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You have been sitting at home with your dog for a long time and still don’t know what to do? We have a decision of your problem. You don`t even need too much. The main detail in everything you are dealing with is your own desire. Try to imagine yourself spending weekends somewhere in the middle of the sea on your own yacht. Nice shot, isn`t it? There is only one problem – you don`t have enough money for it. In fact it is not a problem anymore if you have heard about the Private TemplateMonster Marathon «Make Your First $500 Online».

What is going on here?

If you are reading this article it means that you are ready for a lift off. We have prepared a wonderful opportunity for creative people who want to become reach and successful. There is nothing really complicated. There are several steps which you must follow and in the end something incredible is waiting for you. First one is our secret thing for the beginners. It is a step-by-step guide «Make Your First $500 Online» which was created by one of the TemplateMonster professionals. You will find a detailed instruction about 10 cases how to start your own business on the Internet. You fill find out many interesting things about:

  •         copywriting;
  •         SMM managing;
  •         Instagram;
  •         YouTube.  

While you will be reading the book you must think what are interested in. When you`ll be ready with your decision, you can sign up for the First Private Marathon. You can find a link in the end of the book.

During 10 weeks we are going to teach you how to make money on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You will definitely get to know about the most efficient and simple tools for making money on the Internet. What is really important here is that you will not be given only the theoretical information. Everything will be secured by 10 practical tasks. It is important to follow all the comments of your mentor to remain at a distance. If the task is well done, you will get the access to the next level and new piece of advice.

One more important point is that not everybody will be exempted. The first task for all the participants will be to answer several questions. And here is another tip for you: all the answers you can easily find in the step-by-step guide «Make Your First $500 Online». Only those people who will answer all the questions correctly will pass this little exam and will get the access to his future business.

What are the benefits of our Marathon?

This even is created for people who are crazy about Internet and money. This is a special development of TemplateMonster team for making money without any efforts. In the end you will get to know how to earn your first 500 dollars on the Internet. What’s more you will get a free book from TemplateMonster with a step-by-step guide on making money on the Internet. After 10 weeks of theoretical and practical tasks you will have a business project, certain amount of work and stable clients. Don`t forget that as always in the end of the each Marathon, the winner gets a valuable prize! What is it going to be? Only the last person who will reach the final will know!

Are you still hesitating? Don`t forget that all the places in the Marathon are limited. So give up the idea of uncertainty. Download and read the book, sign up for the Marathon and start to make money right now. Only the best people will reach the success!


Whatever business you have, marketing is the key point that can make it stand out among others. Being well-marketed, it can easily find the target audience and become noticeable. Nothing comes from nowhere, and working on marketing strategy daily can bring you great results.

Starting your business online or helping the others in doing it, you should consider certain basic rules that will build good karma. These advices will help set a solid business and considerably grow it. Here is the list of 5 points that are worth reading for getting idea about the basics of online marketing. But before you start, have a look at several general tips that would also be of a great help for you.

– Keep abreast of the latest events in so changing online marketing environment.
– Try to look deeply in the nature of search engines’ work.
– Keep up with all new technologies.

The competition is rather high in this sphere, but we wish you to be a good competitor, and find your own ways of staying afloat. Here they are – Five Most Important Things to Know About Online Marketing.



In a competitive web space, whatever brings in more customers and leads to conversions is gold. After all, many business owners know the top priority is the customer, and catering to their needs is essential. Multivariate testing is one website optimization technique that business owners can employ in creating an optimized user experience that leads to sales, subscriptions, and sign-ups. You’ve probably heard of or participated in these tests without realizing it. For those of you unfamiliar with this tool, I’ll cover it more in-depth here to get you started on the path of making smart decisions in terms of your online marketing.

Image Source: A symbol of high-speed and technology by Shutterstock

The Website Optimization Process

The web changes at a rapid pace and so do the technologies that reside on it. Understandably, you’re going to have to make some changes to your online marketing and web presence to keep up with the growing trends. In meeting needs of an expanding landscape, you may encounter some positive and negative feedback once changes have been implemented on your own site. For this reason, webmasters do testing on sites so they can minimize the risks while going through the process so they can follow a more step-by-step procedure. There are a number of tests available for these purposes, such as A/B testing and multivariate testing. Both enjoy widespread use in the industry and have their respective advantages and disadvantages, which we’re going to cover next.


Slide decks constitute natural concentration of all needful things that can be presented: attractive image, interesting text, accentuation on the meaningfulness of information, pertinent pithiness. These features appear to be the best prerequisite for successful tuition. So it’s not surprising the slide decks became popular recent year on the internet, especially regarding the business and marketing themes – the internet marketers are kind of foremost people on the web, you know.

