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It’s a hard work running a cafe & restaurant business. Here everything should be perfect – from the dishes on menu and interior design to the online presentation. To make things easier for you, TemplateMonster has released a new template from their weekly series of freebies that perfectly fits for purpose. Though the template is primarily intended for cafe & restaurant websites, it can be easily adjusted to fit many other purposes. For instance, food & drink, brewery, gifts, hobbies & crafts and many other websites can also benefit from it.

When you cast a glance at the main page you will notice the design is mainly focused on images. Full-width header slider, galleries and photo backgrounds have been implemented to create a more appealing presentation of your business on the web. The template is well-structured and looks balanced. Catchy visuals opposed to fair background really stand out. Navigation has been made intuitive and uncommon at the same time. The standard menu bar has been replaced with a hamburger menu that helps to save on space and provides your visitor with quick access to other pages of your site. In order to better introduce the audience to your business, the home page has separate blocks for telling the company story, introducing the kitchen staff, as well as contact details for making a reservation.

Like any other theme from TemplateMonster, the freebie comes packed with rich functionality and PSD files that facilitate customization. To boost your site’s viewability and accessibility, the template has been made fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly. Just give it a try and see how premium quality features have been masterfully adopted by a freemium design.

Demo | Download



Drag & drop website builder is what you need to get your site up and running in no time. They allow you to cut a long process from creating to launching a site. All you need is to create an account at any SAAS site, choose the type of subscription and find the theme you need there.

Among all SAAS sites, Shopify is one of the most popular. Why? With all those 21 free templates + 152 paid templates, easy customization, a number of apps, POS. (a terminal for receiving payments from plastic), it is a great solution for starting your online shop without extra efforts and easily maintain it. 14-day trial can help you see whether you need it. Be sure, after trying it out, you’ll say “yes”.

Have a look at Shopify themes that were recently launched at TemplateMonster, and you can browse the whole gallery of these cool designs for your online stores of various kinds. If the category of your shop differ from several presented in this category, you can easily add the desired changes into the chosen theme and get the one you need.

See the list of features Shopify themes go with:

  • Bootstrap based and responsive
  • Fully configurable via admin panel
  • Well-documented
  • Uses Liquid templating language – simple & safe template engine
  • Grid display of all products
  • Camera Slideshow and NivoSlider plugins in each template
  • Fully functional forms (newsletter, contact, etc)

If you haven’t seen these themes, hurry up and check out all of them. Premium solutions for your online store will help you start with ease any you like.

Watches Store Shopify Theme



Christmas charity is extremely popular nowadays. This wonderful season, is the very time of the year makes you a bit happier and more kind. It’s time to think about those who are in need and help them. Charity organizations offer you number of programs to choose from, and you can support charity organizations with a good website created on the basis of Free Responsive HTML5 Theme from TemplateMonster.

What’s Special About This Free Theme?

  • Most charity sites make use of neutral color schemes. This one is an exception, its design is created in the so popular today Metro style.
  • Multicolored blocks all around the layout help divide the content into sections and put accents on the key ones.
  • HTML5 Plus JS animation works for better visual presentation of information presented on the site.
  • Videos page allows to integrate videos about the company to promote its work.
  • The template is responsive. Whatever portable devices people use, the site will be nicely displayed on each of them.

If you want to do something good, here is the way to go. Download the theme following the link below and set up a site for charity organization.

Live demo | Download here

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme


We all know a lot about the advantages of responsive design. It gives the ability to make site accessible from various handheld devices. As a result, more viewers can visit it thus uplifting the conversion of the site. All this is good, but it is only one side of this problem. Having a site adjust to any screen resolution is a must-have point for site owners, but there is something else behind it. To understand it deeply, you should know a bit more about including the list of its minor cons. Let’s enumerate the main of them:

• You need a lot of time to code it.
• It is expensive. And if you have a low budget, perhaps, it’s better to utilize it for other points of building a site.
• It takes longer loading time.
• It’s not easy to adjust the titles, descriptions etc. on mobile phones. All it goes about SEO.
• Such sites aren’t viewed by search engine crawlers as separate mobile sites. That’s the reason they shouldn’t be viewed as a tactic to rank your website.
• According to the latest researches, people use 1024px resolutions and up, and this speaks not in the favor of responsive design.
Some users without technical knowledge will not understand the difference of layouts on different devices.

responsive layout


Being responsive is a must-have thing in today’s life, especially when it goes about web technologies. We accept everything not only from the desktop screen, but from various handheld devices, that’s why responsive design is in a great need. There are two ways of how to get a responsive site – to build the one from the ground up or turn the existing static one into it. Both variants are good. What are the possible transform options that may come in handy in this process?

Grid systems

In the following post we’ll consider the latter three points, checking out which you’ll be able to convert or start the responsive site.



Here is the jQuery plugin for creating magic layouts. Among its advantages is the simple syntax that helps to build dynamic layouts. It allows to reveal and hide items with filtering, re–order items with sorting.




Breakpoints.js is a free javascript plugin that allows you to define breakpoints for your responsive layout which will turn on custom events when browser enters and/or exits that specific break-point.



