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Today it’s hardly possible to find a smartphone user who is not familiar with mobile apps and their simplicity. People of all ages – from kids to adults – can find apps that fit their needs and use them for different purposes, sometimes very private ones. So, why not make use of mobile app design and reflect it in a common desktop website that would imitate the style and interface of mobile apps? App style interfaces are distinguished by their intuitive structure, easy navigation and bold design. Let’s come up with the key trends of app style interfaces and have a look at the 15 coolest examples of such sites.

App Style Design Trends

What do we mostly appreciate in mobile apps? Their simplicity and intuitive interface, which can be also applied to app style web design. Such websites commonly feature flat layout and focus on usability rather than gradients and realism. Have a look at wistia. What does its layout resemble? I guess it would remind you of the tile-base Widows 8 user interface. Modern users don’t want to read and look, they prefer to look and do. Wistia meets such requirements perfectly.



Spring is the right time for showing new looks, great mood and burst of creativity. If you have been thinking about redesigning of your website or starting a new one, it’s pretty nice time to do it. I offer you to perform it easily and cost-effectively with Free HTML5 theme that is a perfect fit for a variety of web presences that deal with architecture, interior, exterior and whatever designs.

Neat layout, clean approach to design makes this theme look undoubtedly stylish and appealing for the viewers. Choosing it as a basis for your site, you can be sure that the number of its visitors will increase. Light green (Persian green – #009b97) creates a contrasting mix with white color on the background and focuses attention of headings, menu and call-to-action buttons. The design makes use of plugins for sliders, animation effects for content blocks for being appealing for its viewers.

Top slider with images and captions is created on the basis of Camera slideshow, free jQuery plugin. Featured blocks come with fancy animation which offers interactive way of browsing images from the gallery. Social buttons with tooltips in the footer will draw visitors’ attention and welcome them to social accounts of the company. To see how the theme with all these features performs, click demo button. Go on and follow download link to get the freebie to give a perfect modern look to a site.

Demo | Get .psd

Home Interior


To drive more visitors to business website and turn them into clients later, it’s important to make them interested in what they see. Visually appealing look of the site that communicates business ideas is a key. Consider this freebie, Free HTML5 Theme for Business Site, as a ready-made solution for better promotion of your business.

Business, consulting, communications, internet, science – whatever business sphere your company deals with, this theme is a perfect fit for presenting services of this kind online. It’s minimal cutting-edge look is perfect for highlighting key points of web presence. Let’s see what’s inside this feature-rich theme.

  • Animated border menu implemented in the header shows its items when you activate it (clicking on dashes in the middle). Header looks clean and uncluttered due to its usage.
  • You can view the information in the featured blocks below with nice shape hover effect.
  • Any amount of information can be wisely arranged on Services page with the help of a list with flip effect. Besides, viewing the list of services in interactive way is more interesting than reading the plain text.

To see how your site on the basis of this theme will look like, click demo button below.

demo | download

Home Biz


Nothing reflects the idea of a travel agency better than attractive large visuals of foreign countries most people would like to visit. If you’re looking for setting up or redressing a website that deals with traveling, consider this stylish theme – Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Travel Site – featuring the modern approach to design. Choosing it as your site basis, you invest in its future success with no money spent.

Theme’s Definitive Features

  • Beautiful top slider with full-width photos is hypnotizing. If you want to attract more viewers, make it with effective visuals like the ones implemented in this jQuery slider that shows top destinations and price notification of these tours.
  • responsive nature. Starting a site on the basis of this theme you can be sure that it will be correctly displayed on desktops, and screens of all sizes.
  • Booking form on the front page allows the clients to find the very trip they need just in a few clicks. This well-constructed form narrows the search and shows all possible company’s offers.
  • Blog page. Use this sub-page to welcome more clients to the company posting its latest news and sharing discounts and promos with them.

Now enjoy this freebie in live action and feel free to press “download” button to get .psd files and start your site.

Demo | Download

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Travel Site


You Are Hired! These are the words every job seeker would like to hear. The sooner it will happen, the better. We all know how to achieve it – to present a thought-out resume that tells enough about you, shows your skills and explains why you can be good for the job you’re opting for.

Of course, a well-done resume is not enough. Primarily, you should have good skills in a certain sphere of business. Your portfolio will tell a lot about them. And nicely designed CV will present this portfolio at its best.

And what about creating a unique resume that will be a life illustration of your skills, and will be called a little masterpiece? How should it look like? Your imagination will be essential here. It can be a cup with a list of your skills printed on it, a paper box (with booklets inside) with all information printed on it, even creative infographic showing the milestones of your career. You can even print some extras from your CV on the t-shirt and put it on when going to interview.

