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Today, when I start browsing and looking through the numerous websites in my browser, I am taken aback to find just how many of them I can remember or relate to or even would go back to? Well, not many. And why is this so? A dull business website design is as boring to relate to, as attending a boring lecture, in your university.

If we break down what does personality really mean for us or in other words who would you say ahs a good personality? Someone, who is friendly, easy-to-talk-to, is understanding, is relatable, is helpful, and is well-organized. These qualities can be applied to your business website design as well. Now, you may think that website design firms will charge you a bomb for having such website design packages for you. Not really. This can be achieved by implementing the three core attributes to make your very own interactive website design.

Photo with a man and a questionmark mask that can be used for concepts such as identity theft, and other identity issues

What use is a website that looks beautiful but does not answer your question? A good website design is the one that allows even first-time visitors to search for information and give them a reason to return back. Make sure to relevant information in the pages of your website. Make every space count. Leave blanks only if you want to give a breathing room for your visitor. Remember, your browser has a problem for which they are looking for answers. Provide relevant, accurate and precise information in every page and don’t forget to thanks them for being on your site.


Harmonious mix of vintage and modern can result in stylish design drawing viewers in. These notions complement each other and create visually-effective unity. To see how it works, check out Exterior Design Free HTML5 Theme with retro aesthetics. It is tailored for various exterior design websites (gardening, landscape design, etc), can be also used for agriculture or flower web presences. Adding minor changes into .psd files, you can modify it according to your needs.

Elements Contributing to Visual Appeal

  • Retro atmosphere. Along with described below modern graphic elements, it creates a wonderful tone of this image.
  • Oldstyle fonts. Notice their implementation in the header and logo, setting retro tone to the whole design concept.
  • Faded images and colors. All photos placed here are blurred, they look dreamy and visually appealing. Overall soft color scheme of this design behaves extremely good.
  • Simplicity. Clean and clear designs are on the top today and here is a good example of how they look.

All the elements mentioned above benefit this theme, making it a perfect fit for starting good site. Don’t hesitate and download this freebie.

demo | download

Exterior Design Free HTML5 Theme


Welcome the freebie of 2014 in our usual series of free themes. Free Website Template for Spa Salon – this goodie is an effective one designed according to the latest color trends. Radiant Orchid is the color that was announced by Pantone as the most popular one this year. See the theme that makes use of its power and download it to dress your beauty projects up.

Notice how nice the undertones of purple decorate the layout. They are used not only for creation of appealing look, but also for visual division of the content parts. Fonts are also colored in its hues for being more readable. Content-wise structure of the layout allows to place all information in easy-to-perceive way. You may be sure, that a web presence based on this freebie will be a good promotion of your beauty company online.

Live demo | Download

Home Spa


Drag & drop website builder is what you need to get your site up and running in no time. They allow you to cut a long process from creating to launching a site. All you need is to create an account at any SAAS site, choose the type of subscription and find the theme you need there.

Among all SAAS sites, Shopify is one of the most popular. Why? With all those 21 free templates + 152 paid templates, easy customization, a number of apps, POS. (a terminal for receiving payments from plastic), it is a great solution for starting your online shop without extra efforts and easily maintain it. 14-day trial can help you see whether you need it. Be sure, after trying it out, you’ll say “yes”.

Have a look at Shopify themes that were recently launched at TemplateMonster, and you can browse the whole gallery of these cool designs for your online stores of various kinds. If the category of your shop differ from several presented in this category, you can easily add the desired changes into the chosen theme and get the one you need.

See the list of features Shopify themes go with:

  • Bootstrap based and responsive
  • Fully configurable via admin panel
  • Well-documented
  • Uses Liquid templating language – simple & safe template engine
  • Grid display of all products
  • Camera Slideshow and NivoSlider plugins in each template
  • Fully functional forms (newsletter, contact, etc)

If you haven’t seen these themes, hurry up and check out all of them. Premium solutions for your online store will help you start with ease any you like.

Watches Store Shopify Theme



‘Being on the wave’ is one of the ways to be popular online. If you want your restaurant site to be interesting for the viewers, try some effective design. Scandinavian style will be a perfect distinctive feature of your web presence. It makes use of simple structure and clean & clear look – this elegant beauty helps focus attention on business ideas. Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business with a Scandinavian touch will help you set up a site that will draw attention of potential clients.

How is Scandinavian chic presented in this design? Clean look of the theme paired with the pleasant on the eye muted olive coloration of the background, blurred images in the gallery section, elegant typography. Even the stylish pale map (a perfect fit for the site color scheme) is chosen from Snazzy maps site that offers a variety of items.

This style implies not only effective look, but a good functionality. The theme you see features well-structured layout, wise navigation (back-to-top button, Animated Border Menu). The latter looks like a burger menu (several stacked dashes) clicking which you can see menu items.

Have a look at this theme in live action and enjoy its stylish design. Feel free to download it and start a site with a modern look.

Demo | Download

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business:

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business


Every season brings a lot of goods and autumn is considered to be one of the richest. During the last 3 months the weekly series of goodies presented you 7 fresh freebies – Free HTML5 Themes – the ready-made themes for your site creation. All of them are gathered in this post, and there are several posts with such collections of season templates on our blog. They feature all themes that were launched during the last season and you can easily find whatever you want to know about them.

