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The ever fluctuating web design trends make the designers’ job more complex. Thus, to achieve the targets efficiently they need to consider effective and proficient techniques. These strategies might appear a bit over the top to an onlooker, but certainly they are quite essential to accomplish the task. The website wireframing is one such technique, and it helps make web designing cost-efficient and successful.


To ensure a positive viewer’s reaction, it is vital that your design should embrace an enticing and intuitive appeal that can serve visitors in a convenient way. And, to create a website without leaving its innovative aspects behind, website wireframing offers a consummate solution.

Website Wireframe: A foreword

Wireframe forms the foundation upon which a website can be efficiently created. When an image or collection of images epitomizes the functional elements of a webpage or website, it facilitates one to streamline the requisite functionality and website architect planning. It thus can be said that it precisely represents the relationship between the featured pages, elements, content and capabilities.

Primarily focused on website’s structure, wireframes are least bothered about the virtual design elements, including, the font sizes, color scheme, and a lot more. It is basically a black and white layout that blueprint certain websites’ attributes like web navigation, size and position of page elements and so forth.

Why jumping directly on designing is considered a bad idea.

Designing without considering the wireframe can ruin all your valuable efforts and time invested in a website development. Wireframe facilitates one to hash out the necessary data like websites’ architecture, content and functionality beforehand. Thereby, helps deliver an exquisite and well-suitable design.

Here are certain key benefits of the wireframing that make it a must for web designers.

1. Augments usability

Wireframe brings a websites’ usability to the forefront. It showcases how user-friendly a website is by clearly representing its navigation, page element placement, conversion paths and so forth. It, thus, clearly epitomize a complete image of a website, so that you can focus on architectural flaws and streamline the design accordingly.

2. Facilitates Iterative approach

Blending all the aspects of website design (like branding, creating layout, etc.,) in a single step will make web designing a cumbersome job. On the contrary, wireframes drag focus over each aspect individually. So that, designers can iteratively accomplish them and share each iteration with clients to get their feedback. This helps designers to deliver an appropriate design without investing an additional development cost for revamping the mock-ups (that might be required for enforcing the changes at a later stage).

3. Represents data flow via site architecture

A sitemap is vitally important, as it epitomize the flow of content in an abstract form. Wireframes convert the abstract info available in a sitemap into a visual and tangible image that shows exactly how the flow of data is required to be managed. This is the first visual process for a project.

4. Understand the design

Since, it is a black and white document without boasting distracting colors, designers can better concentrate and understand the design elements. It explains the websites’ reactions upon interacting with various visitors.

5. Identify CTA and other essential design aspects

As, there will be no clutter of colors integrated in a website wireframe, designers can better focus and determine the Call To Action (CTA). It is basically, what exactly the site owners want a visitor to do upon landing on the website. By understanding this aspect, designers can conveniently design a ravishing and attractive CTA UI elements.

6. Easily determine updates

Who doesn’t want to expand their business? You might be currently running a small startup company, but most likely you must be also striving to expand it further and transform it into a giant business. Keeping this point in mind, it is quite possible that your website content will gradually grow in future. With a wireframe, you can easily analyze if your site will be able to handle the content growth or not. This can help you ensure a web design that can efficiently accommodate the content growth without impacting the site usability and architecture.


By considering the wireframes while designing websites can help you deliver surefire designs. While scrutinizing the iterations, it augments the designing process and diminishes the chances of making an alteration later in the process. Deliver a stellar result, by focusing completely over the design and style elements, since everything else is already analyzed in wireframe.

About Author: Emily Heming is a professional WordPress developer for a leading company WordPrax Ltd. She also provides HTML to WordPress service and many more. She has served many companies helping them in developing user-friendly website.


Web designers and design agencies always strive to have a website that leaves a positive and long-lasting impression on its visitors. It’s no secret that a cleverly designed website is a powerful marketing tool that can not only help you show off your talents, but also reach new markets and broaden client base. To help you set up an impressive online resource for your web agency or update the existing one with new trendy look, TemplateMonster offers you to consider their first freebie of 2015 – Responsive Design Agency Template. Let’s now check out how you can benefit from this new offer.

Cast a glance at the main page. Don’t you think it looks appealing? Large hero areas, ghost buttons, emphasis on typography, smart content structure, circular elements and catchy visuals make it a perfect solution for building a design agency site with. Here visual aesthetics perfectly combines with rich functionality. Downloading it, you will not only enjoy premium quality functionality, but also save time and effort on web development. Easy-to-customize interface and custom admin panel allow adjusting the given design the way you wish. You can play with colors and fonts, change content structure and images, add or remove sliders, etc. Though the theme is primarily intended for building design agency websites, you can adjust it to fit multiple other purposes, like art & photography, business, interior & furniture, etc.

