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Over a million websites run on Drupal today. Are you a happy owner of one of them? If not, but want to become, consider the freebie that will help you get your Drupal site up and running in no time. Try this pre-made Free Drupal Open Framework Theme to build the site (it can be business, communications, education or any other you like) with simple and user-friendly design.

Open Framework as the Core

The freebie is based on Open Framework that is the theme intended for Drupal version 7 (is not compatible with the older versions). It is Bootstrap powered, which means full responsiveness and awesome functionality of the sites based on this framework. It runs Bootstrap 2.3, and the developers plan to upgrade its version to the latest one of Bootstrap (it is Bootstrap 3). If you have any questions regarding Open Framework, visit the following pages:

Official Website

Stanford Branding Identity

What’s the use of talking about Stanford here? Stanford framework theme is a sub-theme of Open framework, and there are 5 Stanford Drupal templates available for today. Their designs are worked out according to Stanford identity guidelines (certain colors, fonts, etc). The freebie we offer you to try was worked out to continue the list of Stanford Drupal templates. It is designed according to Stanford branding identity. Check out its live demo to see it in action. Feel free to download it and start a site on its basis.

view demo | get .psd

Free Drupal Open Framework Theme:

Free Website Template


Good design is of A-importance for those who want to get a solid web presence. Do you have any ideas where to find it? Consider our weekly series of freebies that offer you a variety of goodies that can be a good basis for your websites. Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site is at stake today. Whatever agriculture project you’re going to set, this free theme will nicely work for it.

All the Details about Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site

Clea&clear minimal layout with a negative space is not usual for agriculture sites, but here is the example of how good it can behave. It doesn’t distract attention from the information presented by the company. Though, the design gives visual accents on the key content parts, underlines the most important, makes the content readable.

Focus on visuals. Two sliders implemented on the front page (one in the top and one in the right sidebar) give a power to present the whole range of products the company offers.

Wise categorization. Multi-Item image slider is a great solution for arrangement of products categories. It shows 4 of them, if you need more, you can customize its code.

To get an idea about how the future site based on this theme will look like, follow the link below to see live demo.

view demo | get .psd

Go on browsing the post to find out how all pages of the theme look like.


Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site


Columbus Day, October 18, 2013. Any ideas about promo timed to this date? I’ll not try your patience, and will speak to the point –

40% OFF any Travel Theme, till October 18, 2013.

What themes will you get? It’s a Columbus Day Promo from TemplateMonster, so you get travel themes from a large collection of designs for:

• travel agencies
• travel magazines
• airline companies
• travel insurance companies
, etc.

These and much more you can find in the same name category at TemplateMonster site.


Trendy designs, user-friendliness, easy customization plus support if you need it while polishing the chosen template – premium travel themes offer all this under one package.
Are you still here? Go on and get any Travel Themes with 40% discount.


Here we are! And here is our present – the freebie we are glad to deliver you. Get this Free HTML5 Theme for Design Studio and make it work for a good web presence. If you want your future customers visit a trendy site, try this sleek theme.

Stylish or not? Visitors will not face this question when they see your site based on this theme. Its fashionable look fits design studios that want to present their creative ideas online. Be sure that the theme you see will perfectly cope with this task.

- sharp look
- user-friendly navigation
- easy customization

its all about freebie from this post. This layout imparts significance to the services the company offers and provides customers with seamless navigation (facilitated with drop down option of the main menu). Clean stylish look is achieved with the white and blue color scheme and wise arrangement of all content blocks. The theme through its design will communicate the message of your company in effective way.

demo | download


Say “welcome” to premium eCommerce designs and get them for half the price! It’s absolutely possible with an ongoing eCommerce promo at TemplateMonster.

50% OFF any eCommerce theme, through October 9-16, 2013.

It’s hard to believe in it, but the prices are really slashed in half! You could save up to $90 on a professional ready-made theme for your online store.

Product types under discount:

Zen Cart
50% Off eCommerce Themes TemplateMonster

Over 4,600 eCommerce themes fall under this promo and waiting for you to choose them. Clear and effective layout, content-oriented design, trendy colors, wise placement of content blocks, visual accents on headlines and call to action buttons – these themes know how to make visitors interested in products the shop offers.

The promo will end in 5 days. Hurry up to get any eCommerce you like 50% OFF!


