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When it comes to choosing the best ready-made website template for your site, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of solutions to choose from. What CMS should you better choose? What functionality to include? What style to choose? How to optimize it for search engines? These are only some of the questions that come to our mind when looking for the best option.

With the purpose to narrow down your search, TemplateMonster has made up a compilation of the 24 of its most trending WordPress eCommerce templates and shared it at MonsterPost. Here you can find themes for travel, fashion, car tuning, food and drink, sport, electronics, and other purposes.


Just go ahead, browse the list and pick a solution that comes to your liking the most.


The ideas worth spreading – this is the key point of TED, a small nonprofit community. Technology, Education and Design – this is how you can transcribe this abbreviation. It started in the early 1980 as an opportunity to connect all those who were passionate about speaking.

The coolest thing about TED is all that interesting experiences and ideas that people share in short talks. And of course, the quality of speakers. The variety of subjects covered in these talks is immense: internet marketing and advertising, industrial design, graphic design, etc.

Today we want to focus on web design TED talks that will reveal interesting and inspiring ideas from this sphere. So, choose a comfortable seat and enjoy.


David Carson on Design + Discovery

David Carson will tell you about his ideas concerning the emotional response to design and about the artist’s intuition. He advices to take into consideration the personal perspective to achieve the original approach to work.


Don Norman: 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

Happiness is the leading point of creativity. It helps solve problems easier, work better and succeed. This is what you’ll find in this talk. You’ll be interested in three emotional cues that a well-designed product will evoke according to Don Norman’s idea.


Today there is a huge number of web application frameworks that are designed to support development of dynamic websites, web applications, web services and web resources. Bootstrap has proudly taken the place of one of the greatest frameworks on the design market. Since it’s release in August, 2011, Bootstrap has undergone enormous changes and turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. But as always there is some more space for improvements which is why ever and anon his fathers release significant updates.

All web enthusiasts have been expecting the Bootstrap 3 release since December, but it is not announced still. You can check out the official preview site for Bootstrap 3 to learn more about its forthcoming launch. Just for today it can be said for sure, that the new version will drop some of the existing functionalities and gain the greater ones like improving responsive CSS, and centralizing community efforts. It is going to be “mobile first” and it means mobile friendliness from the start. Another fact about Bootstrap is its mostly flat design.

To make your anticipation of Bootstrap 3 release more pleasant, check out the existing Bootstrap themes here.


Night Club Template


Religious Template


Bootstrap as the easy and smart framework was specially created for cross-browser, consistent and attractive interfaces. Basically, it is a perfectly packed “tool chest” that provides really simple and fast creation of professional websites. It has well-thought HTML/CSS/Javascript structure, that allows you to build an advanced web project without any problems. Benefits of using Bootstrap are in Less. Less is the decent CSS Framework which runs on both client-side (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and server-side, with Node.js and Rhino. Bootstrap is a very simple and flexible framework that is extremely intuitive to use, so you’ll figure things out even without reading documentation. Try and be on the wave!

If you plan to run a Bootstrap-based website, you can simply browse the great collection of Bootstrap Themes from TemplateMonster and find the most suitable one.

Let’s specify the main Bootstrap functions:

  • create styles for the main page elements (ul, p, blockquote, small, abbr, etc.);
  • use styles for table design;
  • mark page layout, header, bottom, number of columns, their width;
  • use styles to position form elements, add styles to these elements, add default buttons;
  • create buttons with a drop-down lists;
  • create separate styles for each icon;
  • grouping buttons;
  • create navigation with tabs;
  • create modal windows;
  • create tooltips;
  • blocks with various messages;
  • create “Accordion” or “Carousel” sliders;
  • add prompts to the forms.


When you start developing websites with Bootstrap you need a certain “toolbox” to make sure the end result will justify the efforts spent on this framework. So, let’s talk about these tools.

Date Range Picker for Twitter Bootstrap

The date range picker relies on jQuery, Datejs for parsing strings into dates and defining custom ranges, and the Twitter Bootstrap CSS.

* * *


Since 2008 Google Chrome has confirmed its worldwide power as the best browser that has become quite popular for a short period of time. Though there are thousands of other things it has to offer its users – they are called extensions. You can visit Extensions Webstore and find many useful adds that will simplify your web presence. All extensions are divided into categories, so you can easy navigate through this Webstore and find exactly what you are looking for.

Basically, extensions are special programs that can modify and enhance functionality of Chrome browser and make your work more convenient and productive. But extensions and packaged apps have various user interfaces, so they quite differ from each other. To put it briefly, extensions have little to no UI, so when you are installing any extension, the buttons will be displayed to the right side of the address bar.

This time we’ve selected for you the most essential Google Chrome extensions for all web designers and developers. Have a look at the presented here extensions and find those you need the most!

Live CSS Editor

This extension presents text box to any HTML page, so you can simply write CSS and see the result at the same time. The extension options allow you setting default key commands to open and close the editor; turn off the warning that is shown when you close the editor; and enable or disable the automatic saving of your changes when you close the editor.

