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7 Great Web Design Games

Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity. (Kay Redfield Jamison)


If I say there are 7 free games for you, you probably will think that you don’t have time for play.
If I say there are 7 free games for you as a designer, you’ll get interested.
And that is why.

The web design games I offer below belong to 2 groups: some of them aim to educate, some aim to entertain. But all of them are fun, exciting and designer-oriented.

What do you get as a result? Mastered skills, great time and, which is more, profound conclusions. Who knows, maybe one of these games will push you towards your new designer ideas.

Enjoy the games, get new experience & find your new horizons.

1.The Bezier Game

The Bezier Game


Have you seen these Pinterest boards about typography? Because they are breathtaking! Awesome fonts for designers amaze everyone who knows the ropes of a typography trade. Every time you think there’s nothing new left to be invented, a new typography masterpiece takes your breath away. Or else, you are a typography maniac and you simply can’t stop searching for new inspiration. You are in a constant search of new resources, and what a great feeling it is when you find something worthy, right?

Besides, typography is one of the key factors of good conversion. If you want to kill 2 birds with one shot, and I mean both satisfy your inner aesthete and get profit, you know what to do.

Speaking of inspiration stuff, the more you get – the more you want. So I’ve made a list of Pinterst boards for you to add to your type collection & to inspire.

Anyway, let’s go straight to the most delicious part of this post – the boards themselves. Follow them and enjoy.

1. Typography

Beautiful typography board


When you decide to bring your business on the web, developing a stunning logo design is a must. It’s no secret the more appealing and remarkable it looks, the more likely you will stick in users’ memory. There are so many tips, recommendations, and inspirational posts available on the net that one can easily get lost in their rich variety. Today, we have decided to narrow down the list of possible logo designs and have a closer look at how pen and pencil logos can fit business websites.

If you want to increase brand recognition, this will be a win-win solution. Generally speaking, a logo design is a graphic element used as trademark for brand recognition. Custom made logos are the best option for representing the beliefs, values and morals of your company. A logo containing a pen or pencil image accompanied by some easy yet sparkling headline is not that easy to forget. Pens and pencils are used to depict intelligence, education and learning. So, these will be the perfect choice for writing and designs firms, translation agencies, educational institutes and businesses. Though some may find these boring, people may change their opinion once casting a glance at logos designed with pen and pencil.

Designers have a constant craving for fresh logo ideas. Below you may have a look at some of the most creative examples of pencil logo design developed by logo artists from around the world. Have a look at this showcase to get some ideas that you can find helpful for you r own logo design. Take your time and enjoy!


Green design


Traditionally, the first Monday in September is a great holiday in the US. This year we commemorate the social and economic achievements of American workers on September 1st. The three-day long weekend can be a great opportunity to recharge batteries before autumn and enjoy last warm summer days.

Over the last years the way we celebrate Labor Day has changed to a great extent. Instead of attending parades and listening to speeches, the majority of American workers prefer spending their day off with families and friends in the open air. As the Labor Day celebration is less than a week away, we have decided to share a compilation of great posters related to this occasion. The designs we list below were taken from different resources. By clicking any of them you’ll be taken to the page where these were initially shared. Do you want to download one to congratulate your friends on this occasion? Not a problem at all. The modern & vintage Labor Day posters come in free and premium versions, so you can choose any to your liking.

How are you planning to spend Labor Day this year? Will you through a party or participate in Labor Day parades? Enjoy celebration and let these great designs cheer you up!




We often underestimate the value of 404 error pages. However, have you ever thought this can be another great way of communicating with the audience? 404 error pages can open the way for improvements in your work. For instance, you can provide them with helpful links or simply share your contact details in order to make it easier for everyone who came up with it to reach you to report an error, learn what went wrong, etc. By ‘contact details’ we assume your email address, phone number, or direct link to the areas where people can find help.

In case you discover that a lot of people come up with your 404 error page, try to provide them with some helpful information instead of directing then back to your homepage. Even the error page can work for your benefit. The following tips will help you achieve this with ease.

  • Clearly explain the reason why they have reached this, either because of the broken link, deleted post, etc.
  • Let users report the error.
  • Share contact details in case someone needs to inform you about anything or ask for additional information.
  • Link to popular posts on your website.
  • Capture your audience with an image/video.
  • Provide users with suggestions on how to find the content they were looking for.
  • Embed a search bar in order to make it easier for people to come up with the necessary data.
  • Entertain the audience with interactive games, texts, jokes.
  • Instead of a boring background, add illustrations.

With all these recommendations in mind, let’s have a look at the stunning examples of well-designed, captivating 404 error pages. Each of them has something to grab your attention with. Have a look at our compilation and get inspired for your own unique designs.