I would like to share few delicious inspiring slice decks. The focus on social media marketing is substantiated by the opinion it imitates extremely effective word of mouth advertising in the plane of virtual space. New trends are the king.

* * *

10 Marketing Trends for 2013

The slide deck is recommended for better understanding of the tendencies that are going to happen in the new 2013 year. The pieces of advice on every of 10 thesis would bring to improvement of internet marketing in your business.

* * *

Social Media for Marketing

Bright pictures with overall info on them reveal the essence of the social media marketing as a part of social influence marketing. The presentation is long (consists of 88 slides), however one would perceive the content easily.

* * *

Why Most Social Marketing Falls Short

May people thing SMM is a simple thing that requires simple with the social media and nothing above that. This slide deck is a mythbuster for that kind of delusion and on the side helps to avoid mistakes, which mainly run out from the lack of connectedness between SMM and true professional marketing.

* * *


Responsive layout enjoys great popularity among web designers today, as the part of mobile traffic in general internet output constantly increases. A lot of online merchants make money on advertizing. It’s rather distressing, but the ads may simply disappear or become unreadable when a website contracts to 320px, for instance.

Here are some major impediments responsive advertising has come across:

  • great amount of sites lean on advertising;
  • ad blocks are fixed and have standard sizes; (most of them do not fit multiple layout options)
  • ad units are sold and created according to their size and position on the page;
  • ad types are various including takeovers, video, pop-overs, flyouts and interactions (most of them are not supported by mobile platforms).

Processing from the necessity of ad blocks compatibility with responsive layout, there are several ways out of the awkward situation. The easiest way is to adapt the ad with the help of HTML and Javascript (works best for static ads, below you will get to know how to realize it) or to use the responsive ads framework, which is one of the most efficient solutions for the moment.

* * *

Responsive web design still stays a new technology; we believe that special responsive advertising know-how will emerge before long. So far, web site owners can use one of the stated above solutions, placing one ad per page, which can be easily modified to fit almost all screen sizes and resolutions.

Nevertheless, online newspapers and magazines need much more ads of bigger sizes to stay afloat. The most called-for format is 300x250px.

Beginning with the smallest size (usually 320px wide) and going up to 1382px wide definitely makes sense – especially when it comes to advertising. If you are able seamlessly integrate advertising into your design at 320px wide, the same operation at bigger resolution shouldn’t be too difficult—it’s a matter of shifting elements and thorough ads positioning. Planning beforehand always saves efforts.

Possible solutions:

  • Traffic redistribution
  • Responsive HTML ad using Javascript interface
  • Flexible Responsive Ad Framework

Actually, large ad formats such as 300x1050px or 970x250px do not fit the iPhone screen, but it is possible to hide them and reveal only for the users surfing from a stationary computer. Even the usage of display:none function doesn’t save the situation, the ad code will be loaded, resulting in new problems.

It would be much more efficient to use Javascript for screen width estimation and impediment a particular div section from loading, JS can be turned off by the user, though most of the ads are displayed with its help.

Traffic redistribution

The best possible solution might be better planning! When you launch an advertising campaign on your responsive website take into account the scope of traffic and do the following.

Due to the extensive traffic flow, you may dispense your registry and retail advertising packages for mobile devices, tablets and PCs separately. It will be a great alternative, convenient both for you and your customers.

Responsive HTML ad using Javascript interface

The option is helpful only for static ads, it can’t fix the issue with rich media and ad server implementation but the positive moment is that it is rather easy to carry out. The ad is being built with HTML, actually it turns into static image. Instead of incorporating the responsive logic into media queries you can add a JavaScript interface, the configuration part of which is like this:

// Ad config
var ads = {
  leaderboard: {
    width: 728,
    height: 90,
    breakpoint: false,
    url: '728x90.png'
  rectangle: {
    width: 300,
    height: 250,
    breakpoint: 728,
    url: '300x250.png'
  mobile: {
    width: 300,
    height: 50,
    breakpoint: 500 ,
    url: '300x50.png'


The trick lets you define some parameters to your responsive campaign and then JavaScript will do the rest. The method applies window.matchMedia, currently available in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Flexible Responsive Ad Framework

Similar to the way designers approach RWD with different frameworks for development and laying out varied designs for diverse views, you can use a framework to manage ads direction and network party ad tags across the website.

responsive ad

* * *

The Boston Globe website is a bright example of responsive ads implementation, where they incorporated an MMU ad unit. They have fixed the width of the column and made the ad block occupy that space as the viewport is reduced to a single column. The method is rather sophisticated, yet very productive.

The Boston Globe

* * *

As you see, the ideal solution hasn’t been worked out yet. All of us need it badly and the sooner the better, as there is a threat that responsive layouts might lose a lot of adherents due to their inability to preserve the ad contents under any circumstances and screen sizes. We are sure that this complex urgent task will only whip up web developers’ creativity and we will get a powerful lightweight tool for swift and simple ad accommodation in the nearest future.


