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The web offers thousands if not millions of creative patterns, with more cool designs being released every day. The choice is so broad that you can even get lost in their rich variety. However, a pattern that works good for one business may not bring the desired effect for a different one. Let’s now find out how to choose UI design patterns that will enhance your web presence.

Here are the 4 basic questions that you should ask yourself to narrow down the choice:

  1. What are your site’s problems?
  2. What patterns do your competitors choose to solve the problem?
  3. How do they use those patterns?
  4. How to choose the right UI design patterns for your site?

As designers, we always need inspiration. UI design pattern libraries can be that proven source of the creativity, which will make your online works more impressive and appealing to the audience. To get your creative juices flow, we offer for your consideration a compilation of the 10 most popular UI design pattern libraries. Some of them provide the pattern designs solely, whereas others provide explanation on how and when to use a certain pattern.


COLOURlovers is a huge online community of creative designers from all around the world, who share patterns, color palettes, discuss web trends, and explore the mysterious world of the web design. The site is very user-friendly and intuitive, so you should have no difficulty with applying the right filters in search of the design inspiration.



This week we have decided to pay special attention to UX designs. Following our chart of the top 10 must read books for every graphic designer, it’s time to get inspired and have a look at the most effective, professional UX designs.

It’s no secret that with every year the number of people who shift to mobile devices increases at tremendous pace. Whether in business or personal purposes – handheld devices are considered to be one of the most convenient ways of accessing necessary information on the go. If I ask you ‘What is the most widely used brand worldwide?” What would your answer be? More than half of the world owns some product by Apple. Besides having geniuses in design and retail, they also have great design specialists, which makes it impossible for the competition to make any real headway against the company. The latter are of special interest to us today. We’ve come up with 30 best iOS UX designers on Dribble and now we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Keep Scrolling down, enjoy these breathtaking designs, and learn how to develop beautiful mobile user interfaces. Take your time and enjoy!



First shot in Chapps


It’s no secret that a cleverly designed website predetermines the success of any business. Online presentation has become an indispensable part of any marketing strategy that targets to stand above competitors. However, if a website is poorly organized, looks cluttered and not so easy to follow, people will hardly stay on it. The success of any web project hinges on one basic thing – how comfortable users feel browsing it. So, in order to help you develop a resource that would be pleasant to use and bring its visitors some value, we offer you to consider 10 must read books for designers who want to get started and succeed in UX.


UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals

This is a quick overview of UX design fundamentals. As the name suggests, it’s an online course that contains 31 lessons on how to go from zero to hero as soon as possible. On following the link, you will be redirected to the table of contents where you can find the entire list of lessons you can learn. Start with the introductory ones, proceed to design psychology, visual and functional design principles, and complete test in the end of the course to check your knowledge.


How to show notifications on the page without being annoying? It’s better to draw off obtrusive and ugly constructed alarm boxes that just plague with their presence. You can inform the visitors about their certain steps in elegant and easy on the eye way with the help of jQuery plugins. jQuery Notification Bar Options that speak about the status of an action, its finish or failure contribute to the user experience and result in the success of a site. Whether a visitor signs up for a newsletter or makes a purchase, such notifications will help him/her to be aware of the process stages.

A variety of styles and functions of jQuery notification plugins is just huge, and you don’t need to be a skillful programmer to create the one. Using wise plugins you can create whatever message you want just by several lines of code.

• alert
• error
• warning
• information
• confirmation
• messages success
– plugins for these and much more notifications are gathered in the following post. You can style them as sticky, non-sticky, auto-close notifications and use in your sites.



This notification appears at the top of the page for informing the site visitors about the latest events or sharing some important info. The plugin is good for displaying notifications, showing various announcements, showcasing product specials, giveaways and much more.

jQuery Notification Bar Options



If style is above everything for you, make use of the following notification plugin. What’s inside? Growl, Bar, Alert jQuery plugins are to be found in this package. Functionality and nice visual realization – this is what you get with this plugin.

jQuery Notification Bar Options


What’s difficult in designing a menu for mobile design is a small size of the screen. The idea is to arrange everything intelligently, and thus facilitate the users’ interaction with a site. The way menu is organized determines easy and intuitive navigation throughout the website. Much attention should be paid to designing a menu and all that buttons in order to make the site work.

The following post is focused on such elements of navigation in mobile interface as menus and buttons. Here you’ll see the existing examples of Menus And Buttons in Mobile Design cool execution and wise implementation in the layout. Hope, this post will inspire you for your own great designs.

A bit more inspiration is waiting for you in the post dedicated to Search Forms Solutions in Mobile UI.



The Rooms

The Rooms


Login Mobile

Login Mobile


What are the main rules of UI? It should be simple, intuitive, consistent, and, of course, appealing. The visual aspect with all the graphics, animations, colors, etc is also of the great importance. When these points are observed, the site gains much more attention of the publicity.