Why die-cut brochures? Because of the tough competition in the modern marketplace, it has become rather difficult to stand out and win the hearts of the audience. Brands make use of various promotional means to invite new clients and attract them to their offerings. Opting for different means of print media, video and audio commercials, marketers try to catch the eye of their prospective customers and awake their curiosity. Today we’d like to focus your attention on the print media, i.e. die-cut brochures that can help you better present your brand, gain recognition, and engage more people in. However, to make a cutting-edge die-cut, one should master specific techniques on how to do this professionally and make each brochure work. Keep reading to find out what exactly die-cuts are, what types of the latter exist, as well as look though 20 creative brochure ideas as a source of inspiration for your own projects.

What Are Die-Cuts

Die-cuts are shapes cut from pieces of cardstock paper. The shapes can be printed at home with the help of a regular printer and then given to a crafter who will cut the shape himself with the help of a pair of scissors. Or you can make use of die cut machines that will help you get the desired results in no time. The latter come in two big groups – the ones that do not require any electricity and electronic die-cut machines. If you opt for the latter, you will be able to cut brochures of different shapes and sizes, however you will always need to have an electric outlet somewhere nearby in order to bring your ideas to life. Anyway, it’s up to you which of the aforementioned options to choose. You can simply go to the scrapbooking and craft stores and pick the desired shape.



What can cheer you up better than a funny, touching video? We are always attracted to something that can make us laugh or, on the contrary, evoke sentimental emotions. Today we offer you to look through 20 amazing videos shared on Motion Graphics. These high quality artworks from first class designers from all over the world will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

I believe many of you are surfing through popular video-rich resources like YouTube, Vimeo and others every day and hour looking for some cool source of inspiration. While browsing the works of others you can come up with great elements that would push you to creating something new and unique. Have you ever thought that once you will be able to come up with a free resource where all the best motion graphics videos would be stored? Now your dreams can come true. is a cutting edge project launched by Stef Nitert from Enschede, Netherlands. Working as a fleelancer and studying Applied Arts, he got interested in product animation and started studying this notion in depth. He often searched the web for a resource of inspiration where numerous great design projects can be gathered in one place. That was the time when he came up with the idea of launching Motion Graphics website where users can watch numerous fine videos in one view. The site features a well-organized home page with all the recently shared videos as well as a slideshow of featured clips.

Here are some of the most inspirational and memorable videos on Motion Graphics. Featuring not only impressive visual presentation but also breathtaking music in the background, such things are a must to be watched.


Merchants & Sons Spring Montage


Nothing wakes me up better than a cup of coffee in the morning. While for some of us a coffee or tea break is just a way to rest from monotonous work and boost energy, for many others it’s a special ritual that has spiritual significance.

In many cultures, the ritual aspect of having a cup of coffee or tea has semi-religious status. Let’s take the Japanese culture, for instance. I believe all of you have heard about the famous Japanese tea ceremonies, in which green tea is whipped in a traditional bowl to form a rich, nosey drink. The ceremony is held in the full silence to contemplate the presence of eternity in the moment.

Whether you perceive a coffee break as a special ritual or a habitual action, our today’s compilation of great mug design ideas should come in handy. While even the cheapest plastic cups can do the job, one will hardly disagree that drinking your favorite beverage from a creative mug would only make it tastier. If you are looking for something unique, funny of practical – in our today’s compilation we have made an effort to gather mugs and glasses of different forms and designs to please your taste. Have a look at these creative coffee mug design ideas. Here you will definitely find something to your liking. A little less conversation, a little more action. Let’s get straight to business.


Ceramic Shave Mug for wet shaving

Ceramic Shave Mug for wet shaving


Wedding is the most precious, long-awaiting, and important day of your life. So, you should pay attention to each and every detail to make it memorable and exciting. Alongside with choosing breathtaking wedding dress and cake, pick outstanding wedding invitations that your guests will keep as a memory about your festivity.

Many couples underestimate the value of wedding invitations. In fact, these are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning since invitations set the tone of your event; this is the first hint at the theme and style of your special day. Trying to stand out of the crowd, people make wedding invitations in extraordinary styles and shapes that would match the level of formality of the event, its color scheme, etc.

If you lack time or inspiration, consider these amazing free PSD wedding invitations. Available in different styles and color themes, you will definitely find something that would fit your wedding theme.


Beautiful wedding

Beautiful wedding


Wonder how to draw more visitors to your site and make them stay for longer? Of course, there are plenty of various SEO techniques that would help you improve your site’s Google Ranking, but once people reach you, there should be something to make them stay. This is when GIF animation will come in handy.

Over the last few years, animation has become one of the biggest trends in web design. This allows making your resource more intriguing and lively. Rather than packing sites with still images, GIFs are more grabbing and work to engage more viewers in. First, GIFs were a matter of hot disputes since these were associated with cheap, annoying advertising. With the flow of time, web designers pushed the limits of the image format’s boundaries and started using animated images in icon design, posters, advertising, and more. You can also apply some creative GIFs to your site and watch visitors’ reaction. What we may say for sure, this will make your web project more visually appealing.

Below we offer our collection of 20 microblogs with the best Tumblr GIFs. Let these stunning and funny Tumblr animated images stir you toward creating your own catchy GIFs!


I Want To Beat My Place


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