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Being responsive is a must-have thing in today’s life, especially when it goes about web technologies. We accept everything not only from the desktop screen, but from various handheld devices, that’s why responsive design is in a great need. There are two ways of how to get a responsive site – to build the one from the ground up or turn the existing static one into it. Both variants are good. What are the possible transform options that may come in handy in this process?

Grid systems

In the following post we’ll consider the latter three points, checking out which you’ll be able to convert or start the responsive site.



Here is the jQuery plugin for creating magic layouts. Among its advantages is the simple syntax that helps to build dynamic layouts. It allows to reveal and hide items with filtering, re–order items with sorting.




Breakpoints.js is a free javascript plugin that allows you to define breakpoints for your responsive layout which will turn on custom events when browser enters and/or exits that specific break-point.



Hi guys! As for today if you are thinking how to successfully promote your business we should note that a creation a website isn’t enough thing. You should also consider all market places that you can – so don’t forget about the mobile version for your website. It is no secret that mobile market rapidly grows. How many people do you know who don’t use mobiles? Yes, it is hard to imagine your life without this useful device. A great deal of people have mobile phones with internet connections – so it would be a crime to miss such a wonderful opportunity! Be on the crest of a wave!

Online App For Testing Mobile Website

We are happy to share with you these very helpful 5 online apps for testing mobile website. They are aimed to enable you to make a first step in the process of making your website more mobile friendly. A comprehensive report about all negative and positive mobile features on your website just 3 clicks away! Browse these amazing online apps for testing mobile website and make your life easier!

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