Let’s see the brightest examples of resume designs compiled in this post. Hope, they will inspire you for your own creative ones.


Resume Book by Paula Del Mas

Resume Designs

Resume by Anthony McCann

Resume Designs


Welcome the freebie of 2014 in our usual series of free themes. Free Website Template for Spa Salon – this goodie is an effective one designed according to the latest color trends. Radiant Orchid is the color that was announced by Pantone as the most popular one this year. See the theme that makes use of its power and download it to dress your beauty projects up.

Notice how nice the undertones of purple decorate the layout. They are used not only for creation of appealing look, but also for visual division of the content parts. Fonts are also colored in its hues for being more readable. Content-wise structure of the layout allows to place all information in easy-to-perceive way. You may be sure, that a web presence based on this freebie will be a good promotion of your beauty company online.

Live demo | Download

Home Spa


Surprise your fans with a wow design of your online portfolio. Being a photographer means being creative in everything you do. Your works, portfolio, ideas – an artist should be original in all things he does. Hyper-Stylish Free HTML5 Theme will come in handy for all of you who want to start an attractive web presence to share portfolio online.

The front page of this theme looks like timeline. Its layout offers you to arrange all content in multicolored blocks (each one for definite type of content) with tiny icons above that indicate the information placed in them (video, written, photos from gallery). Your portfolio will be nicely displayed on the gallery page with Masonry layout. The theme implies video integration, so you can share your video works with others on the same name page.

Follow the links below to see this template in live action and download it for your great works.

live demo | download



‘Being on the wave’ is one of the ways to be popular online. If you want your restaurant site to be interesting for the viewers, try some effective design. Scandinavian style will be a perfect distinctive feature of your web presence. It makes use of simple structure and clean & clear look – this elegant beauty helps focus attention on business ideas. Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business with a Scandinavian touch will help you set up a site that will draw attention of potential clients.

How is Scandinavian chic presented in this design? Clean look of the theme paired with the pleasant on the eye muted olive coloration of the background, blurred images in the gallery section, elegant typography. Even the stylish pale map (a perfect fit for the site color scheme) is chosen from Snazzy maps site that offers a variety of items.

This style implies not only effective look, but a good functionality. The theme you see features well-structured layout, wise navigation (back-to-top button, Animated Border Menu). The latter looks like a burger menu (several stacked dashes) clicking which you can see menu items.

Have a look at this theme in live action and enjoy its stylish design. Feel free to download it and start a site with a modern look.

Demo | Download

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business:

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business


Over a million websites run on Drupal today. Are you a happy owner of one of them? If not, but want to become, consider the freebie that will help you get your Drupal site up and running in no time. Try this pre-made Free Drupal Open Framework Theme to build the site (it can be business, communications, education or any other you like) with simple and user-friendly design.

Open Framework as the Core

The freebie is based on Open Framework that is the theme intended for Drupal version 7 (is not compatible with the older versions). It is Bootstrap powered, which means full responsiveness and awesome functionality of the sites based on this framework. It runs Bootstrap 2.3, and the developers plan to upgrade its version to the latest one of Bootstrap (it is Bootstrap 3). If you have any questions regarding Open Framework, visit the following pages:

Official Website

Stanford Branding Identity

What’s the use of talking about Stanford here? Stanford framework theme is a sub-theme of Open framework, and there are 5 Stanford Drupal templates available for today. Their designs are worked out according to Stanford identity guidelines (certain colors, fonts, etc). The freebie we offer you to try was worked out to continue the list of Stanford Drupal templates. It is designed according to Stanford branding identity. Check out its live demo to see it in action. Feel free to download it and start a site on its basis.

view demo | get .psd

Free Drupal Open Framework Theme:

Free Website Template


Holidays are for joy and presents. This Thursday is for Halloween and with the coming of dark the fang-tastic night will begin. All costumes are ready, spirits riding high… Do you want to make your mood even higher? We know how to do it. Great news for you, guys – TemplateMonster starts autumn promo - 30% Discount for all holiday templates.

2 weeks from October 31 to November 14th, you’re welcome to get any theme you like from a huge collection of Holiday Templates. Search for the following product types in this collection:

Moto CMS

and many others. Browsing all themes, you’ll find solutions for Christmas sites, Halloween costume shops, Valentine blogs, etc.

Get Holiday themes with 30% Discount during October 31 – November 14th

View some of them here:


Christmas Moto CMS HTML Template

Christmas Moto CMS HTML Template


Masquerade Masks OpenCart Template

Masquerade Masks OpenCart Template

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