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The topic of our interest today are fullscreen background images. How to implement them into a site without extra efforts? You can do it easily using jQuery and CSS3. Browsing the following tutorial you will get the idea of how to put together a basic webpage using fullscreen videos. It is done with the help of BigVideo.js plugin that is based on Video.js script.

Fullscreen Video Tutorial Preview Screen

Live Demo Download Source Code


The motto of every successful designer is “never stop learning”. It works at the first stage of your career and it helps improve your existing level of knowledge. Bearing it in mind, you can achieve great results. If you are a beginner, find out some time to learn a bit more. If you’re a beginner who is interested in jQuery, spend this time on the useful resources that will help you grow all the must-have developer’s skills. These websites offer you all kind of stuff that deals with jQuery: tutorials, articles, tips, techniques, codes and whatever you need to master it.

Here I’ve compiled this list of the useful Sources to Learn jQuery that can help you become a real jQuery ninja. If you have you own, let’s check it out. If you run into some unfamiliar sites, feel free to add them to your list.


Learning jQuery

You’ll learn a lot from the masters of jQuary: useful tips, techniques, see the professionally done tutorials and a lot of more.

Sources to Learn jQuery

jQuery for Designers

The aim of this project is to teach the designers with a little programming experience to add some simple, and even more complicated effects to their pages. The main goal is to make them understand what they are doing. All the stuff that includes tutorials, demos, screencasts, codes, etc you will find here.

Sources to Learn jQuery


Sliders always serve as a kind of entertainment for users due to their striking effects. But web developers try to go even further creating design elements increasing website functionality without extra importunity or attention withdrawal.

Each day something new appears on web design market. Original progressive types of sliders are being developed on monthly bases. Internationally, designers trust only the most reliable products, such as NivoSlider. The item is considered the most fascinating and usable, it has been downloaded more than 1M times during the first year of its release. NivoSlider can be downloaded for free, it’s shareware. It is the best way to impart your website a really amazing look. Have enough patience, continue reading and we will tell you thereunder how the smallest plugin can turn ordinary image presentation into something absolutely different.

NivoSlider is a jQuery plugin weighting as low as 12kb compressed, serving for creating beautiful image sliders. It transforms an image wrapping element into a slider and proposes 16 original transition effects such as slicing, sliding, fading, folding and many many others. The plugin is able to represent prev-next buttons and navigation to manipulate the slides. The transition effect maybe a random choice of NivoSlider or you can set the one, which will be used constantly. The user also has a possibility to determine the number of slices, animation speed and pause period according to his preference. We provided several demo examples to show you the NivoSlider in action:

Nivo Slider with Default Theme & Default Settings


* * *

Nivo Slider with Orman Theme & Box Animations


* * *


Without doubt jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library nowadays. It is used by over 49% of the 10,000 most visited websites. That’s why we’ve decided to present you this amazing collection of jQuery typography plugins that will definitely enhance your typography.

Best jQuery Typography Plugins

With a help of these jQuery typography plugins you are able to scaling the fonts, replacing non-web-safe fonts, maintaining proper typographic rhythm to the use of shuffle, glow, flickering or ghost type effects and such more! One more advantage is that all the jQuery plugins are really simple to download. So it doesn’t matter what level of skills you have – we are pretty sure you will like all these plugings for their simplicity and professional effects.
So use this perfect chance to manipulate or alter the look of the typographic elements right now! You are welcome to browse this wonderful selection of the best jQuery typography plugins!


How fellows! We want you to ask something. How the visitors of your website can drop you a line? Of course using a contact form. You can use different tools to create an awesome contact form but today we are going to speak about jQuery contact form tutorials.
We are sure that you will agree that contact form is very important functional element of the website. It enable your visitors to contact you without any problems. These great Jquery Contact Form Tutorials are aimed to help you to create web forms powered by the popular Java script library.

Incredible Login Form With jQuery

Our Jquery Contact Form Tutorials collection has tutorials of all kinds to any taste. You will find a detailed information about original design solutions and also will be given a useful info on how to create simple and effective validation forms. Definitely these jQuery contact form tutorials will be useful for both the experienced web developers and rookies. Browse these awesome Jquery Contact Form Tutorials now and improve your skills! And don’t forget to drop us a line!

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16 Useful jQuery Plugins

Recently the whole Internet community went crazy about jQuery as a rival of Flash. It can even be said that jQuery is a somewhat simplified Flash. It gives you an opportunity to use animated elements in building your site without huge expenses for complicated software or a high-wage Flash expert. This technology gives you amazing possibilities in web project creating.

For more impressive outlook of your website we propose you to pay attention to the list of 16 useful jQuery Plugins which was carefully arranged by the team of TemplateMonster. These tips, we hope, will present you joy and you’ll be able to bring any of your crazy ideas to life (even those which seemed to be unreal and fantastic not so long ago). Obviously in a boundless Internet ocean there is a great number of different tools for jQuery and it is hard to find the very thing you need. For this reason the list of jQuery plugins have to be looked through by every conscious web user.

jQuery Plugins

For those who are interested in the topic we are glad to inform that TemateMonster also has a collection of jQuery Templates. You are always welcome to come round the gallery of themes and to choose something special. Look through the original post and you will find links not only to jQuery plugins but to other materials from TemplateMonster Blog on this topic.

And now it’s enough of talking! It’s time to choose your jQuery plugin!


Featured Templates