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Great new, guys! Now there is no need in browsing the web in search of web design trends of the past years. TemplateMonster has released a breakthrough infographic that has gathered all web design trends from 2004 till 2014 in one place. As a bonus, they provide four web design trends that are expected to rock the market in 2015. Click here and browse year by year, trend by trend.



You Are Hired! These are the words every job seeker would like to hear. The sooner it will happen, the better. We all know how to achieve it – to present a thought-out resume that tells enough about you, shows your skills and explains why you can be good for the job you’re opting for.

Of course, a well-done resume is not enough. Primarily, you should have good skills in a certain sphere of business. Your portfolio will tell a lot about them. And nicely designed CV will present this portfolio at its best.

And what about creating a unique resume that will be a life illustration of your skills, and will be called a little masterpiece? How should it look like? Your imagination will be essential here. It can be a cup with a list of your skills printed on it, a paper box (with booklets inside) with all information printed on it, even creative infographic showing the milestones of your career. You can even print some extras from your CV on the t-shirt and put it on when going to interview.

Let’s see the brightest examples of resume designs compiled in this post. Hope, they will inspire you for your own creative ones.


Resume Book by Paula Del Mas

Resume Designs

Resume by Anthony McCann

Resume Designs


Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? There is no strict answer for this question, but one thing is for sure – skeuomorphism imitates life in all the details. It’s a design trend that shows objects close to their real life analogues. In such a way it makes them familiar to the viewers that can act with them as they do in the real life. When the user sees the button in skeuomorphic design, he pushes it, when a switcher – turns on/of, etc. Elements look like objects from real life, and that’s why are inviting for the audience. For example, Apple widely uses this principle in its iOS devices, and all of them are immensely popular for the crowd.

All of you are familiar with audio and visual skeuomorph in design. The first one are most audio effects that accompany your operation with some elements of design (camera, calculator, buttons, etc). The latter are all that textures that are used to make objects close to life.

If you think that skeuomorphism is only a web product, you’re mistaken. There are imitations in the real life too. The fake leather, the hubcaps of wheels in cars (resemble earlier wheel construction), electric chandeliers that look like real candles, etc.

Of course, as each trend, this one has its pros and cons.

Users feel comfortable with it, it is quite engaging, really sells, it is appealing to the viewers and acts as a good communicator.

It overlooks functionality, it can confuse, good only for certain sites.

And that’s not all. More about this creative design trend you can learn here. If you still have question about:

• History of Skeuomorphism
• Types in Web Design
• Pros and Cons
• List of Free Skeuomorphic Textures
• Examples of First Skeuomorphic UI’s
• Real life examples of Skeuomorphism

feel free to check it out. Being interactive, this infographic will show you everything in creative manner. Revealing the hidden of information will be a captivating journey that you can start just now. Click the objects placed on the shelves, and see what happens. Her you’ll see thefull version.

Interactive Infographic about Skeuomorphic Design


Bootstrap is widely used today, plenty of developers enjoy this sleek intuitive and powerful framework. The bunch of features it goes with makes the life of a developer much easier. Cozy in using navigation toolkit, wide management instrument for image and video content, LESS for preprocessing CSS and much more – this is what makes it handy. Besides, Bootstrap themes go with several layouts compatible with various handheld devices, and this gives much more opportunities.

For today much has already been said about Bootstrap, and all this information has evenly covered the web. It would be much easier to find everything about its advantages and drawbacks in one place, and here it is – Bootstrap Interactive Infographic. It turns out to be a real treasure chest for all Bootstrap fans and those who just want to know more about it. Check it out for styles generators, theme generators, free PSDs/fonts/buttons/icons, numerous tutorials and video lessons, plugins, code snippets, shortcodes and whatnot – everything that deals with Bootstrap is neatly arranged here.

This layout reminds Windows 8 Metro interface that is so popular today. This resemblance makes infographic look familiar and intuitive to the users. Its content blocks are divided into subcategories that are marked with different colors. The interactivity makes the work much easier – you just click the blocks to see the information there.
Here is the .jpg version, to see the full one follow the link.

Bootstrap Interactive Infographic:

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What is the most mysterious and inimitable color from the entire color palette? This color is modern, vibrant and tempting. It reflects power, elegance and depth. Have you’re already guessed? Of course it’s black! Today we invite you to visit a strange night city, meet its residents and read their dialogues. And the essential topic of this infographic’s presentation will be concerned to Black color.

Find out more about this effective color just looking though TemplateMonster comic style interactive infographic. Here you’ll find seven content blocks which includes interactive scenes and play buttons. Each scene contains of entertaining dialogues between the main heroes. There are Cat Woman, Batman, Van Helsing, Blade, Hulk and others. They will share essential information on various aspects of black color in web design. On your way down to the cemetery you’ll hit on into some strange objects that will attract your attention by their shimmering look and tinkling sound. By clicking on them, you can read the hidden stories with interesting facts that will open you more secrets about magnetic power of black color.

Having this great interactive tour you’ll get new knowledge on:
• original nature of black color
• color meaning for different world cultures
• hidden impact of black color on the user
• types of websites winning from dark color scheme
• all shades of black color
• some helpful articles on black color usage
• ultimate color combinations with black
• tips how to avoid rough mistakes using black color

It’s really symbolic to present you this great animated infographic about black color in Halloween Day with its dark and horror topic. We hope that you will like the creative design and comic style of this presentation and perceive it with positive emotions and good humor.

Below you see a static and contracted version of Mysterious Black in Web Design Infographic, the link to the full animated version is available at the bottom of it.

Black Infographic Top


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