What’s a Shopping Cart?

Shopping cart software like any other, i.e. Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart etc, facilitates the customers during the shopping process. Bargainers can utilize shopping cart solutions in online stores to sell goods or services. E-Commerce software makes shopping a regular, non-stressful operation. To make a long story short, shopping cart possesses plenty of user-friendly features strengthened by charming design. The majority of them provide such useful options as unlimited auto responders, send e-mail function, digital transfer, ad pursuit, divided experiment, listing control and marketing tools.

The shopping cart software offers enumerable boons and built-in safety options minimizing the probability of identity theft during personal details verification.

In this entry we will take up essential questions concerning checkout optimization. Following these 10 easy steps you will reduce the frequency of checkout denial and raise the conversion.

Checkout Specifications

It’s not an easy business to urge a customer buy from you. Cart optimization may help a lot in the achieving of the goal. If you manage to ruin customers’ mental blocks such as: lack of trust, uncertainty of getting a good deal and confusion, you will get the deserved award in the form of increased number of purchases and a crowd of content clients. The configuration of your shopping cart also really matters. It is a proven fact that traditional 4-step checkouts seem much more acceptable and intelligible for the customers in comparison with more complicated ones, demanding more detailed information. A regular checkout usually includes the following steps:

1. Shopping cart page;
2. Billing info page;
3. Shipping info page;
4. Payment page and “Thank you page”.

These steps are well-known to the customers that’s why they seem more safe than any new usability methods.

Why do Users Abandon Checkouts?

Actually, purchase of high-priced products entails more comprehensive checkout process for provision of customer’s assurance and security. So, it’s quite sensible that inexpensive goods are in advantageous situation due to more compact online shopping carts offering swift checkouts with minimal quantity of steps. Today, one step checkout enjoys increasing popularity, as the user shouldn’t go through several pages when buying a product; all information is inserted into the form fitting into one page. Unfortunately, there is a great number of reasons why shopping carts are rejected by the users, we stated the most frequent ones in the list below.

Reasons why users abandon checkouts:

high rate for shipping and handling;
product price turns out to be higher than expected;
shipping and handling rates were indicated too late in the checkout process;
too much information is required during the checkout;
low bandwidth resulting in slow page loading;
not enough information about the product/service;
no desire to pass the registration process;
absence of corresponding payment options;
visitor is not ready to make a purchase yet.

Doing away with these reasons you will be able to create a user-friendly UX for the customers. Follow this link “Designing a Shopping Cart Page” if you want to know more about design and functionality of a shopping cart, the post will reveal all tips and tricks.

The Question is: “… to Optimize or not to Optimize…”

Shopping cart conversion rates and success of the order checkout process are influenced by many particular business factors such as type of products, general eCommerce site quality, limpidity and visibility of shipping, etc. Here are some standard requirements for eCommerce websites in overall performance: order checkout forms must load under 10 seconds and a shopping cart should operate when cookies are disabled. Use these tricks to optimize the cart and improve the conversion rates:

1. Keep Highlighting Items in the Cart

shopping cart

It’s inadmissible to remove a thumbnail product image from the basket, as its absence can double the cart abandonment rate. You can also indicate the date and time of product addition. It’s recommended to show how much money is saved if the customer gets a discount for a definite product. Customers want to see as much information as possible even on the last stage of the purchase process, typing a credit card number.


What’s in a name you ask? Uncle Arthur is here to explain that there is a lot in a name, especially in the world wide web. What you name your website has many meanings and effects. Now center yourself for these words of wisdom Superbloggers!!

Today Uncle Arthur brings you 5 Truths of the domain NAME. When you buy a domain name you can’t just say, “I want what I want dot com.” Buying a domain name takes thought and some planning – so read these 5 Truths:


1) Keep your domain name as simple as possible. Keep it easy to read, easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember. The reasons for this truth are that a long and complex name has a much higher chance for misreading or misspelling.

2) Make the name as keyword relevant as possible. This makes it easy to remember and gives better search engine rankings too.

3) Buy each form of the name with plural or hyphenated variations if possible. This strategy lessens the loss of customers who might misspell your primary domain and it protects your name from the competitors who buy domain names similar to yours to forward to their website, and take your traffic.

4) If you intend to have a web site for commercial or business reasons register it with the .com extension. The .com extension has more appeal, it’s what most people will automatically enter when going by memory. So if the .com version of your domain is not available, choose a different domain name. You can also buy the other extension names for further protection.

5) If you already have brand recognition then use your name as the domain if possible. And you might buy a set of two domain names, one that includes your brand name and another that includes keywords. But be sure to have one as the primary to be submitted to search engines, and that the others are set up for forwarding only, not to be submitted to the search engines to avoid confusion.


