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If you follow TemplateMonster’s updates, you should have already heard about the series of their recent product updates.  Today we are back with great news for all Joomla fans. Not so long ago TemplateMonster updated its inventory with a stunning Joomla template for business websites – Wegy. It gained such a high demand among web users that the developers decided to  make the theme even more powerful, and released the first update back in summer.



Can you imagine a city without outdoor advertising? All those billboards, bus stop posters and posters placed in the subway which we simply cannot avoid while waiting for the next train.

Probably a city without all this stuffing would go plain and dull.

If you think why it became an inevitable part of our big-city life, the answer will pop up in your head immediately: outer advertising is one of the most efficient ones.

There is nothing more influential than an image when a viewer doesn’t choose to see or not to see it. And even if a person gets irritated by what he sees, the subconsciousness will imprint the image of the product and afterwards, he’ll forget the emotions, but remember the brand.


However, even simulating outdoor advertising is still very powerful: people are used to seeing design works in the streets, and the fact that a man’s eye is trained to connect a street billboard with a powerful brand, can play for your good.


If you choose to present your graphic design work (whether you want to showcase your ready work or you need to show your client how his product may look like), one of the best ways to do that is to use mockups.


Here we suggest you to take a look at 15+ free outdoor advertising mockups which you can apply in your work.


1. Outdoor Billboards Mockup Templates


outdoor advertising banners


Have you been waiting for the most powerful and richest WordPress theme Monstroid as much as all the others?

Monstroid, WordPress themes, blog WordPress themes

The WordPress rocket, the biggest WP theme by TemplateMonster, which already promises to be a smash hit was launched several hours ago, gaining hight every minute. Those who have pre-ordered the theme are already in front of their screens at this moment, investigating the possibilities of Monstroid. Those who haven’t are catching up as well: they purchase the theme and join an already big and growing Monstroid community.


Get It Now!


If you’ve been waiting for something that would hit the web design market and create a furore – this is it. The nearest years of web design are quite predefined – according to the statistics, 24% of all websites on the Web are powered by WordPress.

And since the percentage is only growing, it’s high time for a large-scale WordPress theme.

TemplateMonster produced Monstroid – the biggest and the most powerful WordPress theme so far.
Thanks to the Installation Wizard Plugin which does all the work for you, you can install a theme in several seconds. If you ever faced a problem of loosing your content after updates – this won’t happen again since all the updates will be run in Cherry Framework (the framework which powers Monstroid). And if you are a developer, you can create absolutely any website using Monstroid, making it as unique as far your skills and imagination let you.


Monstroid, best WordPress themes, blog WordPress theme


Anyone who cares about his content presentation, never underestimates the visual power of pictures. Letters are beautiful, but the most quality content with no image will loose readers to less quality, yet illustrated content.
If you don’t do photography professionally (literally professionally, when you spend days in raw shooting everyone and everything so it would cover the demands of blogging like pictures of wild animals, celebrities, most sophisticated dishes, children or kittens), you have to have your own source of images. If you don’t have one and don’t have a friend who wouldn’t mind sharing the results of weeks-long work with you, you will have to search for images, which would satisfy you both with their content and high quality on the Web. The copyright rules are strict and most of the time you have to pay for really good pictures.
We bet that there are many other ways of spending money on/offline on your mind, and paying for pictures may be not in your budget plan. That’s why we picked the best free image sources which may help you save time on searching on the Web.
Here’s the list 🙂

1. Dealjumbo

free image sources



Portfolio is more than just a website, or a folder with your works – it’s your face which can make the first impression which, as we all know, lasts long.

Basically this is a non-verbal communication between you as a service-provider and your potential customer, and it’s almost the same as in a usual human acquaintance. Did you know that a person subconsciously determines their attitude to you in the first 0.3 second? It takes a little longer if you offer them your service since they have to find out what you are and what you do, but still a time period of deciding whether they like you or not is desperately small. That’s why having a proper portfolio means so much – it becomes an electronic version of ‘you’ with skills your customer or employer is interested at. So if you are aimed at creating an efficient and beautiful portfolio but you are not a web developer, you may consider using a template for creating one.