Clicking live demo, you can test the theme on your own. Check out its main page. Doesn’t it look interactive? Fully responsive layout makes your site accessible from various devices, both desktop and handheld. Organizing content in a two-column grid, you will make your site appear more balanced and well-organized. With the help of colorful backgrounds you can help users scan the page and find necessary information much faster. Integrated social sharing buttons provide quick access to your social media accounts. Overall, the template features every element you might need to create your one-of-a-kind website.

View demo here | Download here



It’s so cold outside! Even if winter still hasn’t arrived to the place where you live, you have a chance to bring joyful winter mood to your next project. We are here to help you with that. One week before Christmas we are happy to share a rich compilation of high-res winter patterns that you can download toll free.

A rich selection of free Photoshop stuff is a true time-saver for designer. Picking any and applying some minor changes to the pre-made design helps to boost your performance. It’s not difficult to find a place to download patterns in the modern world. Each of us has access to the worldwide web and knows how to search some data in Google. However, don’t you think it would have been more convenient having everything stored in one easy-to-access place? If you share this view and look for a compilation of free Photoshop winter patterns to bookmark, then you’ve reached the right post. Keep scrolling down and you’ll see 30 awesome free patterns with direct links to download pages. Just make your choice, click and download. It’s easy as breathing.

Below you can find patterns of different colors and styles, so hopefully you will find something to your liking. Use these wintry patterns to give your art breezy coolness.

Did you find your favorite? Let us know in comments under this post.


Christmas Tree Seamless Pattern


Charles Richards said: ‘There are only as many days in the year as you make use of’. A new year is coming, and we wish every single day of your calendar 2015 be filled with small and big pleasures and success!
Meanwhile, we offer you a set of amazing 2015 calendar PSD templates, because a calendar is some kind of magic which presents visually what cannot be seized – TIME.

For Holidays

1. X-mas spirit is in the air: a free calendar performed in a holiday style will create a perfect holiday atmosphere in any project of yours.

free calendar psd templates


Online resume can be of great use to job seekers. This allows presenting your skills and achievements in a modern way. It’s trendy no more to send several pages of written text to your prospective employer. Instead, many are shifting to personal web pages. The latter allow to show off you creativity, introduce the audience to your field of work and recent projects, and sell talents fast and easy. Those of you who are looking for the most appropriate way of developing a personal web page that would grab employers’ attention and help you find new job, welcome to our weekly doze of freebies.

Not all job-seekers can build online resume on their own. For many this can be a daunting task that requires much time and effort. For those who have never written a single line of code, it can be too expensive as well. Since custom-made designs cost a pretty penny. We offer you to forget about all that and let your creativity flow with the help of this Free HTML5 One-Page Template from TemplateMonster.

Have a look at this design. Its minimalist modern layout with clever usage of negative space allows organizing content in logic blocks, making it easier for users to scan the page. Resembling infographic, it lets you place information within one click reach. We offer to welcome users with a full-width slider placed at the top of the page, move to the ‘About Me” section, showcase portfolio, skills, achievements, and work experience. User testimonials significantly help with decision-making. So, adding some vibrant accents you will never lose. The integrated map and user-friendly contact form will make it easier for employers to get in touch with you. Accompanying written data with appealing visuals you can make the design look much livelier and catchy. Make this possible with the help of jQuery scripts like TouchTouch Gallery, Camera Slider, and JQuery Isotop. We believe this is how an online CV of designer, coder, writer, photographer or any other creative personality should be designed.

Is it how you imagined your personal page should look like? Then go to the download page and pick it right away!

Demo | Download here



This week we have decided to pay special attention to UX designs. Following our chart of the top 10 must read books for every graphic designer, it’s time to get inspired and have a look at the most effective, professional UX designs.

It’s no secret that with every year the number of people who shift to mobile devices increases at tremendous pace. Whether in business or personal purposes – handheld devices are considered to be one of the most convenient ways of accessing necessary information on the go. If I ask you ‘What is the most widely used brand worldwide?” What would your answer be? More than half of the world owns some product by Apple. Besides having geniuses in design and retail, they also have great design specialists, which makes it impossible for the competition to make any real headway against the company. The latter are of special interest to us today. We’ve come up with 30 best iOS UX designers on Dribble and now we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Keep Scrolling down, enjoy these breathtaking designs, and learn how to develop beautiful mobile user interfaces. Take your time and enjoy!



