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The fact that the color is just a feeling we get, seeing a specific wavelength, is not news to us. However, in many ways it’s the color that makes things around us so beautiful. We are not talking about graphic or web design, we are talking in general – remember any nice-colored room you’ve seen, the last cozy cafe you’ve been to or a picturesque mountain green-and-blue scenery, where you’d rather call a divine color palette. They all are pretty amazing and much of this effect happens due to the color palette it has.

In your work, in order to take the burden of picking the right colors off your shoulders, there are color generators which create beautiful color combinations. For even more inspiration, you may check out color palettes from famous movies.

Anyway, a nice color palette is something that you can stare at just because it is beautiful. Just because of that. Which I sometimes do, when I find or make a good color palette.
See the mesmerizing effect of this for yourself!

P.S. For those who are interested in how these color palette generators work, here’s an explanation.

Before we start listing the best color palette generators, take a look at a palette inspired by theme or place.

  1. Adobe Color CC

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