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Are you ready for the Saturday celebration? On the 4th of July all popular companies treat their customers with something special. And what do you expect to get as a gift from a web design monster? Huge discounts for premium stuff, of course! TemplateMonster keeps on its tradition of cutting price of all products from its inventory. This Independence Day you may save 35% on any design from the gallery of 30,000+ themes.



If you are a big fan of web design trends and like to design in style, then you should enjoy this news. TemplateMonster offers you to win a deck of web design playing cards that were inspired by an interactive infographic that was launched in the beginning of 2015.



How is your pre-Christmas mood, folks? Bet it would be much better after you hear our news! Do you remember about TemplateMonster end-of-the-year giveaway initiated back in the end of autumn? Every Tuesday from November 11 and up till the December 30 one of the high-end devices is given away to TemplateMonster customers totally free – one present per week. This time is no exception.

On Tuesday, December 16, the winner of Cookoo watch has been announced at MonsterPost. Douglas Scarbor from Maryland is that lucky guy who can now enjoy controlling all notification from his smartphone right on the wrist. Traditionally, the next prize of the end-of-the-year giveaway is being announced the same day. So, get ready to grab Moto Hint – a superb earbud released by Motorola. Basically, this is one of numerous accessories intended for making your life easier. It gives you complete control of your phone and allows accessing whatever you need by just using your voice.



Independence Day is the holiday many of us have long waited so long. Either for the sake of having a chance to hang out with friends or commemorate the adoption of Declaration of Independence, this is one of the most anticipated celebrations for each US citizen. TemplateMonster doesn’t miss a chance to invite all of its customers and starts the July 4th campaign, giving you a 50% discount on all templates available. A great bargain, don’t you think?!



Are you getting presents from our Christmas Eve Calendar every day? We’ve recently wrote about it. TemplateMonster launched a so nice calendar that counts days till X-mas and offers you some cool presents. One day – one present. They are: various promos, discounts, freebies and whatever useful stuff that can come in handy in your work. These presents are given away during 24 hours, and the next day they are changed into the new ones.

What’s today’s gift? Its a set of nice call-to-action buttons. Not a single site can go without effective buttons of this kind that push visitors to do somethings. Just have a look at them. They can be the ones you’ve been looking for recently.

Several presents are still active. Hurry up to make use of these deals:

  • 30% OFF InkyDeals current offers, 50% OFF DesignTNT.comactive till December 31, 2013
  • 40% discount from UltimateDesignerToolkit.comactive till December 24, 2013

It’s so pleasant to get presents. Don’t miss them!



How many days are there left till Christmas? TemplateMonster offers interactive Xmas countdown – Christmas Eve Calendar with a lot of presents. Christmas calendars are extremely popular in Germany where all children are waiting for the one to appear at home. The idea of such calendar is to count days till Christmas starting from the 1st of December and give away presents. It can be a box of chocolates with each little sweet put in separate sections or a hand-made tree with a lot of bags with presents on it.

Christmas Eve Calendar from TemplateMonster looks like a bunch of multicolored boxes put around the Xmas wreath. Each box has something inside: discounts, promos, etc. Every day the new box is opened. Almost each promo you get is available during a day only, the next day in its changed with another one.

Let’s see what’s for today. This is an offer from Doteasy100 GB SSD Hosting Plan for Only $1/month. It’s active during the next 24 hours. Hurry up to make use of it. Hyper-speed hosting for just $1/month – isn’t it cool?

NB! The previous offer (December 2nd) is still active: 50% discount for the full access to stuff.

christmas eve calendar

Are you in? Plenty of goodies are waiting for you. One day – one present. Get ready to get them all!


The giveaway week is over, and now you can see the results. If you were one of the participants, see if your name is on the list of winners. If you didn’t find it in this list, don’t get upset, ‘cause there is another chance for you to get WordPress themes you like. TemplateMonster has recently started the new promo, so you can…

Get any WordPress theme with 50% discount

It means that any item from WordPress themes collection is available for just $38 (the non-promo price is $75). The promo lasts from November 12 till November 26. So, you have enough time to catch the desired templates.

