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Gone are the days when you needed to spend thousands of bucks on a custom-made logo design. Today, even a web design newbie can create a unique, impressive logo design without any extra help. How is that possible?

MonsterPost has decided to run a research in an attempt to make a compilation of the best tools from which you can choose the most relevant free logo creator.


When working on you logo design, make sure that is look creative yet simple and easy-to-remember. Your logo shouldn’t contain more than two colors and texts written in more than two fonts. Another thing to consider is making your logo versatile, avoiding any stereotypes.

Getting back to the compilation, TemplateMonster’s team analyzed 8 free and 8 paid online tools that are available on the market and compared all of them based on the following criteria: custom symbols, industry categorization, styling options and mockup preview. So, if you are in search of the best free logo creator, go ahead and look though the comparison chart, which was made rather informative and easy-to-follow.


Typography makes the layout sleek, that’s why most good designs rely on its effectiveness. It can emphasize, bring in the focus of attention, underline, separate the parts of the content. The mix of design and carefully chosen typography can give great results. Typography itself is an art, it has its own rules, trends, novelties. Learning more about it, you’ll get an idea about how to implement it correctly.

As art, typography requires creative attitude. It’s not enough to find well-done types, you have to understand how to mix them with each other correctly, how to place for the better visual perception – all these points matter.

When it comes to creativity, it’s wise to start from something inspirational that can throw out a hint at great ideas. Where to get this spoon of inspiration? You’ve hit the right place. Here is a collection of handpicked types. These typographic works will show you the variety of ways you can play with fonts. Some of them are quite unusual, but still impressive.

Here it is – fresh typography inspiration. Taste it!


Absa Bank

Typography Inspiration


Nature Woman

Typography Inspiration


Typography is about creativity and practicability. That’s why designing process of composing the word’s shape, slope, form and effect takes a lot of time and energy, but the good result is worth it. Agree that the appropriate text with original effect has a great power on the visitors, making the subconscious positive influence on their visual perception.

This time we brought to you the latest Photoshop text effect tutorials that differ in their complexity and style, but still each of them is original and attractive in its own way. No doubt, you’ll find some captivating examples and we hope you’ll implement them in your own designs. So take a sneak peek and choose the most creative text effect that will rock!

Create a Royal Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

* * *

Create a Crisp Metallic Text Effect

* * *


The term of typography is much deeper and more important in web design than it seems at first sight. Typography is a unique language your website speaks to the user. An apt combination of typefaces with various effects can help enormously to convey the content to the user, to make it unsophisticated for comprehension, not too boring and confusing, to stress and underline all essential moments. The typography speaks instead of the author diversifying the voice from command tone to tender whisper.

Previous years, web designers’ creativity was rigidly limited to the choice of several fonts, supported by all popular browsers. The beauty of content presentation was a hostage of technical possibilities. However, rapid web development and introduction of @font-face CSS rules changed the situation completely. Today web designers are free to use nearly 50,000 fonts instead of five, which work well in all browsers. Such variety inevitably leads to explosion of creativity and segregation of some common trends, which turn to be the most functional, good looking and informative. The boldest experiments from time to time give unexpected results; hereunder we will try to enumerate the most successful and trendy of them.

1. Font Sizes Larger than Before

Application of larger fonts has its technical background, as wide screen monitors are on the peak of their popularity now, moreover, larger fonts has been set as default by many manufacturers of contemporary portable gadgets with high screen resolution. No more standard 12px fonts, large headlines are easy to read, they serve as outstanding design elements, appealing the user.

Maximum Zen Cart Template

zen cart template

* * *

Hizay Website Template

website template

* * *

Pets Store PrestaShop Theme

prestashop theme

* * *


Hi guys! Are you ready to get a new portion of useful info? Today we are going to discuss such a topic as Typography. But before we jump into the details, let us say something. It doesn’t matter who are you: an experienced web designer or a newbie you definitely would like to find out some more ways that help to improve your website. So we do our best to collect only the most essential information and facts that are aimed to help you to promote your business online.
Let us ask you one question: have you ever thought that typography is a great tool for improving usability? If you think it’s nothing, think again.
Typography affects the comfort and speed of reading. Also it is used to emphasize the proper ideas. If you want to hold the attention of the visitors of your site – you should select the proper type for typography rhythm, style, mood and legibility which are being set by font type, size, spacing, kerning, orientation etc. Don’t forget about such a factor as the flow of the eye movement through the body text.


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