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We are often asked – what are the best WordPress plugins for blogs? What tools are better than the other? What functionality should we better pay attention to when choosing the best option for a blog? In an attempt to answer these and other questions, TemplateMonster’s team has decided to reach out the top WordPress blogs and requested them for the lists of plugins they have installed in their dashboards.

As a result, they have made up a compilation of 98 best WordPress plugins 2016 that 15 top WordPress blogs use. Some tools turned out to be more popular than the others, some of them were installed only on 1 or 2 of the blogs that the team has reached. So, in an attempt to create a more detailed categorization of the most handy tools for bloggers, TemplateMonster’s team has organized them into two groups – the first one contains plugins that are more popular than the others, whereas another group includes plugins that are installed on individual blogs only. Each of the aforementioned groups, in its turn, features categorization of plugins by their purpose of use (like navigation, social media, security, site performance, email, comments, etc.), so you can easily navigate to any section that is of the greatest interest to you with a click.



Online shopping is in trend today. Many shift to the web since it’s a more convenient way of finding the stuff that meets your requirements and budget. One can order something from abroad or at a discount, which is a great profit making decision. Taking this into consideration, everyone involved into buying and selling, should run a business webpage.

The competition is tough, so making a website user-friendly, simple and intuitive is highly important. There are many ways to attain the desired results, but one of the most effective ones is picking the right jQuery plugins that will save you tons of time, help engage more buyers in, as well and deliver better user experience.

People like everything that can be downloaded free of charge. In fact, the free nature of some solutions doesn’t mean that they lag behind premium equivalents in any way. Many of them boast similar functionality and let you add & manage shopping carts in websites hassle-free. There are plenty of free jQuery plugins for ecommerce site available on the web. But how to choose the ones that really work? Basically, this is the reason why we have decided to share this post. In order to help you with decision-making and narrow down the list of solutions to consider, we provide our chart of the 10 best free jQuery ecommerce plugins. These will help you implement, validate and maintain your shopping cart based online shop, as well as provide the end user with enjoyable shopping experience.

Take your time and enjoy!


Cloud Zoom is used by many of the high profile real estate sites. As its name suggests, this is a popular fly-out jQuery image zoom plugin that is fully responsive and super fast. It will make your images even more impressive across devices.

Cloud Zoom


Browsing many websites, we notice that unique content is the thing that can be rarely found today on the net. That’s why it’s absolutely naturally to protect your WordPress-powered project from any illegal use. If you have a photo-heavy website or gallery with a great number of your own pictures and images, you need to use various extensions produced specifically for WordPress. Such extensions or plugins allow you to add watermarks to your images or copyright symbols. However watermark can be easy removed by any advanced Photoshop user, and transparency of the whole image will deliver more troubles for the intruder.
In this post we’ve selected for you the most vital and ultimate Free WordPress Watermark Plugins which will defend your content and images particularly from any infractions. So browse and set them for maximum protection of your WordPress project.

Transparent Image Watermarks

This plugin allows you to watermark your uploaded images using a PNG image file with transparency. The user friendly settings page allows for control over the appearance of your watermark.

* * *

WP Photo Album Plus

Using this plugin, you can easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows within your WordPress site.

* * *


Without doubt jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library nowadays. It is used by over 49% of the 10,000 most visited websites. That’s why we’ve decided to present you this amazing collection of jQuery typography plugins that will definitely enhance your typography.

Best jQuery Typography Plugins

With a help of these jQuery typography plugins you are able to scaling the fonts, replacing non-web-safe fonts, maintaining proper typographic rhythm to the use of shuffle, glow, flickering or ghost type effects and such more! One more advantage is that all the jQuery plugins are really simple to download. So it doesn’t matter what level of skills you have – we are pretty sure you will like all these plugings for their simplicity and professional effects.
So use this perfect chance to manipulate or alter the look of the typographic elements right now! You are welcome to browse this wonderful selection of the best jQuery typography plugins!


If you believe that email marketing can be used only by big companies that can afford it you are absolutely wrong. With these 5 Free Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress Blog you have a great opportunity to manage email marketing campaigns without any problems! Keep in mind that all of them are absolutely for FREE!

Email newsletter

Nowadays you can easily integrate virtually anything you want into your WordPress blog due to the wonderful flexibility of this CMS platform. So it doesn’t matter how big is your online company. Email marketing is vitally important thing almost for any online project. With a help of these 5 Free Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress Blog you are ale to manage every step of your email marketing campaign starting from the process of the subscription to the moments of creating different mailing lists etc.

Each from these Free Email Marketing Plugins has a bunch of helpful features that can be very useful for you. So try these 5 Free Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress Blog and make your life easier!


Hi fellows! It is no secret that everyone wants to find out as much as possible new information that will be helpful in improving online projects as well as their search engine rankings. As far as you may know WordPress became the most popular tool for publishing content on the web. It was created as a blogging platform and now turn into the flexible and user-friendly CMS. Nowadays with a help of WordPress you can easily develop different sites from e-commerce websites to blogs.

10 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Today we want to speak about one more benefit of WP. WordPress community created a great deal of plugins that become a real helpers for WP users. So we are going to look through the most effective WordPress SEO Plugins that can help you to increase the search engine traffic of your web sites. WordPress SEO Plugins are aimed to solve any kind of problems in the process of optimization of your site. Hope these hand picked selection of the most useful 10 WordPress SEO Plugins will help you with your online projects. Good luck!


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