To learn more about today’s progressive stream in UI design you can study a number of books dedicated to this topic, but it’s really much better to see the case studies of the existing sites with all the detailed descriptions that can help get familiar with the adaptation of the UI principles. Looking at the projects from the perspective of UI design, you dive more deeply in its essence and understand all its principles much better. After getting acquainted with these well-crafted case studies, you can escape all the missteps in working with your own projects, learn how to create the right interacting with the users and increase their so-called satisfaction from your site. See more while browsing this compilation of UI Case Studies.


Design Case Study: iPad to Windows Store App

Following case study would be really useful for every designer familiar with iOS, since by the time you scroll the page to the end, you’ll be able to apply iOS design principles for Windows Store Apps.

UI Case Studies


Grooveshark – UI Case Study

Here is the analysis of the well-known application Grooveshark. It is done from the perspective of an average user to find out all the main points and see whether it is really user-friendly.

UI Case Studies


While working on the user experience – the way a person feels while interfacing with a system, you should have some great resources for get information from. How many trustworthy blogs on user experience do you know? And which of them are really worth reading?

To highlight the most influential of them, I decided to compile the following post. The blogs were chosen on basis of diversity of information, its usefulness and frequency of posting. All of them offer you useful data concerning user experience, and deserve great attention. Good tips, the best practices, critical analysis of issues, the articles that can tell a lot, tools and techniques – this and much more is waiting for you in the following blogs. Reading these 10 Most Influential UX Design Blogs will help you become a better user experience designer.



All of you who make websites will find this blog extremely useful. Here you’ll read all about the design, development, and meaning of web content. This magazine features a special focus on web standards and best practices.



Don’t forget to visit this blog by Harry Brignull, user experience designer & consultant. Here you’re lucky to find the information concerning experience design, user research, and rules of usability.


Nowadays, eCommerce continues to pick up steam and the shopping cart optimization becomes the key point in the formation of professional and flourishing online store.

How to keep your shoppers happy and satisfied with the purchase? How to provide them with the user-friendly shopping experience and get them back? Many different questions appear before merchants and developers while creating, running or managing online stores. The main goal of the shopping cart system is to maximize and advance usability, functionality and design of the entire online store. But what specific usability tips we need to follow for achieving the best result? To shed some light on this issue, we’ve selected for you the most interesting informative articles about shopping cart usability which will come in handy when creating or developing an eCommerce website.

Have a look and use these usability tips to be a topper in the online business.

* * *

Usability Best Practices for eCommerce Websites
In this article you’ll find a lot of helpful information about online store website usability practices as well as practices for shopping carts and ordering process.

* * *

8 Ways to Boost eCommerce Shopping Cart Conversions
Looking through this blog post you’ll get to know how you can optimize shopping cart conversion rates and what changes you should do to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

* * *


Creation, development, launch and managing of profitable and well-structured online store is rather challenging task that has many subtleties and peculiarities. And if you’re already have your own online store or just planning to run it, the question of its successful consolidation on the online market comes up first. Under the words “successful consolidation” we mean strong competitive capability of an eCommerce website and its great sales rates. So today we’re considering one of the main aspects of online store’s foundation to figure out what style of eCommerce product pages has the highest conversion.

Before specifying the initial principles of the appropriate style, we need to underline that the whole presentation of your online store should be effective, eye-catching and corresponding to all target goals of your online business. The overall layout must be compatible with your online store topic, highlighting its main concept and profitably introduce products.

Let’s try to single out in the thesis form the initial principles of the high-end style that will help you to get the highest conversion:

• Create clean background with simple, but effective design;
• Follow an appropriate color scheme that will suit to the whole website’s presentation;
• Maintain clear navigation paths to simplify the shopping process;
• Provide detailed description of each product item;
• Comprise impressive product imagery including zoom, angles and specific details;
• Use video for showing the product in action;
• Include well-placed variants of color, sizes and similar models of a product item;
• Set the visible shopping cart;
• Add product reviews as the great customers’ testimonies;
• Use strong calls-to-action;
• Provide the easy checkout process;
• Be sure that you’re using optimal security in your checkout system.

Actually, this list covers the style aspects of eCommerce product pages, but it is only the small part of the entire conceptual system of professional online store’s building. That’s why it is always useful to learn more about eCommerce and get enough skills to apply your knowledge in practice and set a professional online store with the highest conversion.


Before talking about cunning tricks of Black Hat or Dark Pattern and its influence on users, first we should mention the main common notion of this term. So the Dark Pattern is a set of various techniques and “devices” which are targeted user to do something easily manipulating his/her actions.

If we think about using “deceptive techniques” in our everyday life, you’ll be definitely surprised as we are facing with them more often than you think. Kids importune to give some sweet stuff, TV advertisement that compels you to buy some suspicious products, marketing offer that presents some needless and silly bonuses, etc. All these examples confirm the above-mentioned assertion about using various methods of psychological influence which become more advanced and deliberate in our days. Some of us practice these methods in their work-a-day activity and there are hundreds of professions where these deceptive techniques are adopted…

Let’s see the most common examples of Black Hat UI tricks we can notice day by day:



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