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You have been sitting at home with your dog for a long time and still don’t know what to do? We have a decision of your problem. You don`t even need too much. The main detail in everything you are dealing with is your own desire. Try to imagine yourself spending weekends somewhere in the middle of the sea on your own yacht. Nice shot, isn`t it? There is only one problem – you don`t have enough money for it. In fact it is not a problem anymore if you have heard about the Private TemplateMonster Marathon «Make Your First $500 Online».

What is going on here?

If you are reading this article it means that you are ready for a lift off. We have prepared a wonderful opportunity for creative people who want to become reach and successful. There is nothing really complicated. There are several steps which you must follow and in the end something incredible is waiting for you. First one is our secret thing for the beginners. It is a step-by-step guide «Make Your First $500 Online» which was created by one of the TemplateMonster professionals. You will find a detailed instruction about 10 cases how to start your own business on the Internet. You fill find out many interesting things about:

  •         copywriting;
  •         SMM managing;
  •         Instagram;
  •         YouTube.  

While you will be reading the book you must think what are interested in. When you`ll be ready with your decision, you can sign up for the First Private Marathon. You can find a link in the end of the book.

During 10 weeks we are going to teach you how to make money on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You will definitely get to know about the most efficient and simple tools for making money on the Internet. What is really important here is that you will not be given only the theoretical information. Everything will be secured by 10 practical tasks. It is important to follow all the comments of your mentor to remain at a distance. If the task is well done, you will get the access to the next level and new piece of advice.

One more important point is that not everybody will be exempted. The first task for all the participants will be to answer several questions. And here is another tip for you: all the answers you can easily find in the step-by-step guide «Make Your First $500 Online». Only those people who will answer all the questions correctly will pass this little exam and will get the access to his future business.

What are the benefits of our Marathon?

This even is created for people who are crazy about Internet and money. This is a special development of TemplateMonster team for making money without any efforts. In the end you will get to know how to earn your first 500 dollars on the Internet. What’s more you will get a free book from TemplateMonster with a step-by-step guide on making money on the Internet. After 10 weeks of theoretical and practical tasks you will have a business project, certain amount of work and stable clients. Don`t forget that as always in the end of the each Marathon, the winner gets a valuable prize! What is it going to be? Only the last person who will reach the final will know!

Are you still hesitating? Don`t forget that all the places in the Marathon are limited. So give up the idea of uncertainty. Download and read the book, sign up for the Marathon and start to make money right now. Only the best people will reach the success!



What do you like about life? It’s probably the “moments which take your breath away”, right?

What do you like about web design? Wait, let me say this for you: it should be the “design moments which take your breath away”, as well. Otherwise, why do something that doesn’t astonish you, doesn’t get you excited or make you gasp with a pleasant surprise? Ideally, your visitor should think: “This is a devilishly good piece of a web design!” or else, he should silently nod, approving of the way the design is made.


However, web design is not always about loud excitement, but it’s about having something special, a  particular web design ingredient which makes your design stand out of its niche website peers. Uniqueness is a dangerous toy to play with in the design, and you must feel the golden middle. Overly unique websites loose in their user experience, because it may confuse a visitor with its unusual layout, make them wonder what to click and make them leave the website as a result.


Of course, there are hundreds of absolutely unique websites on the Web, which were developed from scratch and are totally exclusive. Totally exclusive and quite expensive, because creating a decent one needs a lot of resources. Many agencies and web designers do this – this is a presentation of their work, some kind of a showcasing it. Their websites are beautiful, yes. But isn’t it possible to create a great website without coding skills and a big budget? It is, actually. Even when creating a website based on a ready-made template, you can make your website different from others and make people remember it and come back to it. How to choose a template for your project and create a distinct face for it? We’ll give you a couple of hints. 


No developer hiring, no code learning, just picking the right web design.


1. Establish Associations, Use Perfect Coloring

You don’t wear occasion clothing to picnics, and nor do you wear shorts to the weddings. Everything needs its perfect timing and a perfect place. It’s the same with colors – regardless of which one is your favorite, think of the color which would be appropriate on your type of website. They have some kind of an untold etiquette, when you use green for gardening websites, yellow for kids websites and brown for coffee shop websites. It’s all about assosiation matter.

how to choose a blog template


Invest in books, guys. It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a well-written book. Understanding this simple idea and smartly investing in books, you are at risk of becoming successful and full of ideas 😉


So, what are the best books for designers? There is a huge variety of them on the Web, including those for graphic designers, for web designers and for both of them. Most of them may be interesting to non-designers as well, just because they explain the rules of beauty of typography, banners, color combinations, advertisements and other things around us. We’ve gathered a collection of highly-rated books for you which are available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle


Who will they be useful to? As I already said, the list will be of great use to everyone who is related to design professionally or is artistically inclined by nature.

