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Have you ever thought how adding a progress bar to your website can influence your visitors and conversion rate? We all claim that one of the basic web design rules is: creating a user-friendly resource, that would be able to provide people with the full information and services needed, and leave them satisfied. But how can it be user-friendly if your visitors have to stare at the blank screen during the page load? This is when progress bars come in handy. Web designers do their best to create something unique and eye-catching, something that would draw attention of your visitors and make them stay on your page.

Progress bar is an essential web design element that is being used to display progress of any operation that might take some time or the current percentage for processes like page load, file download/transfer, installation and more. In web design this component of user interface (UI) design is commonly accompanied by textual representation of the progress in percent format to show when this or that operation will be over. One of the latest web design developments is an indeterminate progress bar that is being used when the running of any operation cannot be displayed in percent (you may see several examples of such components below). Progress bar is not the only element used in such purposes. Web developers have come up with various icons, buttons, ribbons, menus, calendars, etc. to display the progress and make waiting fun.

In our compilation below you may find 40 creative progress bars that can be used in web design – 20 of them are available for free download, whereas 20 other can be a fine source of inspiration for your own web projects. Enjoy!




You Are Hired! These are the words every job seeker would like to hear. The sooner it will happen, the better. We all know how to achieve it – to present a thought-out resume that tells enough about you, shows your skills and explains why you can be good for the job you’re opting for.

Of course, a well-done resume is not enough. Primarily, you should have good skills in a certain sphere of business. Your portfolio will tell a lot about them. And nicely designed CV will present this portfolio at its best.

And what about creating a unique resume that will be a life illustration of your skills, and will be called a little masterpiece? How should it look like? Your imagination will be essential here. It can be a cup with a list of your skills printed on it, a paper box (with booklets inside) with all information printed on it, even creative infographic showing the milestones of your career. You can even print some extras from your CV on the t-shirt and put it on when going to interview.

Let’s see the brightest examples of resume designs compiled in this post. Hope, they will inspire you for your own creative ones.


Resume Book by Paula Del Mas

Resume Designs

Resume by Anthony McCann

Resume Designs


Calligraphy – it’s all about art and writing. Beautiful writing – this is how it is also called. Traditional way of doing it is using a pen, brush or a feather. Today, when it has become a part of digital art, it can be nicely done with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Calligraphy fonts are widely used by designers for their visual aesthetics. Implementing them in layout, it’s possible to add a nice stylish touch to the work.

Digital calligraphy is an interesting topic to discover, but today’s post focuses on handwritten one. It’s a great source of inspiration. These nicely done examples enchant with elegant hand drawn letters, gestural strokes against white paper. Actually, paper is not the only material used in magic process of creating calligraphy masterpieces. Glass, wood, walls (you can notice graffiti almost everywhere in the cities) – whatever surfaces can be used.

Creating nice calligraphy requires constant practicing. Day after day, hour after hour, with diligence and patience – this is the only way to get perfect results.

Mastering this art is not easy and will be a long process, but it’s highly rewarding. This list of calligraphy tutorials for beginners that will give you wise tips on how to start and go on in this creative work.

How To Start Writing Calligraphy


Italic Calligraphy Online Class


Good logo is a way to add value to your brand. It’s power can’t be overestimated, ‘cause it’s really high. Creating a brand, most designers and thinkers start with logo designing that becomes its recognizable part later. When it is nicely designed, it works for success of the brand.

Today, when the web strives for simplicity, laconic forms are highly appreciated. As it was said by Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Nice, clean and clear logo is number one brand asset that becomes a reflection of business willingness.

Designing a logo, it’s important to arrange all that ideas in one single unit, make it easy on the eye and appealing. Any mess is inappropriate here.

Compilation of well-done logos can show how good ones should look like and inspire you for creating your own creative logos. To make this showcase even more pleasant and interesting to browse, I’ve decided to find the examples of cat logos. We all like them, so the time you’ve spend browsing this post will be both pleasant and valuable.


Cat Logos


Cat Logos


The web has chosen the right direction this year and it’s minimalism has become one of the most impactful design trends in 2013. Minimalistic approach to web design – this is how it is called. Most designers and viewers love it due to the clean look and effectiveness. Less is more – this is the main principle of this design trend.

Why minimalism?

It flourishes all over the web, and it’s popularity has a solid background. Here are the main ideas beyond this notion “minimalistic design”:

• gives uncluttered look to designs
• has a soothing effect for the viewers
focuses attention on the subject matter
is laconic

Using it as the main principle of your design, you can be sure that the message you send to the viewers is clear and explicit.

To inspire you for your own clean designs, I’ve compiled awesome minimalistic wallpapers. Each item is created with a touch of beauty and simplicity. They show that the viewers can experience the design work better, when nothing distracts from its main point. Notice that most common language of minimalism is spoken by means of forms, like in most of these designs.

Enjoy all of them and apply Zen atmosphere to your desktop.


Minimalistic Wallpapers

I Love Photoshop

Minimalistic Wallpapers


In several weeks you’ll throw out your calendar and what will happen? You’ll start looking for the new one that will decorate your working place during the next year. Do you have any options? There is a variety of them: digital, desktop, wall calendars, some creative items that look like cards, circles, the ones created from various materials. The creativity has no boundaries here.

