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Starting today will be offering Microsoft Silverlight Templates and Silverlight Intro Templates but before we take a closer look at these products I suggest that we learn what a Silverlight technology is all about. The case is this technology is behind the products you’ll see below.

According to Wikipedia, “Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework that provides functionalities similar to those in Adobe Flash, integrating multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single runtime environment”. …

Silverlight is delivered as a cross-platform and cross-browser plug-in that supports different formats, including WMV, WMA and MP3. The most important Silverlight helps you create rich web applications that run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It should be also mentioned that all texts created with Silverlight can be indexed and searched. It’s really important in terms of SEO.

And now when we know the basics of the Silverlight technology we can browse the latest products added to As we’ve already mentioned these are Silverlight Templates and Silverlight Intro Templates.



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