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It’s been a while since the release of Magento 2.0 framework. Featuring a new checkout, new file structure, full page cashing, multi-shopping functionality, Visual Design Editor, Magento UI library, Magento performance kit, and so much more, the framework was enhanced and specifically developed to bring your customers’ online shopping experience to a whole new level.
Soon after the release of an updated framework, TemplateMonster has added a fully-featured template to the gallery of Magento 2 free themes that you can use for multiple purposes.

Compared to the default Magento 2 template called Luma, F2 Magento 2 theme is more abundant in various features and design elements providing for a more enjoyable and seamless online shopping experience. Thus, F2 features a trendy card-based design, which allows you to share as many visual and written content as you wish, without making the page look cluttered. Category and product pages also look rather different from the default template, providing the users with total control over the way the products are filtered and presented on the page.

In terms of functionality, F2 doesn’t lag behind the default template. Its pack includes a sticky header, dropdown menu, configurable swatches, sale/new product types, image slider, and so much more. If you want to take a closer look at its functionality and compare F2 to Luma, then welcome to a more detailed review of this newcomer to the Magento 2 free themes gallery.



Web design trends come and go, so it’s highly important to keep track of the latest web design tendencies in order to remain competitive on the market. The team standing behind MonsterPost made an in-depth research of the latest website design trends, carefully examined 70 resources on the matter and made up a compilation of 65 top website design trends covering all aspects of the contemporary web design.


Thus, the chart includes multiple examples and clear explanations of web design trends dealing with the layout structure, images, animation, scrolling, website usability, loading, coding and other. In addition to the clear, concise explanation, each trend is illustrated with a live example of how it was achieved on web resources.

The compilation is truly informative and helpful, so is worthy of being bookmarked for further references.


Gone are the days when you needed to spend thousands of bucks on a custom-made logo design. Today, even a web design newbie can create a unique, impressive logo design without any extra help. How is that possible?

MonsterPost has decided to run a research in an attempt to make a compilation of the best tools from which you can choose the most relevant free logo creator.


When working on you logo design, make sure that is look creative yet simple and easy-to-remember. Your logo shouldn’t contain more than two colors and texts written in more than two fonts. Another thing to consider is making your logo versatile, avoiding any stereotypes.

Getting back to the compilation, TemplateMonster’s team analyzed 8 free and 8 paid online tools that are available on the market and compared all of them based on the following criteria: custom symbols, industry categorization, styling options and mockup preview. So, if you are in search of the best free logo creator, go ahead and look though the comparison chart, which was made rather informative and easy-to-follow.


We’ve decided to start new week from short inspirational post devoted business cards. Of course you’ve faced with the problem of creating truly original and interesting design for business card and you should know that there are thousands of beautiful solutions that might use. This small collection contains distinct examples of original design works. As usual we believe that you’ll find some inspiration today and this post will bring you good mood and will be that muse that inspires you. Take care and hope to see you soon.






Flash is a world famous multimedia platform for animation and games creation and for video and audio files playback. Nobody will say that this software is perfect but you can hardly find something better. And that’s why TemplateMonster gives the world the results of their great Flash Industry Survey in which more than 10,000 people took part. Their opinions and generalized experience were carefully taken into account and now all these priceless results are graphically demonstrated to you at

Future of Flash Industry

This information is truly important and helpful for every flash developer as it gives a holistic impression about the situation on the flash market, its tendencies and people preferences. It will help you to develop the action plan in order to improve your flash activity and correct some past mistakes (if there were some of them).

The flash industry survey results are combined into three groups:

  • Flash industry figures;
  • Flash CMS and Flash editing;
  • Flash websites general attitude figures.

The survey results give the full impression of future of the flash technology and all valuable ideas will be used to improve efficiency in this industry. We’ll be glad to know your thoughts about the flash industry survey so tell us everything that you have to say in comments right here.


Recently, a complete resource for information on Rich Internet Applications, has launched a competition to find the best RIA of 2009. The 3 internet applications that receive the highest number of votes will be showcased at a special session at Adove MAX 2009.

Note: all applications that take part in the competition have been created/powered with Adobe tools and were either created, released, or updated this year.

We’ve checked out 10 semi finalists and it seems to us that FlashMoto Flash CMS is the most efficient tool when it comes to Flash. By voting for this Flash CMS you support easy Flash development.

Please click here if you want to cast your vote.

Keep in mind this is your only opportunity to vote for this year’s best Rich Internet Application. So, what are you waiting for?


If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, then you remember our post about the Twitter Insanity Day at It was all about providing 50% discounts for TemplateMonster Twitter followers.