These truths will get you maximal traffic from people and search engines – Uncle Arthur promises!

The Magic of the Name
Uncle Arthur “Merlin” Browning


Atlantis, the Island of Atlas, is the name of a legendary island first mentioned in Plato’s dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”.  Plato said Atlantis was “beyond the pillars of Heracles” and was a naval power that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9500 BC.


After a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean “in a single day and night of misfortune”.  The civilization of Atlantis left it’s mark on many ancient civilizations – Greece, Egypt, Crete, Phoenecia, Chaldea and others.

Atlantis has been credited with many incredible technologies that are not fully understood – amongst them a magnetic application of gravity to power ships, and clairvoyance.  Vestiges of Atlantis’ knowledge is found in many ancient civilizations.  One of the most startling discoveries was a pair of columns in ancient Egypt that could not be fully translated.  The Egyptian hieroglyphics named Atlantis and gave information about the lost continent, but the Atlantean glyphs remained uncipherable until I compared those markings with the account of an ancient seer’s scroll found in Ephesus some 3000 years ago.

The translation was a startling account of the future that contained a list of “10 ways to get search engines to pay attention to your website.”  Needless to say, I will wait for no authorization to give that list here to you now Superbloggers!


1 – May the sons of your sons always optimize for keyword content.

2 – Let each title tag be written with a unique title.

3 – Write quality content into every Meta tag.

4 – Content is ever the king and always the king.

5 – Be ye wise in writing image alt text.

6 – You will create a Robots.txt file as a map of your web site.

7 – You will create a Sitemap.xml file to tell engines of all sections and pages of your website.

8 – Let there be no duplicate content from one page unto another.

9 -  Create custom error pages that look like the rest of your site and keep search engine robots from reaching a dead end in your site and leaving.

10 – Make sure that your website is fully validated for well-formed HTML.


Although this was just one bit of the Atlantean technology in the glyphs, Uncle Arthur is proud to bring it to you first.

“When Content Was King”
Uncle Arthur “of the Ancients” Browning


My fellow Americans I want your vote to make SEO a “kinder, gentler” place to show your webpage. Uncle Arthur “Get’s it!!” Uncle Arthur knows the web needs a “thousand points of light,” and “the vision thing.” Uncle Arthur already knows “It’s the economy, Stupid.”


SEO can be done with “family values” in mind, to “bring real change,” “not just the same old gridlock,” we’ve seen on “both sides of the aisle,” from “Washington insiders.” Uncle Arthur is ready to lead this nation into the 21st century and to meet all the challenges of an SEO future.

“When I am President, you will be able to say no more scandals, no more cut and run, no more stay the course, no more benchmarks, no more deep dish pizza billboards in Baghdad.”

Fourscore and seven years ago there was no internet, only telephone, but now. . . these are the days of our lives, like sand through Shawn Hannity or Rush Limbaugh’s hourglass.”

Here is Uncle Arthur’s program for SEO policy. And if you can’t offer a better policy for this nation then shut up! No child left behind, with the highest pharmaceutical prices on the planet, forever!!!!


1) Research your Keywords – Ask what keywords someone might type in when searching for products you sell. After a  brainstorming session write down all you were able to think of. Now take two keywords from your list that you feel potential customers will use most frequently. Try to make your keywords the ones most related to your business.

2) Site Text – Your website text is made of wording on your web page. Text content is king. Search engines love unique content and your keywords should be placed in the best locations in your content. Make sure that your copy reads well around them as it needs to make sense. Keywords should be placed in headings, top of pages, in bold or italics, used as link text for other pages of your site and in your title tag.

3) Link Building – One good way of thinking about links is that for every link from a website that leads to yours is a “vote” for your site. Every quality link you receive can improve your search rankings. The quality of inbound links is more vital than quantity.

Over time you should watch and record your search engine rankings by doing a Google search for your chosen keywords  to see where you rank. You can also monitor where your visitors are coming from by watching your hosting reports.

I am pleased as punch to present this environmentally green program for SEO. When there is a chicken in every pot and we have a microwave in every restroom, then and only then shall we rest. Well, don’t let the souless communistic regime keep you awake nights anymore, listen to Uncle Arthur – because he is politically correct and “he gets it right,” the first time, not 16 years later.


I do not believe that the American citizens and the American economy are like a fat cashcow, to be milked, and milked and plundered under threat of slaughter by the corporate interests in Washington. Nor do I think the underhanded corporate practices of thrifts, credit card banks and mortgage credit entities should go unnoticed, as they essentially rape our citizens of their earnings. NO DOLLAR LEFT BEHIND!!!

When’s the last time you got to vote for a policy instead of a politician?
Arthur “Hanging Chad” Browning


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