Whatever party plans for the forthcoming Halloween you have, we can offer you something cooler – the freebie that will help you start a creepy site and share holiday mood with people around. This Halloween Free HTML5 Theme is a ready-made template that can be seamlessly customized according to the needs of your online project.

What’s Cool About this Freebie?

Trendy color scheme. Flat design colors are used in this design not only for effectiveness, but also for better visual separation of the content parts.

• Along with the neat types in the headings this theme features animated typography (Typogami) in the upper content part. It’s a unique type that you can use for free in the projects of your own.

• The theme makes use of the countdown (jQuery Countdown Timer) in the header to show the time left till Halloween. Its script was a bit customized and the day after holiday it will show all zeros. Follow the link above to bring changes into the script and restart counting.

History, Recipes, Decorations, Party Planning – share all the information you want with the audience all over the web. The set of subpages offers you the wise arrangement of all the content you have.

live demo | download


Home Page



If you ask anyone who knows a bit about web design to enumerate the most popular trends for today, this person will certainly mention: flat design, responsivity, App style interfaces, UX centered design, simplicity of layout, emphasis on the conten and, of course, metro style. The latter has become extremely popular after the release of Windows 8. Its simple, effective, content-centric design has been inherited by a number of sites, and now is to be found here and there on the web.

What’s so special about this metro style?

• It arranges content (written information, photos, icons, etc.) into a grid where everything is placed in boxes of different sizes.
• It is characterized with minimalism.
Less focus on graphics.
• The usage of strong colors that are typical for flat design trend.
Emphasis on typography and so cool boxes.

Such designs look really fresh and sleek, that’s why they are so attractive for web designers.

Metro style brings modern tone to design that makes use of it, thus attracting the viewers and welcoming them in. If you’re going to set up a site that will feature the latest design trends, choose this style and rock.

This collection of the Best Metro Style Website Templates is a good source of inspiration for the skillful designers, and features great ready-made solutions for those who only start working in this field. All of these templates are easy to work with in terms of customization, so it will not take you a lot of efforts to get the desired site up and running on the basis of these themes in metro style.


Responsive Electronics Store Magento Theme

Metro Style Website Templates


Responsive Hosting Store PrestaShop Theme

Metro Style Website Templates


Ready for the fresh goodie that is completely free? Meet Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme – the off the peg design for a site that presents wine specials. If you want to customize it to meet the needs of another web presence, feel free to do it easily, ‘cause the theme is skillfully done by TemplateMonster designers.

What’s inside this theme?

Visually intensive design. Rich color scheme where red plays the key role is a good choice for the site presenting wines. This color is associated with the mentioned above products and also catches viewers’ attention.

Interactivity. The theme is JS animated and it makes transition effects really captivating.

Full Screen Slider. The home page features full screen slider with the changeable backgrounds and content parts presented in tabs. Wise arrangement of information and effective visuals make the content easy to perceive.

Logo. The elegant logo from this theme is custom made. You can use it with this template or for other personal projects. It’s customization will not take you much time.


Want to see the theme in action? Click the link below.

demo | download

Home Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


It’s flat! Completely flat from A-Z. It’s all about the fresh freebie from – Free Single Page Theme for Business Website. Any business you’d like to bring on the web will gain maximum attention of potential customers due to this visually attractive design.

What makes this theme flat? It’s simple design concept, clean graphics and soft color palette.

What Gives Power to This Theme?



Autumn has come with the first sunny days, great mood, and all that opportunities that will certainly happen to you. New creative ideas, fresh goodies – you’ll certainly get all this. But before let’s review the templates that were published during summer time on the site of our friends 6 Free HTML5 Themes – we’ve packed all them in 1 archive, so you can download them in one click (to get only some of them, follow the links below images).

What Are The Template’s Categories?

• Business
• Traveling
• Agriculture
• Animals
• Wedding
• Photography / Web Design

Each theme from the pack fits one of these categories. You can use the one to set up a site of the similar sphere, or bring minor changes into the theme to fit the needed business field.

Features of These HTML5 Themes:

Free HTML5 Themes

If effective promotion of a site is a matter of your interest, these sleek designs will come in handy for this purpose. Their visually-attractive layouts will drive more visitors in and make the site stand apart from a number of others. Have a look at all of them and feel free to download the ones you like best.


Agriculture Website Template. Freebie

Free HTML5 Themes

view demo   download


Free Website Template for Pet Site

Free HTML5 Themes

view demo   download

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