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Why die-cut brochures? Because of the tough competition in the modern marketplace, it has become rather difficult to stand out and win the hearts of the audience. Brands make use of various promotional means to invite new clients and attract them to their offerings. Opting for different means of print media, video and audio commercials, marketers try to catch the eye of their prospective customers and awake their curiosity. Today we’d like to focus your attention on the print media, i.e. die-cut brochures that can help you better present your brand, gain recognition, and engage more people in. However, to make a cutting-edge die-cut, one should master specific techniques on how to do this professionally and make each brochure work. Keep reading to find out what exactly die-cuts are, what types of the latter exist, as well as look though 20 creative brochure ideas as a source of inspiration for your own projects.

What Are Die-Cuts

Die-cuts are shapes cut from pieces of cardstock paper. The shapes can be printed at home with the help of a regular printer and then given to a crafter who will cut the shape himself with the help of a pair of scissors. Or you can make use of die cut machines that will help you get the desired results in no time. The latter come in two big groups – the ones that do not require any electricity and electronic die-cut machines. If you opt for the latter, you will be able to cut brochures of different shapes and sizes, however you will always need to have an electric outlet somewhere nearby in order to bring your ideas to life. Anyway, it’s up to you which of the aforementioned options to choose. You can simply go to the scrapbooking and craft stores and pick the desired shape.



What can cheer you up better than a funny, touching video? We are always attracted to something that can make us laugh or, on the contrary, evoke sentimental emotions. Today we offer you to look through 20 amazing videos shared on Motion Graphics. These high quality artworks from first class designers from all over the world will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

I believe many of you are surfing through popular video-rich resources like YouTube, Vimeo and others every day and hour looking for some cool source of inspiration. While browsing the works of others you can come up with great elements that would push you to creating something new and unique. Have you ever thought that once you will be able to come up with a free resource where all the best motion graphics videos would be stored? Now your dreams can come true. is a cutting edge project launched by Stef Nitert from Enschede, Netherlands. Working as a fleelancer and studying Applied Arts, he got interested in product animation and started studying this notion in depth. He often searched the web for a resource of inspiration where numerous great design projects can be gathered in one place. That was the time when he came up with the idea of launching Motion Graphics website where users can watch numerous fine videos in one view. The site features a well-organized home page with all the recently shared videos as well as a slideshow of featured clips.

Here are some of the most inspirational and memorable videos on Motion Graphics. Featuring not only impressive visual presentation but also breathtaking music in the background, such things are a must to be watched.


Merchants & Sons Spring Montage


Nothing wakes me up better than a cup of coffee in the morning. While for some of us a coffee or tea break is just a way to rest from monotonous work and boost energy, for many others it’s a special ritual that has spiritual significance.

In many cultures, the ritual aspect of having a cup of coffee or tea has semi-religious status. Let’s take the Japanese culture, for instance. I believe all of you have heard about the famous Japanese tea ceremonies, in which green tea is whipped in a traditional bowl to form a rich, nosey drink. The ceremony is held in the full silence to contemplate the presence of eternity in the moment.

Whether you perceive a coffee break as a special ritual or a habitual action, our today’s compilation of great mug design ideas should come in handy. While even the cheapest plastic cups can do the job, one will hardly disagree that drinking your favorite beverage from a creative mug would only make it tastier. If you are looking for something unique, funny of practical – in our today’s compilation we have made an effort to gather mugs and glasses of different forms and designs to please your taste. Have a look at these creative coffee mug design ideas. Here you will definitely find something to your liking. A little less conversation, a little more action. Let’s get straight to business.


Ceramic Shave Mug for wet shaving

Ceramic Shave Mug for wet shaving


Wedding is the most precious, long-awaiting, and important day of your life. So, you should pay attention to each and every detail to make it memorable and exciting. Alongside with choosing breathtaking wedding dress and cake, pick outstanding wedding invitations that your guests will keep as a memory about your festivity.

Many couples underestimate the value of wedding invitations. In fact, these are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning since invitations set the tone of your event; this is the first hint at the theme and style of your special day. Trying to stand out of the crowd, people make wedding invitations in extraordinary styles and shapes that would match the level of formality of the event, its color scheme, etc.

If you lack time or inspiration, consider these amazing free PSD wedding invitations. Available in different styles and color themes, you will definitely find something that would fit your wedding theme.


Beautiful wedding

Beautiful wedding


Wonder how to draw more visitors to your site and make them stay for longer? Of course, there are plenty of various SEO techniques that would help you improve your site’s Google Ranking, but once people reach you, there should be something to make them stay. This is when GIF animation will come in handy.

Over the last few years, animation has become one of the biggest trends in web design. This allows making your resource more intriguing and lively. Rather than packing sites with still images, GIFs are more grabbing and work to engage more viewers in. First, GIFs were a matter of hot disputes since these were associated with cheap, annoying advertising. With the flow of time, web designers pushed the limits of the image format’s boundaries and started using animated images in icon design, posters, advertising, and more. You can also apply some creative GIFs to your site and watch visitors’ reaction. What we may say for sure, this will make your web project more visually appealing.