All of these themes are SEO optimized, WPML compatible. What’s more they combine premium designs with several color schemes to choose from, and they are complemented with a lifetime support. If you’re still hesitating, here are 3 facts that can convince you:

  • Google really loves WordPress websites.
  • WordPress has a huge community that is always willing to help the newcomers.
  • WordPress goes with hundreds of extensions that can enhance usability of a site.

Hurry up, you have only 10 days left to get any premium WordPress theme you like just at $38.

* * *

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme


I’ll speak to the point not to waste your time. Besides, there is no need to talk a lot about the occasion that speaks for itself. To cut a long story short, that’s the point of interest – WordPress Themes Giveaway. Just imagine, you can win one of 10 premium WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. Find them here.

All these themes (as the rest from this category) are powered by Cherry Framework that makes them a perfect basis for crafting consistent, well-functional website. Starting your sites on the basis of these easy-to-install themes, you can be sure that the future site will fit the latest web standards. Now Cherry Framework WordPress Themes has gained more powerful features due to the recent update of this framework to 2.3. And now, let’s return to giveaway.

What You Get:

100% promocode for any WordPress theme you choose as a winner

TemplateMonster is glad to give you away 10 WordPress themes, which means that there will be 10 winners and each one them will receive 1 theme.

When Will You Win?

Starting from November 5 until November 12

you’re welcome to take part in this giveaway. The winners (they will be chosen with the help of Rafflecopter widget) will be announced on November 13.

How to Win?

1. Follow TemplateMonster on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
2. Tweet about giveaway

You can get some additional points that will increase your chances to win. To get them, return to this post and tweet one more time (you can do it up to 8 times). Your social media sharing about this giveaway is highly appreciated.

Now you know everything you need to win. Don’t hesitate and get one of 10 premium WordPress themes.

Here is the widget that counts participants. Go on and become one of them.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Columbus Day, October 18, 2013. Any ideas about promo timed to this date? I’ll not try your patience, and will speak to the point –

40% OFF any Travel Theme, till October 18, 2013.

What themes will you get? It’s a Columbus Day Promo from TemplateMonster, so you get travel themes from a large collection of designs for:

• travel agencies
• travel magazines
• airline companies
• travel insurance companies
, etc.

These and much more you can find in the same name category at TemplateMonster site.


Trendy designs, user-friendliness, easy customization plus support if you need it while polishing the chosen template – premium travel themes offer all this under one package.
Are you still here? Go on and get any Travel Themes with 40% discount.


Dare get it? They’re waiting for you – 10 premium templates for free from the best known templates provider. What is the reason for such a high-interest offer? Starting from today and utill Sept. 22, 2013 TemplateMonster holds the Big Giveaway. 10 of the participants (randomly chosen) will become the winners of the great prizes.

Winners Get 100% Promocodes for:

  • Any website template from TemplateMonster collection.
  • 1 Year Membership. Its real cost is $99.
  • 1 Year Membership. When the promo ends, it will cost $99.



* * *

How to Enter and Win?

Find the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the post, and follow several steps to take part in this giveaway and become one of 10 lucky winners.

  • Push the “Login with Facebook” / “Login with email” button.
  • Then “Okay” in the pop-up window.
  • Now you’re a member of the giveaway.
  • Choose some of the steps below. It’s optional!
  • – follow TemplateMonster on Facebook.
    – follow TemplateMonster on Twitter.
    – follow TemplateMonster on Pinterest.
    – join newsletter for giveaway subscribers.

  • Tell your friends about the giveaway and get pleasant bonuses from (for some of its giveaways).

Start Here!

Here is the widget itself. Just follow the instruction above and enter the chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


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