Here the best portfolio templates produced by TemplateMonster are listed, check them out – who knows, maybe in the next 34 seconds you’ll see the portfolio template you’ve been looking for in the last several days.

1. Trustworthy Financial Institutions

Portfolio Template


Normally you want to have ready-to-use and preferably free templates, unless you have a lot of time, your own photostudio and a huge will to work hard on crafting your own stationery mockups PSD. Raise the chances of your design displaying the branding identities on stationery mockups, get it more competitive using these design items in banners, stationery shop advertising – in short, in anything that can require an image of a pen, a cup, a card or paper. Certainly, the above mentioned ways of using these mockups do not limit their usage: you can use them for whatever your heart desires.

Details matter, a tiny well-placed paper-clip can be the key point of a successful design.  Besides, your client is more likely to agree on a design if they see it applied on something that looks like taken from his desk, and not like a 2D image.

Mockups have a power of 3D magic – not surprisingly, they have the proper effect on the viewer.

Needless to say, free stationary mockups PSD will be of use to you – either now or a little later.

Here’s a list of them.

1. Free Stationery Mockup (Psd Smart Object)

Free Stationery Success


If in Ancient Greece in order to be one of the progressive intellectuals you were to do philosophy, in 16th century the sign of your intelligence would be saying that the Earth was flat, now it’s having a modern gadget that lets people know you belong to advanced users who are ahead of the rest. One of the latest tech trends which captivated a grownup and so-so-grownup world is smartwatches. Handy for runners, sportsmen, office workers – they became a usual part of our work-a-day routine and eventually may become an inevitable part of our life.

According to the statistics, 46% of consumers are interested in buying smartwatch. Let’s think logically: what do we notice first  in a faceless crowd? Something or someone that we are subconsciouly interested in. Consider this trick when showcasing your work: an image on a smartwatch mockup is more likely to drag attention than on any other mockup.

Here 16 best free smartwatch mockups are listed.

Give your customers an idea of how great your work can look! 😉

1. Wearable Mockup Design



A successful e-Commerce project needs to have a decent online presentation. If you think the same, have a look at this week’s design by TemplateMonsterFree Shopify Theme for a Flower Shop. Its layout looks so cheerful and inspiring that hardly any of your site visitors will be able to leave without a purchase. Wonder why? Let’s have a deeper insight into what this template offers.

If you are running a business different from the one mentioned above, you shouldn’t worry that this design won’t fit your project. Thanks to its flexible and dynamic interface, the theme allows any of its elements to suit a number of other purposes, like beauty, fashion, gifts, holiday, wedding, accessories, hobbies & crafts or any other store. Clean & valid code as well as detailed documentation will help you attain the designed results.

The theme comes loaded with advanced Bootstrap functionality and a rich selection of Shopify features that make it a design of choice for building a powerful online store. The full-width layout was made 100% responsive, crossbrowser compatible and SEO-friendly. So, no matter what device or browser your visitors selected for reaching your store, they will enjoy all content that you’ve shared fully.

Apart from the powerful functionality, the theme looks sleek and modern. Its pleasant on the eye color scheme creates a calm atmosphere onsite. Clean, grid-based layout makes it easier to find the desired items in no time. Filterable search and sticky menu facilitate navigation. To enhance page loading, lazy load effect was added. The latter also provides for a more appealing presentation.

Summing it up, the template features every element you might need for building a beautifully-designed and functional online store to win the heart and mind of every shopper.

Demo | Download



Has this ever happened to you? A minute ago you were creating a great design and suddenly you realized something was missing. A detail which would complete the design, something like a… stamp.

According to the statistics, stamps in design are the first to drag the viewer’s attention. Basically, it carries the essential information.  What is the first thing you see when looking at a parcel you’ve got? A stamp. The first thing in the application form? ‘Approved’ or ‘Not approved’ stamp. A man’s eye is trained to find out the main things literally in half-second. Why not use this psychological trick for outlining the message of your design?

Besides, it’s a great way of presenting a logo. The main information in a geometric figure like a circle or a square will attract viewers’ attention.

Here are 10 great free stamp mock-ups. Choose any of them and apply in your work.


1. Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp Rectangular


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