First shot in Chapps


How many of you were fascinated with everything out of this world in the childhood? Do you know a boy who was not dreaming of becoming a spaceman when he grows up? I believe every second person on earth has a secret wish to go to the moon and discover something new. Being grown-ups we start bringing our dreams into reality. This is when space-themed websites come in handy.

Space backgrounds have something mysterious, overwhelming and somewhat enigmatic. They let us get closer to something too far away from us, something we can hardly reach but want to investigate so much. Space backgrounds are great attention grabbers. These add some charm to your website and make is more appealing. So, this can be a great reason for updating your own project with them.

Generally speaking, there are two types of space-themed websites over there. The first one includes sites with realistic looking background designs, whereas projects with comic-looking illustrations build up the second group. The web is flooded with thousands of images that can be used as a great source of inspiration or simply downloaded to be further incorporated into web designs. You can order a custom-made design anytime, anywhere. However, in order to see how popular such a design will be among users it’s worth considering some ready-made, free space-themed backgrounds that you can download and add to your website. If you are looking for such stuff, you’ve reached the right post.

Today we are happy to treat you with a compilation of amazing free space backgrounds, which you can download and use in your own web projects. Have a look at the entire showcase and don’t forget to share your thoughts about it with us. We’ll be more than happy to see these incorporated into your web projects. Take your time and enjoy!


Space Vector Graphics


Mock-ups are a true way to showcase designs. Do you remember how many of these we saw before the actual iPhone 6 release? How many concept videos we were introduced to before the latest iMac launch? Mocking up designs will help you boost the value of your work by giving an insight into how the project you are currently working on will look like in the end. Our today’s chart of free Apple mock-up PSD templates will come in handy to those of your working on a new design project. This is not a traditional compilation of all free PSD templates available over there. We have handpicked 20 mock-ups that will smoothen things down for you.

True Apple fans will appreciate this chart since here you’ll find a number of great mock-ups for iPhone, iMac, iPad and iPod. We hope some of these flat and photo-realistic design will be of use to you when developing your next project. Watch and enjoy!


Photorealistic Device Mock-Ups


People are judged by appearances. The same deals with resorts to visit, hotels to stay, food to eat, etc. Clever presentation is of high importance in web design, branding and marketing. Will you pay attention to a poorly designed banner or a billboard? I really doubt that. Developing remarkable street posters is part of any company success. For a new client, appearance and presentation of your business are all that count. We always pay attention to the way advertising is designed, what it reveals and what it’s all about in general. Making it influential and appealing is the key to success. In our today’s post we’ve decided to gather more than 20 premium and free mockup templates, which you can download and use for developing street billboards and posters of your own.

The importance of graphic design shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want a commercial to catch user eye on a busy street, if you want it to stick in their memory and encourage buying something from you, trying your services and what not, then it should feature something to appeal to them. It’s up to you what strategy to opt for. Your street billboard can represent a negative or positive message, cheer up or upset, excite or relax. An effective design will help you achieve whatever you want.

The following premium and free outdoor billboard mockups will become a great starting point for developing an ad that will work for you. Which one do you prefer?






TemplateMonster knows the true value of solid online presentation. This week’s HTML5 free for Marketing Agency is a great confirmation to this fact. Boasting of modern, stylish design, this template can be the perfect match for any corporate, business, marketing, insurance or personal website. Take your time and see how your own project can benefit from it.

For many out there, developing a business website is a lengthy and daunting task. How many times have you wondered what to start your work with? What elements to incorporate? What style to opt for? We have decided to smoothen things down for you by launching this free HTML5 theme. Its clean and clear layout featuring pleasant to the eye turquoise hues with clever usage of negative space will help you draw user attention on your content primarily. You will find no difficulty with introducing the audience to your business, its goals and achievements.

The first thing any of you will mention when casting a glance at the given design is its simplicity and elegance. Ivy Green, the designer who brought the idea of creating a sleek template to life, took care of making each of its elements user-friendly and usable. Just have a look at the navigation bar, homepage slider, icons, calls-to-action. Don’t you find these easy-to-follow? Another point no business web page can go without is responsiveness. Making use of this theme for building your updating your corporate website you may feel safe the content you share will be properly displayed on any screen size, either desktop or handheld devices.

Establishing online presence for your business, don’t pass by this free theme. It incorporates everything you will need to make your project a success. So as not to speak without a proof, we offer you to see the template in action by clicking the demo button.

Demo | Download here


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