Books for Web Designers

  1. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
    best books for designers

Although the book was first published a long time ago, the concepts can easily be applied elsewhere. It’s seems to belong to light-reading, while actually it brings you a lot of useful info.


Are you a graphic or a web designer? Do you need the-more-the-better of fonts, themes, templates, PSD files, high quality photos, fonts etc? If you would buy all that you need, you probably would jump beyond your budget in a blink of an eye. Which is why, we all love deals so much. They usually run for 2 weeks and more, and if you search for *the name of a product* deal, you are very likely to come across a big discount and to save that money for another product which you could use in your design work.


And what if you are a digital product owner?

Many people underestimate the value of running deals. If you have some digital product which needs promotion, this is actually one of the most effective ways to show your product to a wide audience. The first thing which comes to your mind is that most of the deal websites set a relatively small price for your product. Don’t worry, it will pay off in the long run. Viva voce, which means word of mouth, never hurt anyone. And running a deal on a deal website definitely helps that. Secondly, it gets you traffic. Most of it you get at the very launch of the deal, but, surprisingly, the flow of traffic continues even when the deal is over. Thirdly, running a deal is pretty much like an achievement in your business resume. If you ran a deal, that means that a third-party resource agreed on publishing it (which means the good quality of the product) which is especially beneficial for startups. On top of all, later, when the deal is over, you will start getting emails from other deal websites which will offer you to run a deal on their resource. By that time you will have launched a self-working machine which you only need to support. We haven’t mentioned this, but having a link to your website/digital product on some other resources add you Google value, so make sure your link is present somewhere in the description of your company or the products that you offer.


Anyway, what is the list of the deal websites which you should contact to publish? Where should you go if you are a startup and you are new to this business?

In this regard, we will help you.

  1. Masterbundles


Masterbundles is a relatively new deal resource which already offers a bunch of really great design resources. Premium fonts, vector illustrations, WordPress themes – all these ready-made items will save you hours of time. Subscribe to their newsletter to be the first to know about the deals.




This is a great resource for webmasters. Whatever you need, either it’s a plugin or a template (or a dozen of other product names), you’ll find it here.


3. Mydesigndeals


As you can see in its name, these guys are aimed at running deals about design only. There are many deals websites which run deals on various subjects simultaneously (apart from design deals), so this definitely makes sense.


4. Dealfuel

Being a subsidiary company of the Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Dealfuel sells you great packages of corporate brochure templates, apps, email templates, web, HTML and CMS templates etc.


5. Inkydeals

Inkydeals give you a 60 days money back guarantee and a quick and friendly support. Subscribe to their newsletter to be in the know of their offers timely.


6. Webdesignerdepot

You definitely know this resource, so it doesn’t need any presentation. Webdesignerdepot knows how to surprise you.


7. Mightydeals

Mightydeals is another deal resource which should be in your collection. They offer some really great kits and packages for your work with big discounts.


8. Appsumo

Appsumo deals

They say they promote great products to help you kick ass at work. Which is true, and you can see that for yourself by checking out the products which they offer.



9. Rebateszone

This is a great resource which allows you to save money not only on design items, but on photography, stationery, shoes, books, toys, furniture etc.


10. Medialoot

Medialoot deals

Many deal resources not only run deals, but also offer free high-quality items. This is one of those resources, make sure you bookmark it.


11. Neowin Deals

This is a website which not only offers design deals, but also gear, gadgets, software etc. It’s always great to find an item you’ve been looking for with a great discount.


12. Dealjumbo

Every of these deal resources are great, and Dealjumbo is no exception. Find your favorite font collection, a useful graphic mega bundle, an amazing set of icons or whatever else you need for your project.


13. Matthew Woodward

This is more of a deal resource for marketers who work on the Web. This website includes discount for plugins, tools, tutorials and so on. Quite a handy resource.


14. Designcuts

You don’t have to ready any text about these guys, just check out the video of their team telling about the website.  


15. Thehungryjpeg

The Hungryjpeg resource is another great resource for designers. Save your time using the ready-made design items.


16. Stacksocial

What is so great about deal resources, they always have different packages to offer and almost never repeat. Enjoy the diversity of the design products and improve your working process with them!


17. Greedeals

Greedeals deals


“Less is more” is their motto, and there you can find deals which are priced with a 50%-100% discount.



