and tone. In other words, the right one plays the leading part, and the left one is underpart. But you need both of them to play a beautiful piece of music. The same happens in design. There are main and minor parts in it, but each little element plays an important role, and sets a tone of the whole concept.

Today we’ll focus attention on the background as a part of design, namely the grid paper background. It’s a trend that is quite popular for the present time and can be observed in a number of designs. It looks unobtrusive, doesn’t interfere with the layout and the style of the site, and can be used in all types of sites. Whether you have a business web presence, your personal page, apparel store or blog of artworks, you can use the grid paper background to create clean look, and make the main content part look attractive against it.

In the post below you can see the nice examples of the grid paper background usage in IT business websites, advertising agencies, cloths stores. And a little present for you will be a set of free grid patterns that you can download, and use for decorating your own design works. Among these textures you can find the ones that are used in the examples of the sites from this collection.


Tapmates Inc.




Usually, the showcases of hosting websites focus on the analysis of the best sites that offer the most affordable hosting services at the lowest prices possible. The lists with descriptions help to find out which one is the most feature-rich, reliable and mostly used. We’ll also work with the list of best host providers, but they will serve you as the examples of the efficient hosting designs that sell.

So, how can a web hosting company sell services faster through its website design? What are the most usual design elements that make such a site efficient and drive move customers in? Let’s enumerate the key aspects and design elements that make hosting websites effective:

  • Toll free technical support number in the header for the immediate reach.
  • Number of new customers or hosting domains.
  • Large banner with the main services and price info. The price is marked with the larger type and is usually placed in a separate block. Effective sign-up button is also to be found there.
  • Blocks with the views of additional services for clients (reselling, VPS).
  • Separated areas of information concerning migration process and site creation.
  • Block with SimpleScripts for free installations of CMS engine (with large icons).
  • Large action buttons that are impossible to miss.
  • Back money guarantee notification.
  • Block of information about awards.
  • Testimonials of the happy clients or short description of the company are welcome.
  • The main emphasis is put on the visual presentation of services and prices.
  • Dual color scheme with the presence of trustworthy blue or its shadows.

NB: For those who are interested in designing his/her own hosting website, the collection of premium quality solutions, WordPress hosting themes, will come in handy.

And now check out how the mentioned above features are implemented in the following designs of the most popular web hosting providers.


Host Gator

This one is the best of the best according to the numerous ratings. And you can notice here the design that works and features all the mentioned above points. Of course, it is the price, the quality of services and the superb customer support that makes it so popular. But the way it presents all this is worth your attention and the highest reviews.


Blue Host

The second example shows us the site of the reliable hosting provider with rich features and FREE domain forever offer. It’s website in a laconic design and easy on the eye color scheme (with the emphasis on blue, and it is seen from its name) presents all the services in the readable and clear way.


February is the time when everything around turns pink. The web seems to be changing all its colors into red, purple, rose, violet, pink. There is a reason for that – St. Valentine’s Day and all that celebrations that are concerned with it. The sites are dressed up in pink colors and gain some romantic tone.
What are the most popular tints of color for the sites? What sites use them more often? If you look at this compilation of Website Templates That Strike Pink, you can notice that most of them are fashion, wedding and baby themes. This color scheme makes them look sweet, appealing and it arouses the pleasant emotions. Sometimes you can see that night club themes also use the shades of this color in their layouts that results in the attractive look. The saturated shade of this color acts as a powerful element for grabbing attention. The example of its successful implementation in the design you can also find in the post below.
So, here they are, pink-charged themes with a strong romantic and appealing power.


Personal Page Website Template


Cosmetic Store Website Template


What can be more inspirational than a great restaurant website? The way it presents the delicious cuisine deserves attention. This is the way how a restaurant invites its visitors and serves as a warm welcome for people. Some of such sites are really amazing.

What are the most peculiar features that are to be found in these designs? Of course, the usage of warm color scheme that makes everything looks tasty. The red color is widely used, ‘cause it has a power of working up an appetite. The large scale images are one more obligatory point of such designs. What can advertise the dish better than a high-resolution image? They are to be found in the sliders with nice effects, in the gallery sections, in the backgrounds. It goes without saying that the next point is undoubtedly important – the nice and comprehensive presentation of the menu. When the site gives an opportunity to order food online and reserve place, it speaks about client-oriented policy of the restaurant. Some visual effects are also welcome, because they bring interactivity in the process of browsing the site.

We’ve compiled 5 Best Restaurant Sites. The Yummy Designs that Work to see how the visual part is presented. Besides the mentioned above elements, they contain cool effects that add power to them. But wait! Before you start, make sure that you are not hungry, ‘cause the designs are really yummy.

If you’re ready to start your own restaurant site, take advantage of the perfect skins from TemplateMonster – WordPress Restaurant Themes – that really work.

The fresh green colors scheme makes this design easy on the eye. A lot of open space makes it really pleasant to eyes, clean and clear. One of the attractive elements of this site is flash animation in its slider. You can notice the drop down blocks of information in some sliders.

Here is the example of a restaurant site with one page layout. It scrolls automatically to the needed part while the header and footer are in still position The gallery features full-scale slider that puts an emphasis on the illustrations of the featured dishes placed there.


Let’s dive in the beautiful underwater world exploring the secrets of its depths and find the unique portion of inspiration that is quite important for any creative work.

An underwater theme has its original style and ocean look that’s why it’s impossible to confuse it with any other topic. Underwater design is distinguished by the blue color scheme, deep ocean effect, active usage of various sea elements, waves, water splashes, diving animations, sound effects of rote etc. Looking through our collection of presented websites, you can notice that underwater theme can be displayed in different ways, from the funny cartoon demonstration to the professional graphic presentation. The active usage of underwater design in the related web projects can be explained by the unusual topic that makes visitors interested in the website from one side and effectively introduce your business field from another side.

In this website showcase you’ll find great examples of underwater design that will impress you by their different styles and ways of execution. And if you plan to create a high-grade web project with the similar topic we prepared for you five premium website templates that possess underwater design in all its beauty, deep power and greatness.

Underwater Website Designs

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Let’s jump in the multifarious world of geometry where we can find a great random of different figures and forms. It’s difficult to mention all of them, but the most frequently used geometrical shapes in web design are square, circle, triangle, rhombus and hexagon.

According to the geometric definition of a hexagon, it is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. Probably because of its original shape and unusual form the hexagon design becomes really popular trend that stands out from the rest. Surfing the net, you can notice that hexagon figures are used as the web elements, shapes for sliders, menu categories, buttons, etc. Usually hexagons are displayed with sharp angles, but sometimes they can be a little rounded.

Designer workflow is about creativity, so that’s why the hexagon shape brings its new trend in our web presence. No doubt, shape is essential in web design, so move from this point and the successful final result doesn’t make you wait. To provide the whole visual presentation of this style we introduce you some vivid Hexagon Website Designs and Hexagon Website Templates to give you good spoon of inspiration!

Hexagon Website Designs

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