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What can be more inspirational than a great restaurant website? The way it presents the delicious cuisine deserves attention. This is the way how a restaurant invites its visitors and serves as a warm welcome for people. Some of such sites are really amazing.

What are the most peculiar features that are to be found in these designs? Of course, the usage of warm color scheme that makes everything looks tasty. The red color is widely used, ‘cause it has a power of working up an appetite. The large scale images are one more obligatory point of such designs. What can advertise the dish better than a high-resolution image? They are to be found in the sliders with nice effects, in the gallery sections, in the backgrounds. It goes without saying that the next point is undoubtedly important – the nice and comprehensive presentation of the menu. When the site gives an opportunity to order food online and reserve place, it speaks about client-oriented policy of the restaurant. Some visual effects are also welcome, because they bring interactivity in the process of browsing the site.

We’ve compiled 5 Best Restaurant Sites. The Yummy Designs that Work to see how the visual part is presented. Besides the mentioned above elements, they contain cool effects that add power to them. But wait! Before you start, make sure that you are not hungry, ‘cause the designs are really yummy.

If you’re ready to start your own restaurant site, take advantage of the perfect skins from TemplateMonster – WordPress Restaurant Themes – that really work.

The fresh green colors scheme makes this design easy on the eye. A lot of open space makes it really pleasant to eyes, clean and clear. One of the attractive elements of this site is flash animation in its slider. You can notice the drop down blocks of information in some sliders.

Here is the example of a restaurant site with one page layout. It scrolls automatically to the needed part while the header and footer are in still position The gallery features full-scale slider that puts an emphasis on the illustrations of the featured dishes placed there.


A while back we’ve written about inspiring web design portfolios. Mainly we focused on the portfolios that introduce artists in one way or another. For instance those websites that come with a designer’s photo, collage or illustration.

That article has received a lot of positive comments and we’ve decided to make another post showing personalized web design portfolios.

As you look through these web design portfolios you’ll see web designers, at least you’ll have a basic idea of how they look like. Also, you’ll have a chance to see different approaches to portfolio development.



Web designer portfolio is a perfect way to showcase web designer works. It’s always of utmost importance. Poor web designer portfolios will hardly attract a lot of potential clients. I doubt either you or me will order design from a person whose portfolio doesn’t look professional enough; or in a case we are not keen on his/her previous creations.

For designer having a stunning portfolio is a chance to prove his talent and skills. Therefore most web designers show the greatest level of creativity when they design their portfolios. There are a lot of options for designers when it comes to portfolio websites. In one of our previous posts we’ve already shown some really impressive web designer websites. Today we’d like to list web designer portfolios that show their authors. Saying this we mean portfolios with the pictures of web designers.

Enjoy browsing incredibly attractive and inspiring web designer portfolios and meet famous web designers. If not in person, then in pictures. Probably some of these portfolios will give you bright ideas for your next projects.



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a web designer? As for me it’s talent, great web design skills, never-ending creativity, portfolio, original websites, extraordinary ideas, and etc. Web designers may or may not have advanced degrees. Many website designers are self-taught, starting on their own and learning design skills and design languages as they develop pages.

It’s not a secret that designers are considered to be extremely creative people. This post aims to review some of the most impressive web designer portfolios. Talented designers are always busy with someone else’s projects and we are going to see if the proverb “ever busy, ever bare” is a right one.

No doubt each web designer is like a trendsetter in the world of web design. So let’s see the way designers express themselves while they create their own websites. Do they follow any web design trends or they simply design the way they feel?

It’s time to browse websites made by web designers for web designers.

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