* * *

Speed Tracer

If you need to find and fix performance problems in your web applications, choose Speed Tracer – a great tool that visualizes metrics that are taken from low level instrumentation points inside of the browser and analyzes them as your application runs. Problems caused by layout, JavaScript parsing and execution, CSS style recalculation, DOM event handling, timer fires, painting, etc. can be fixed with the help of Speed Tracer.

* * *


Boo! Today is Friday the 13th and a whole world is holding their breaths in waiting for some mysterious and awful events. Although we are going to share some good stuff today and seems that Friday the 13th is a perfect day to buy premium website templates. Template Monster offers unique 13% discount to everyone who will buy one of their website templates today. So, don’t hesitate and take your chance to make this day brighter. To make that happen please go to TemplateMonster, choose the template you want and apply the discount code “friday13th” on a shopping cart page.

As the extra Friday the 13th bonus you can get an awesome pack consisting of 2400 web icons absolutely for free. Today is the last day of this cool promo and we think that you might be interested in taking part in it. Again – it’s all very simple, you just make any purchase on TemplateMonster and get an awesome pack for free. So, have fun and enjoy this awesome day!


10 Free Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers
There were times when laptops became real presents for those who had to work outside of the office. But now laptops start to become too huge and uncomfortable to satisfy such a need. New generation of mobile phones comes to help you do your job and the whole life more dynamic and easy.

From the time Android mobile OS has appeared it became one of the most popular platforms and thousands of different software applications were created for it – for every kind of business. And today TemplateMonster blog has prepared a list of 10 useful android apps for web designers and developers. In that list you can find apps to work with HTML, FTP, colors, texts and typography, Flash, Flex and images. There’s even a mobile version of Photoshop there. Of course these free Android apps can’t substitute the real computer software to you but they surely can help you do some work when you are out of the office and need a little work done urgently.

As you see there are plenty of opportunities which Android OS can give you. So try it and make a choice for your taste. 10 free Android apps will show you the world of the marvelous Android OS if you don’t know what it is. And if you already know it you have a chance to try something new. Good luck!


Would you like to learn more about the battle between Flash and HTML5? Would you like to know what makes HTML5 so special? Would you like to understand why this battle has started?

If so, feel free to read the last article published on TemplateMonster blog. The article is entitled The Battle for Developers: Flash vs HTML5. Not only it provides answers to the questions mentioned above, but also features a few websites that have been built with HTML5. In other words, you can see how HTML5 technology looks in action.

And of course the article welcomes your opinion on using Flash or HTML5 when creating impressive websites.

It seems the battle between Flash and HTML5 has started and no one can stay indifferent to it.


Yesterday we’ve learnt about the Christmas Promotion launched by TemplateMonster and we are here to spread the news!

This article is written primary for web designers, web developers, bloggers and others who can’t imagine their life without the Internet and web design!


Please read the questions you may have asked about the promo and find the answers that will make you believe that miracles happen on Christmas!

What is the Christmas Promotion about?
The promotion ensures discounts on items provided by and the other companies including IconDemon, ProClipart, VideoSmash, JustHost, e-OnlineData, etc. These are the companies which partner with TemplateMonster to bring the best to TemplateMonster’s customers.

What steps should I make to learn about the discounts and get them?
Follow TemplateMonster on Twitter
Check out the official blog of TemplateMonster
Subscribe for TemplateMonster newsletter (the subscription field can be found at the bottom of the homepage )

How often should I visit the official blog of TemplateMonster?
The more often the better. The case is every day there will be a new discount.

How many discounts am I allowed to have?
You can use as many discounts as you wish.

How long will the Christmas Promotion last?
It’ll bee available throughout the holiday season

We wish that you get as many discounts as possible! Good luck!


website-of-the-yearAs 2009 draws to an end, it’s time to look back and think what websites and blogs have been the most enjoyable to you. With this said we encourage you to cast your vote in the Website of the Year Award. This is your opportunity not only to vote for this year’s best website but also win a Samsung 32″ Full HD TV and a Sony PSP Go!

There are seventeen categories to vote in. To name a few of them: Automotive, Dating, Fun & Games, Portal, Shopping, Travel, Sports, TV & Radio, Search & Find, Technology, etc. As we are passionate about web design and web templates as much as you are, we’ve been looking for a website that we could vote for. What we could learn is that TemplateMonster, the most trusted web templates provider, has also been nominated for the Website of the Year Award. If you think is the Best Technology Website of the year, please vote here.

Note the voting is open until December 8th, 2009. So you have a week to cast your vote for the best website of 2009.

The voting is easy and only takes a few steps: at first you should choose a category and browse the nominees; then you should vote for the best website in this category. If you can’t decide which website you like most of all you can click the View link and you’ll be redirected to the nominee’s site.

When voting, you’ll have to rate the design, content, and navigation. It only takes a few seconds! Also, make sure you use the correct name and email. This info is essential if you want to win a valuable prize.

Feel free to cast your vote now. The results of the Website of the Year Award will be announced on December 15th, 2009!


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