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Do you believe that all Prestashop Themes can be found in one place? We are here to tell you that it is so! This special place is a new website called All Prestashop Themes.

  • Who will benefit from This site will be useful for web designers and those of you who would like to start an ecommerce website.
  • What can you find at The website provides a comprehensive list of Prestashop Theme providers and therefore showcases the websites to get Free Prestashop Themes as well as Premium Prestashop Themes.
  • Why may you need Prestashop Themes? Each Prestashop Theme is a web page design to be used with Prestashop.
  • What is Prestashop? Prestashop is a handy e-commerce solution that comes for FREE. It enables you to build different kinds of online stores.
  • What makes so special? The website content includes information not previously available. Actually, this is the first website to introduce all companies that offer Prestashop Themes. In other words, there is no need to spend time on searching the web for all Prestashop Themes released so far. The team behind has already done it for you.

prestashop themes providers

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A while back we’ve reviewed really impressive PrestaShop Themes that you can use when you build various online shops. No doubt each and every theme we’ve reviewed is quite affordable and works perfectly with PrestaShop eCommerce software. Still, neither of them is available for free. So, we’ve decided to make a list of Free PrestaShop Themes, especially those, that are as good as premium ones.

Prestashop Themes

Please scroll down and you’ll find 15 Free PrestaShop Themes. Each of them is designed in its own color and style. At the same, whatever Free PrestaShop Theme you choose it will easily match a PrestaShop powered online store.

It should be also mentioned that the following PrestaShop Templates come from different template providers. So you can choose which company is the best to meet your needs.

Free PrestaShop Theme by Template Monster

Free PrestaShop Theme by template monster


PrestaShop Themes have recently entered the template world and continue to grow in number and quality. Each PrestaShop theme is a web design to be used with PrestaShop. If you are new to PrestaShop, the most important you should know about it is that this is free e-Commerce shopping cart software. Thousands shops worldwide already use PrestaShop and enjoy its features. Still, thousands online retailers are creating new PrestaShop sites and this inspires web designers to provide custom solutions for PrestaShop as well as trendy PrestaShop Themes.

This article aims to list the most beautiful PrestaShop Templates from different template providers, including,, and,,, and As a result you’ll get a chance to understand what company is the best when it comes to top quality PrestaShop Themes. Also, it’s possible that you’ll find a perfect design for your online store here.

No more words; it’s time to enjoy the best PrestaShop Themes we could find online.

PrestaShop Themes available at

Prestashop Theme #1

shoes store prestashop theme


Nowadays on-line shopping becomes a common case for more and more people all over the world. Everybody can buy goods and services directly over the Internet in real time. It saves people’s time which is extremely valuable and gives a colossal supply of different tangible and intangible goods. For some time eCommerce is a part of everyday lives and makes them more comfortable and pleasant.

And as far as on-line shops present a great variety of capital, there are different kinds of software for eCommerce providing. For example PrestaShop is a rather popular eCommerce solution (not to mention it is free and open source). It is officially available since August 2007 for small and medium-sized businesses.

Not so long ago TemplateMonster got seriously involved in this topic and released a free PrestaShop theme for cell phone stores as a free product. Obviously the template was very successful and nowadays TemplateMonster company presents a collection of new awesome PrestaShop Themes (their quantity increases by leaps and bounds). But to use these templates you should pay a regular template purchase price (the first PrestaShop theme from TemplateMonster is still available to download for free).

PrestaShop Theme

All new PrestaShop themes are highly professional and good looking. You can actually sense their novelty, joy and ease of use from them. When you are looking at any of the PrestaShop themes it seems you are bursting with positive energy and you can fly high in the sky.

Moreover a great advantage of templates is that they are supported by all major browsers. So if you use it you will never fluff.


Today we are happy to tell you about the news from TemplateMonster activity – a free PrestaShop Theme launch. They have started producing PrestaShop themes recently and this first one is now available, in the next few weeks other themes will be launched to the public. But before that the company wants you to taste their new product and to form your own opinion about their PrestaShop themes.

For this reason offers you to express your thoughts about the free PrestaShop theme and they will provide you with a discount in return (as their way to thank you for your time). The company will reward you as every kind of your reaction will be appreciated!

Free PrestaShop Theme for Online Shop

By the way, you’ll be given a one-time 50% discount in case you write a review about the free PrestaShop theme on your website or blog if you have one (obviously if the review will not be unfair). You’ll have a PrestaShop theme from the future launch for the price that nobody else will (maybe some other guys will write a review too and only then you’ll not be the only lucky person). It will not take you much time but it will save your money which means it’s totally worth it.

If you decide to take a chance to download the free PrestaShop theme then don’t forget to type your e-mail address that you want the template to be delivered to. And as always with the free templates from TemplateMonster – you’re free to use this theme for your website but cannot resell it.

Good luck and see you soon!

UPDATE: Premium quality PrestaShop Themes are now available at Feel free to check them out!

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