Hopefully, you enjoyed these 15 resources! Buy the things you like and enjoy designing!


Guys, this is a hot time for hot discounts!
If you are used to the fact that you can have big discounts only on Christmas sales… You’ll see that you can have them even in the middle of the summer!

Please welcome a limited time offer: 40% OFF ALL TemplateMonster Templates!!

Let’s dive in, what exactly can you buy with this discount, for what types of projects and what skills you need to have to be able to use these products?

First of all, there are templates which are great both for end-users and developers.

If you you are a business owner and you are about to create a website for it, you may enjoy CMS templates offered on TemplateMonster. If it’s an online store you are going to create, you may consider using eCommerce templates. There are several CMS which let you do that, depending on your skill level. If you are a beginner, the easiest option for you is MotoCMS. If you are more of an advanced user, consider using Prestashop, WooCommerce or Magento templates.

If you are about to create your personal blog or portfolio… Well, you’ll be taken aback by the huge amount of clean WordPress templates available for this purpose. The designs are so various, and the options are so diverse, that whichever requirements for the design you have, you’ll find a template which meets all of them.

For developers, the range of items is even wider. You can get any HTML template, any web template, any plugin or asset with a 40% discount. Actually, you could even get several of them to store for later use.
Just check out the latest templates added:


An HTML Template Example


multipurpose HTML template


Anyone who’s dealing with WordPress wouldn’t mind having a special secret which would make their blog or a website better. Secrets are usually sold for money, right? Well, not this time!

Although many resources ask you to pay in order to have access to the rare and unique WordPress tips, in the WordPress hacks section of TemplateMonster blog you will get WordPress hacks (which are written by professional webmasters) for FREE. All you need to do is check it out and subscribe to be able to get updates even when you are off-site.

WordPress tips and tricks


WordPress themes discount, Magento themes sale

There’s nothing better than starting your summer with brand new themes! It’s a great investment, regardless of what type of project you are going to make or when you are going to make it.


It’s been a while since the release of Magento 2.0 framework. Featuring a new checkout, new file structure, full page cashing, multi-shopping functionality, Visual Design Editor, Magento UI library, Magento performance kit, and so much more, the framework was enhanced and specifically developed to bring your customers’ online shopping experience to a whole new level.
Soon after the release of an updated framework, TemplateMonster has added a fully-featured template to the gallery of Magento 2 free themes that you can use for multiple purposes.

Compared to the default Magento 2 template called Luma, F2 Magento 2 theme is more abundant in various features and design elements providing for a more enjoyable and seamless online shopping experience. Thus, F2 features a trendy card-based design, which allows you to share as many visual and written content as you wish, without making the page look cluttered. Category and product pages also look rather different from the default template, providing the users with total control over the way the products are filtered and presented on the page.

In terms of functionality, F2 doesn’t lag behind the default template. Its pack includes a sticky header, dropdown menu, configurable swatches, sale/new product types, image slider, and so much more. If you want to take a closer look at its functionality and compare F2 to Luma, then welcome to a more detailed review of this newcomer to the Magento 2 free themes gallery.



When it comes to choosing the best ready-made website template for your site, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of solutions to choose from. What CMS should you better choose? What functionality to include? What style to choose? How to optimize it for search engines? These are only some of the questions that come to our mind when looking for the best option.

With the purpose to narrow down your search, TemplateMonster has made up a compilation of the 24 of its most trending WordPress eCommerce templates and shared it at MonsterPost. Here you can find themes for travel, fashion, car tuning, food and drink, sport, electronics, and other purposes.


Just go ahead, browse the list and pick a solution that comes to your liking the most.


We are always looking for the ways to make our web projects more impressive than the ones of our competitors. That’s why we are always striving to upgrade our blogs, online portfolios, business and eCommerce sites or whatsoever with a unique, eye-catching style.

Vintage web design elements are among the most proven ways of catching the users’ eye with elegant curls and swirls yet making your web project look elegant and pleasant to the eye at the same time.


As a trend, vintage originated in the 19th and 20th centuries. The key elements that characterize it are all-that-natural components like wood, rough paper, cloth, artificially aged objects, etc.

So, if you would like to add a “tailored” look to your web resource, then the following vintage mockup free compilation for web designers will surely come in handy to you.

The collection includes 200 free mockups that you can use for various purposes. Logo templates, mockups, icons, fonts, textures, vectors, brushes, text effects, Photoshop actions, and other elements were thoroughly handpicked and presented in one easy-to-browse compilation. So, if you are looking for a cool vintage-inspired freebie for your website, there is a lot to choose from in the post.


Featured Templates