Below we offer our collection of 20 microblogs with the best Tumblr GIFs. Let these stunning and funny Tumblr animated images stir you toward creating your own catchy GIFs!


I Want To Beat My Place



Are you surfing the web in search of cool vector flags of the world that you can apply to your own projects? Look no further. Today we have decided to treat you with a fine collection of quality country flags icons of different shapes, size, and styles. These will serve any of your purposes – either to indicate the language choice on your site or to customize the theme the way you wish. Whatever your purpose is, these free vector flags will make your design more visually appealing and easy to navigate.

20 sets of free vector flags we offer below come in various formats (.jpg, .ico, .icns) to perfectly meet your requirements and the operating system you’re running. One of the greatest benefits of vector format is that these world flags are not restricted in shape and size, meaning that you may enlarge, compress or widen any of them.  Mind that these free vector flags are explicit for non-commercial use. If you want to apply these files to your commercial projects, feel free to contact their creators and ask for permission.

Pick anything that meets your requirements, download them, and be inspired to create your own vector country flag after you look through our list of fabulous icons.


1. Dirty Flag Folders by Hemingway81




Have you ever thought how adding a progress bar to your website can influence your visitors and conversion rate? We all claim that one of the basic web design rules is: creating a user-friendly resource, that would be able to provide people with the full information and services needed, and leave them satisfied. But how can it be user-friendly if your visitors have to stare at the blank screen during the page load? This is when progress bars come in handy. Web designers do their best to create something unique and eye-catching, something that would draw attention of your visitors and make them stay on your page.

Progress bar is an essential web design element that is being used to display progress of any operation that might take some time or the current percentage for processes like page load, file download/transfer, installation and more. In web design this component of user interface (UI) design is commonly accompanied by textual representation of the progress in percent format to show when this or that operation will be over. One of the latest web design developments is an indeterminate progress bar that is being used when the running of any operation cannot be displayed in percent (you may see several examples of such components below). Progress bar is not the only element used in such purposes. Web developers have come up with various icons, buttons, ribbons, menus, calendars, etc. to display the progress and make waiting fun.

In our compilation below you may find 40 creative progress bars that can be used in web design – 20 of them are available for free download, whereas 20 other can be a fine source of inspiration for your own web projects. Enjoy!




You Are Hired! These are the words every job seeker would like to hear. The sooner it will happen, the better. We all know how to achieve it – to present a thought-out resume that tells enough about you, shows your skills and explains why you can be good for the job you’re opting for.

Of course, a well-done resume is not enough. Primarily, you should have good skills in a certain sphere of business. Your portfolio will tell a lot about them. And nicely designed CV will present this portfolio at its best.

And what about creating a unique resume that will be a life illustration of your skills, and will be called a little masterpiece? How should it look like? Your imagination will be essential here. It can be a cup with a list of your skills printed on it, a paper box (with booklets inside) with all information printed on it, even creative infographic showing the milestones of your career. You can even print some extras from your CV on the t-shirt and put it on when going to interview.

Let’s see the brightest examples of resume designs compiled in this post. Hope, they will inspire you for your own creative ones.


Resume Book by Paula Del Mas

Resume Designs

Resume by Anthony McCann

Resume Designs


Calligraphy – it’s all about art and writing. Beautiful writing – this is how it is also called. Traditional way of doing it is using a pen, brush or a feather. Today, when it has become a part of digital art, it can be nicely done with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Calligraphy fonts are widely used by designers for their visual aesthetics. Implementing them in layout, it’s possible to add a nice stylish touch to the work.

Digital calligraphy is an interesting topic to discover, but today’s post focuses on handwritten one. It’s a great source of inspiration. These nicely done examples enchant with elegant hand drawn letters, gestural strokes against white paper. Actually, paper is not the only material used in magic process of creating calligraphy masterpieces. Glass, wood, walls (you can notice graffiti almost everywhere in the cities) – whatever surfaces can be used.

Creating nice calligraphy requires constant practicing. Day after day, hour after hour, with diligence and patience – this is the only way to get perfect results.

Mastering this art is not easy and will be a long process, but it’s highly rewarding. This list of calligraphy tutorials for beginners that will give you wise tips on how to start and go on in this creative work.

How To Start Writing Calligraphy


Italic Calligraphy Online Class


Good logo is a way to add value to your brand. It’s power can’t be overestimated, ‘cause it’s really high. Creating a brand, most designers and thinkers start with logo designing that becomes its recognizable part later. When it is nicely designed, it works for success of the brand.

Today, when the web strives for simplicity, laconic forms are highly appreciated. As it was said by Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Nice, clean and clear logo is number one brand asset that becomes a reflection of business willingness.

Designing a logo, it’s important to arrange all that ideas in one single unit, make it easy on the eye and appealing. Any mess is inappropriate here.

Compilation of well-done logos can show how good ones should look like and inspire you for creating your own creative logos. To make this showcase even more pleasant and interesting to browse, I’ve decided to find the examples of cat logos. We all like them, so the time you’ve spend browsing this post will be both pleasant and valuable.


Cat Logos


Cat Logos

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