Calendars are not only the way to count days, but also to promote products and services of your company. Calendars bring company logo, main colors and slogans in the focus of attention, thus increasing its brand awareness.

Today you can find a great number of calendars that fit all possible tastes. People strive for creative solutions and that’s why all original products draw their attention. Don’t waste your time looking around, here are Creative 2014 Calendars that will nicely decorate your working place and bring inspiration for each day of the upcoming year. Check out and enjoy them!


Colorful 2014 Calendar

2014 Calendars


2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar

2014 Calendars


Typography makes the layout sleek, that’s why most good designs rely on its effectiveness. It can emphasize, bring in the focus of attention, underline, separate the parts of the content. The mix of design and carefully chosen typography can give great results. Typography itself is an art, it has its own rules, trends, novelties. Learning more about it, you’ll get an idea about how to implement it correctly.

As art, typography requires creative attitude. It’s not enough to find well-done types, you have to understand how to mix them with each other correctly, how to place for the better visual perception – all these points matter.

When it comes to creativity, it’s wise to start from something inspirational that can throw out a hint at great ideas. Where to get this spoon of inspiration? You’ve hit the right place. Here is a collection of handpicked types. These typographic works will show you the variety of ways you can play with fonts. Some of them are quite unusual, but still impressive.

Here it is – fresh typography inspiration. Taste it!


Absa Bank

Typography Inspiration


Nature Woman

Typography Inspiration


Colors stimulate senses. Sometimes it’s enough to use the sappy colors in design to make the visitors feel the joy of the sunny summer noon. Certain colors and their combinations set up the right tone, and send the particular message to the viewers. About the theory of colors and their meanings you can find a lot of information all over the web, but the goal of this post is a search of Color Palettes of Fashion Sites. Modern Trends.

What it the reason for the choice of particular colors? As you see from these examples, the colors reflect the idea of the company.

  • The classic brands prefer to use several colors in design, where black and white are obligatory, and one or two bright ones add the effectiveness.
  • The men’s brands use natural colors in their sites, the ones for women play with both natural and artificial.
  • Companies with young target audience prefer soft and delicate colors, when brands oriented at people of the older age use more saturated tints.
  • The wedding fashion sites prefer elegant color schemes in light colors, the sport sites pitch upon bright energetic colors.

It’s quite interesting to observe how all these secrets are implemented in sites, and I offer you to do it with me.


According to the latest reports of popular 2013 spring colors, this site features most of them. Violet, linen, pink, white – they reflect the design direction of the brand. Young, free and modern – these are its main points.


Site’s Color Palette:


These three colors: black, lemon and gray have a striking effect. They attract attention, play with it, and fit in the perfect way for this highly classical brand.


Site’s Color Palette:


Would you like to create some air shapes and mysterious effects with shadows and glows to make illusion of graphic smoke emulation? With this wonderful compilation of Smoke Brushes you can easy design this effect and implement it in your web projects. Actually, Photoshop brushes are helpful tools that are in a great demand during the whole working process, so it’s really necessary to have some good freebies ready at hand. Use these brushes whenever you need to make some smoky effect and to create a cloud-built image. Notice that smoke as the design component can be widely used to add magnetic and dreamlike look, to compose truly realistic digital smoke and to provide effective visual explosion to your works.

So take a new portion of inspiration we prepared for you in this roundup and try Free Smoke Photoshop Brushes. Browse them and enjoy!

* * *

Free Photoshop Smoke Brushes

* * *

Free Photoshop Smoke Brushes

* * *


What is the most mysterious and inimitable color from the entire color palette? This color is modern, vibrant and tempting. It reflects power, elegance and depth. Have you’re already guessed? Of course it’s black! Today we invite you to visit a strange night city, meet its residents and read their dialogues. And the essential topic of this infographic’s presentation will be concerned to Black color.

Find out more about this effective color just looking though our comic style interactive infographic. Here you’ll find seven content blocks which includes interactive scenes and play buttons. Each scene contains of entertaining dialogues between the main heroes. There are Cat Woman, Batman, Van Helsing, Blade, Hulk and others. They will share essential information on various aspects of black color in web design. On your way down to the cemetery you’ll hit on into some strange objects that will attract your attention by their shimmering look and tinkling sound. By clicking on them, you can read the hidden stories with interesting facts that will open you more secrets about magnetic power of black color.

Having this great interactive tour you’ll get new knowledge on:
• original nature of black color
• color meaning for different world cultures
• hidden impact of black color on the user
• types of websites winning from dark color scheme
• all shades of black color
• some helpful articles on black color usage
• ultimate color combinations with black
• tips how to avoid rough mistakes using black color

It’s really symbolic to present you this great animated infographic about black color in Halloween Day with its dark and horror topic. We hope that you will like the creative design and comic style of this presentation and perceive it with positive emotions and good humor.

Below you see a static and contracted version of Mysterious Black in Web Design Infographic, the link to the full animated version is available at the bottom of it.

Black Infographic Top

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