Autumn medley presents the themes crafted for the following categories: agriculture, design studio, education, food & drink, holiday. If among these templates you will not find the one dedicated to your sphere of business, don’t worry. These templates can be easily customized according to your needs.

What’s interesting about these themes?

One templates is based on Open framework, the responsive Drupal theme with Twitter Bootstrap power. The other is dressed in masonry layout, 2013 trend that is on the wave. You can find single page design for your business site in this compilation. Besides, it is created in highly modern flat style. If your business deals with presentation of a number of products, jQuery content slider in one of the themes will help you wisely arrange them in in a distinct order.

I can tell a lot about these free templates, but it’s better to see once than to hear thousands of times. Here they are!


Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme

Demo | Download

Free HTML5 Themes i


Halloween Free HTML5 Theme

Demo | Download

Free HTML5 Themes i


New time means novelties. Fresh ideas, trends – they bring the new wave into the existing order. When it emerged, masonry layout looked so effectively, that a number of online portfolios changed their old designs into it. It turned out to be a great alternative to the classic portfolio layouts. In 2013 masonry-styled sites hit the peak of popularity. If you strive for the modern look of your online portfolio, masonry style will be a perfect choice. Free HTML5 Theme – here is a freebie that you’re welcome to use for starting or redesigning your site.

The home page of this theme welcomes the viewers with well-structured blocks some of them (with images) are linked to the gallery page (Touch Touch gallery), the others show menu items. When hovering them over, they change color or become blurry. Large legible fonts behave harmoniously with all design elements. Light grey and mint colors are undoubtedly pleasing and stylish. Seamless navigation is facilitated with wisely organized layout and visual accents, that are put to guide viewers throughout the page.

How it works? Click “demo” button to see it in live action, and “download“, if you like it.

demo | download



I’ll speak to the point not to waste your time. Besides, there is no need to talk a lot about the occasion that speaks for itself. To cut a long story short, that’s the point of interest – WordPress Themes Giveaway. Just imagine, you can win one of 10 premium WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. Find them here.

All these themes (as the rest from this category) are powered by Cherry Framework that makes them a perfect basis for crafting consistent, well-functional website. Starting your sites on the basis of these easy-to-install themes, you can be sure that the future site will fit the latest web standards. Now Cherry Framework WordPress Themes has gained more powerful features due to the recent update of this framework to 2.3. And now, let’s return to giveaway.

What You Get:

100% promocode for any WordPress theme you choose as a winner

TemplateMonster is glad to give you away 10 WordPress themes, which means that there will be 10 winners and each one them will receive 1 theme.

When Will You Win?

Starting from November 5 until November 12

you’re welcome to take part in this giveaway. The winners (they will be chosen with the help of Rafflecopter widget) will be announced on November 13.

How to Win?

1. Follow TemplateMonster on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
2. Tweet about giveaway

You can get some additional points that will increase your chances to win. To get them, return to this post and tweet one more time (you can do it up to 8 times). Your social media sharing about this giveaway is highly appreciated.

Now you know everything you need to win. Don’t hesitate and get one of 10 premium WordPress themes.

Here is the widget that counts participants. Go on and become one of them.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Over a million websites run on Drupal today. Are you a happy owner of one of them? If not, but want to become, consider the freebie that will help you get your Drupal site up and running in no time. Try this pre-made Free Drupal Open Framework Theme to build the site (it can be business, communications, education or any other you like) with simple and user-friendly design.

Open Framework as the Core

The freebie is based on Open Framework that is the theme intended for Drupal version 7 (is not compatible with the older versions). It is Bootstrap powered, which means full responsiveness and awesome functionality of the sites based on this framework. It runs Bootstrap 2.3, and the developers plan to upgrade its version to the latest one of Bootstrap (it is Bootstrap 3). If you have any questions regarding Open Framework, visit the following pages:

Official Website

Stanford Branding Identity

What’s the use of talking about Stanford here? Stanford framework theme is a sub-theme of Open framework, and there are 5 Stanford Drupal templates available for today. Their designs are worked out according to Stanford identity guidelines (certain colors, fonts, etc). The freebie we offer you to try was worked out to continue the list of Stanford Drupal templates. It is designed according to Stanford branding identity. Check out its live demo to see it in action. Feel free to download it and start a site on its basis.

view demo | get .psd

Free Drupal Open Framework Theme:

Free Website Template


Good design is of A-importance for those who want to get a solid web presence. Do you have any ideas where to find it? Consider our weekly series of freebies that offer you a variety of goodies that can be a good basis for your websites. Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site is at stake today. Whatever agriculture project you’re going to set, this free theme will nicely work for it.

All the Details about Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site

Clea&clear minimal layout with a negative space is not usual for agriculture sites, but here is the example of how good it can behave. It doesn’t distract attention from the information presented by the company. Though, the design gives visual accents on the key content parts, underlines the most important, makes the content readable.

Focus on visuals. Two sliders implemented on the front page (one in the top and one in the right sidebar) give a power to present the whole range of products the company offers.

Wise categorization. Multi-Item image slider is a great solution for arrangement of products categories. It shows 4 of them, if you need more, you can customize its code.

To get an idea about how the future site based on this theme will look like, follow the link below to see live demo.

view demo | get .psd

Go on browsing the post to find out how all pages of the theme look like.


Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site

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