Responsive website design is a good tone of today’s web, and the demand for it is going to become even more intense in the nearest time. Most designs that you can get all over the web are adaptable for different website layouts. That’s good when the job for you is already done. But what can be done to find out whether your design is really responsive. A lot of designers face a problem of testing when the design is done. Tools to Test Responsive Websites is what you need to see how you design is displayed at different screen sizes. The simpler is the process of testing, the more convenient the tool is. Some of them are completely free, the others are not, but all of them are good for testing. Let’s see what these tools offer you.



To test your design using this site enter URL, and see how it looks as being put in frames of mostly used smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Kindle and a number of Android phones).



The site is intended to show you the process of testing in the way “everyone gets”. It’s the clearest site where you can test your responsive design in various screen widths.


Bootstrap hit the market in 2011, and caused a real craziness all over the web. People started creating Bootstrap based websites, and today their number grows. What’s the secret of its popularity? This sleek intuitive and powerful front-end framework makes life of web masters much easier. If you look in it deeper, you can find the following great features inside:

– Easy-to-use navigation toolkit;
– Wide management instrument for image and video content;
– LESS for preprocessing CSS;
– Responsive design and lots of other cool things.

That’s about Bootstrap itself. And what makes Bootstrap themes undoubtedly powerful? Here are the main three of them:

  • Framework + child theme.
  • Cherry themes are presented in several archives: one includes framework files i.e. parent theme, another one – child theme files. Child theme inherits functionalities of the parent theme, and allows you to modify it by adding any possible functionalities.

  • Easy sample data install.
  • You don’t need plenty of time for the installation of such a theme. All files needed for adequate template display are installed in three steps.

  • Framework update.
  • When it comes to maintaining these days, a self-respecting company should provide its customers with updates of software or any other products. The same principle works with Cherry themes, once you install the framework, from time-to-time you’ll be able to install updates of the frame. Programmers are working daily and nightly to improve Cherry framework functionalities, by the time major update is ready you’ll be notified within your WordPress admin panel.

Let’s see the way all these features are implemented in themes. Do you like them? Have a look at this collection of Cherry WordPress Themes, and think about how you can start a good site on their basis.

Want moreCherry WordPress Themes? Don’t stop, and go on searching the desired one!


Entertainment Theme


Photography Theme


Bootstrap is widely used today, plenty of developers enjoy this sleek intuitive and powerful framework. The bunch of features it goes with makes the life of a developer much easier. Cozy in using navigation toolkit, wide management instrument for image and video content, LESS for preprocessing CSS and much more – this is what makes it handy. Besides, Bootstrap themes go with several layouts compatible with various handheld devices, and this gives much more opportunities.

For today much has already been said about Bootstrap, and all this information has evenly covered the web. It would be much easier to find everything about its advantages and drawbacks in one place, and here it is – Bootstrap Interactive Infographic. It turns out to be a real treasure chest for all Bootstrap fans and those who just want to know more about it. Check it out for styles generators, theme generators, free PSDs/fonts/buttons/icons, numerous tutorials and video lessons, plugins, code snippets, shortcodes and whatnot – everything that deals with Bootstrap is neatly arranged here.

This layout reminds Windows 8 Metro interface that is so popular today. This resemblance makes infographic look familiar and intuitive to the users. Its content blocks are divided into subcategories that are marked with different colors. The interactivity makes the work much easier – you just click the blocks to see the information there.
Here is the .jpg version, to see the full one follow the link.

Bootstrap Interactive Infographic:

If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends across the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon).


All the web is mad about cats. Add a cat to your site, and you’ll get hundreds of new visitors. And if your site is dedicated to a cat club, the success is guaranteed. Free Cherry WordPress Theme for Cat Club is a goodie that will help you set up a site with ease and without extra coding skills.

Recently TemplateMonster has announced about the launch of Cherry WordPress Themes, and this template is an opportunity to try a theme of this kind. Such themes go with Bootstrap functionality and are based on Cherry framework – the innovation from TemplateMonster developers that will help you start a well-crafted website that correspond to the latest web standards.

This very theme offers you easy installation, lifetime support for the framework, framework + child theme, responsive layout and Bootstrap functionalities. Its thought-out layout will help you arrange the content neatly, place the desired accents where you need, and at the same time keep the site looking nice and clean. Being well-coded and easy manageable, this template will not take a lot of time to customize it. And be sure that this special cat power will bring a positive web rumor to your project.

See the theme in action just following the link.

Free Cherry WordPress Theme for Cat Club:

To download the whole package of this template, visit the Free Cherry WordPress Theme for Cat Club download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Cherry WordPress Theme for Cat Club with PSD files (64,4MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.


TemplateMonster is happy to present its new creation – a Responsive Animated WordPress Theme.

This template is a result of thorough work of highly professional development team. During the production process all best practices were considered which led to absolutely unique product birth. Here you can view live demo of the theme. Please make sure that it stays open in a new tab in order to have the possibility to peep into during reading the rest of this post as not all animated elements can be demonstrated on a screenshot. You may have a look at template’s pages before we start our closer review.

responsive theme

What have we observed when we scaled the responsive page before? We saw how it gradually adjusts to the window width and rearranges the content. Test this theme, rescale the page and you will notice how smoothly content accommodates to “the new resolution.” No separate layouts any more, this theme is responsive in full sense of the word.

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