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Hey guys! We have some great news for you! Our good friend  TemplateMonster is getting ready to surprise you with something truly awesome. No, we are not going to talk about a new freebie. They launch such stuff weekly. This time they have prepared something that can take your breath away.



Two weeks are left till the holiday season begins. To make the anticipation easier, TemplateMonster has launched a new promo campaign offering each of us save big on their premium designs.

pre summer promo


How is your pre-Christmas mood, folks? Bet it would be much better after you hear our news! Do you remember about TemplateMonster end-of-the-year giveaway initiated back in the end of autumn? Every Tuesday from November 11 and up till the December 30 one of the high-end devices is given away to TemplateMonster customers totally free – one present per week. This time is no exception.

On Tuesday, December 16, the winner of Cookoo watch has been announced at MonsterPost. Douglas Scarbor from Maryland is that lucky guy who can now enjoy controlling all notification from his smartphone right on the wrist. Traditionally, the next prize of the end-of-the-year giveaway is being announced the same day. So, get ready to grab Moto Hint – a superb earbud released by Motorola. Basically, this is one of numerous accessories intended for making your life easier. It gives you complete control of your phone and allows accessing whatever you need by just using your voice.




Thanksgiving offers plenty of awesome deals. There are sales to be found on Black Friday, with Cyber Monday bringing more specialties. TemplateMonster couldn’t stand apart and has announced the start of the Thanksgiving season. Now each of you can save 50% on any design from their inventory, without the need of waiting till Black Friday to come.


The end of the year is always busy. We consolidate the results of our work, review what made the past year so remarkable and get ready to meet new challenges. It’s a busy holiday season as well, and TemplateMonster couldn’t have missed an opportunity to treat you with something special. So, get ready to participate in our End of the Year Giveaway! Starting from November 11 till December 30 you have an opportunity to win one of the SEVEN last-gen gadgets that will make all tech geeks jealous.



Date: August 23-24

Credit: Big Brother Big Sisters

WordPress community from all over the world is anticipating this weekend. This is the fifth time Boston will host the event. With all the tickets sold out and the full list of sponsors and speakers announced, we are expecting to have two action-packed summer days. If you missed this for any reason, make sure to check out the schedule of this year’s event. Alongside with two amazing days of talks followed by food, drinks and socializing, we are expected to learn plenty of new aspects of WordPress.

There is always something to learn about, especially when it comes to the ever-growing field of web development. From year to year, WordCamp Boston hosts thousands of smart tech-savvy people who invest millions of hours per year in WordPress development. So, it will be a great opportunity to listen to their reports and learn fine things from them.

Soon after WordCamp Boston, there will be another much-talked-of event all of us are impatiently waiting – WordCamp Europe scheduled to be held on September 27-29 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The final list of organizers has not been revealed as of yet since new volunteers enrolls daily. Last year’s event was fabulous and we can’t wait to see what the dedicated group of volunteer organizers will impress us with this time.

We’ll keep you updated on this. So, stay tuned!


Independence Day is the holiday many of us have long waited so long. Either for the sake of having a chance to hang out with friends or commemorate the adoption of Declaration of Independence, this is one of the most anticipated celebrations for each US citizen. TemplateMonster doesn’t miss a chance to invite all of its customers and starts the July 4th campaign, giving you a 50% discount on all templates available. A great bargain, don’t you think?!



How many days are there left till Christmas? TemplateMonster offers interactive Xmas countdown – Christmas Eve Calendar with a lot of presents. Christmas calendars are extremely popular in Germany where all children are waiting for the one to appear at home. The idea of such calendar is to count days till Christmas starting from the 1st of December and give away presents. It can be a box of chocolates with each little sweet put in separate sections or a hand-made tree with a lot of bags with presents on it.

Christmas Eve Calendar from TemplateMonster looks like a bunch of multicolored boxes put around the Xmas wreath. Each box has something inside: discounts, promos, etc. Every day the new box is opened. Almost each promo you get is available during a day only, the next day in its changed with another one.

Let’s see what’s for today. This is an offer from Doteasy100 GB SSD Hosting Plan for Only $1/month. It’s active during the next 24 hours. Hurry up to make use of it. Hyper-speed hosting for just $1/month – isn’t it cool?

NB! The previous offer (December 2nd) is still active: 50% discount for the full access to stuff.

christmas eve calendar

Are you in? Plenty of goodies are waiting for you. One day – one present. Get ready to get them all!


Keeping up with the latest trends in the sphere of your work is its important part. To stay in touch with all these novelties, you have to find the way of getting familiar with them. What way of comfortable absorbing of information do you know? One of the most convenient is listening to podcasts. This experience can be very useful, ‘cause you get the desired information while doing a lot of other things you need. Let this collection of sites with podcasts for designers and developers be a good experience that will result in productive work. Here they are – Podcasts for Web Developers and Designers with short descriptions for you to choose the ones you like.


99 Invisible

All the episodes here are 15-20 minutes length. The most important is all that detailed information is explicitely explained in each of them.

99 Invisible


Data Stories

These podcasts cover data visualization, infographics, story telling, and any kind of work with data. If you’re involved somehow in this sphere, this site is for you.

Data Stories


At the end of the week we’d like to share with you the most exciting and interesting news! The first one refers to the Jigoshop Themes Launch and the second one is about Bootstrap Templates. As you can see we have a lot of food for your brain!

So, let’s start from Jigoshop Themes Launch. This new product line presents professionally made themes that will help you to convert your WordPress website into a multifunctional and responsive online store. Actually, Jigoshop is the great eCommerce plugin for WordPress, but it’s quite difficult to implement it manually into your website. So that’s why JigoShop Templates will be really great solution for eCommerce online store.

Let’s see the main advantages of Jigoshop Themes:
• Sell physical, digital and virtual products – at once!
• Product personalization
• Unlimited product attributes
• Shipping calculator
• Stock management
• Detailed order and stock reporting via graphs and dashboard widgets
• Extensible with over 100 free or payed 3-rd party extensions (over 25 installable payment gateways)
• Orders manager
• Fits to all devices and screen resolutions
• FlexSlider – responsive jQuery images slider fully settable through theme Options
• Theme shortcodes that include user-friendly dialog boxes available straight from WYSIWYG editor
• Improved search functionality (search includes Post tags as well)
• Multilevel drop-down Main Menu
• Powerful theme Options panel (based on Options framework!)
• Localization file inside

To have a deeper look, please visit TemplateMonsterpresentational page and view all advantages of this eCommerce plugin for WordPress software. And if you are interested in such top-flight designs, you can simply click here to browse our great collection of Jigoshop Themes and choose your favorite one!

* * *

As for the Bootstrap Launch, this event has rocked to the bottom all web design community with its Bootstrap framework. In contrast to this picture, now we have another association with the word “bootstrap”. Basically, it’s a framework for quick development of front-end web interfaces that is created by Twitter and has changed the way how web designs are being built. This framework includes useful toolkit for simple and quick customization, set of CSS and HTML conventions for grids, buttons, forms and tables, as well as JavaScript libraries. So the main characteristic feature of Bootstrap templates is that they are made on the bootstrap functionality and a great amount of fully-optimized unique add-ons, such as:

• pages
• portfolio
• slider
• sharing
• CSS3 tricks

To help you to be well oriented in this new website templates’ launch, we offer to check out the effective presentation of Bootstrap templates that will introduce this product line in all details.
So hurry up to review this great collection of Bootstrap themes and ride the wave!

* * *


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