No doubt those who follow TemplateMonster on Twitter enjoyed the promo. However, a lot of people were late for it.

So the company decided to start another promo. It’s also about discounts. To make a long story short this week TemplateMonster will publish 6 promo codes. Each promo code provides a 50% discount on TemplateMonster products.

All discount codes will be published on TemplateMonsterTwitter page. To take advantage of the 50% discount you should be the first to find the code and what is most important use it! If you are not use the promo code you won’t get a discount. So be sure to revisit TemplateMonster Twitter page as often as you can.

Please remember the last promo code will be published on September 5th, 2009.


Formula 1 or Gashog Fieldcar – You gotta’ have a website to sell those crates.  Today it’s a mechanical fact.  Website’s make your business visible.  Uncle Arthur is here to tell you – visibility is a must considering CarMAX, new card dealers and every other shade tree mechanic selling fixer-uppers has a website.  And, it’s for a good reason.  A Flash Template Automobile Sales Car Lot Small Business Blog Auto Pollution Free Website Used New Online will sell more cars.


Flash Template #18222 from

Sell cars to women???  Sure you do.  They might bring along a man to look the car over, or drive it, or haggle a little on price, but the girl is gonna’ buy what she wants.  Uncle Arthur can tell you, today’s women pick the car by how it looks, and 80% to 90% look on the web for deals and colors and options. Your car lot, small business blog auto sales needs a sleek Flash Template to get your automobile pollution free website for new and used cars online.

Flash Templates Website can make your Automobile Sales Car Lot blog Small a booming business for auto pollution free website either used or new online.

To peruse the amazing designs available in this huge collection of Flash Template winners just click here. Automobile blog Sales Car Lot Small Business Auto Pollution Free Website Used New Online.


Would you throw a beer can out of the window while a state trooper was following you on the highway?  NO!  At least Uncle arthur knows you have that much sense.  Now get a blog Flash Template Automobile Sales Car Lot Small Business Auto Pollution Free Website Used New Online, or get off the road!!

Free the Highways from Gashogs!
Arthur “Pass the Maserati” Browning


I have dabbled a bit here and there with social networking and feeds and various article rating systems. I have not always been dazzled by these systems for one reason or another. Sometimes they are too complicated, sometimes the results and participation are either artificial or too inbred to actually be social, sometimes there’s too much politics, sometimes they just aren’t that much help for my interests or my websites.


Be that as it may, these systems do serve some purposes, some serve them very well. One large and sometimes controversial system is Members refer a “good” article to other members on a certain topic for certain key words, other members “Digg” it or vote on it as to its interest, relevancy or quality of content.

This system works a lot of the time from what I can see. There have been some social “ganging” or clique Digging of votes, and there have been a few articles about the resulting problems. But overall, Digg serves its purposes, and it has a lot of members and readers who do not submit articles or Digg on them.

People who submit the articles, and the people who wrote those articles can get a lot of attention if an article gets adequately Dugg to boost it to prominence. This attention may be parlayed into increased traffic for the article, Digg member name recognition, author name recognition, publishing website name recognition and resulting prominence, contracts, sales, etc.

What does it take to become a success on Digg? How does it feel to be a success at Digg? Who are the biggies at Digg? Here’s an article with some first class answers to these and other questions about Digg – “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE POPULAR ON DIGG?,” appearing on the DesignInterviews Blog and written by Helen Walker. Helen interviews five very successful Digg members:

Jonathan Snook –
Mark Boulton –
Jonathan Nicon –
Alex Griffioen –
Joe Dolson –

She has some great responses to some great questions. What you can learn from this article? Better read it.

Digg Me?
Arthur Browning


Gateways for transacting business online have made financial dealings possible and convenient. The online payment gateways are the best way to electronically transfer money. Which one is best for you.

Online payment gateways are financial agents who act as intermediaries on the internet between buyer and seller, sender and receiver of funds. Online payment gateways conveniently permit visitors to make payments and transfer funds any where on the planet that has an internet terminal worldwide.

Some online payment gateways have the abilities to send an invoice or make payment online – done through emails or cell phones. For international tranfers they may even provide a currency exchange with very low charges.

Increasing use of the online payment gateways has occurred for many reasons: 1) the transfer of money or payment is convenient 2) the security measure of encryption is used to prevent any hacking or scamming 3) the transactions can be guaranteed for users. Setting up the online payment gateway on a website allows visitors to complete purchases quickly and easily.

Making a choice as to which payment gateway is best for you is an important decision. One very important factor is gateway compatibility. Any online payment system that is compatible with only a few other gateways automatically narrows your options.

Customers may balk at doing business with a merchant or service provider whose online payment gateway is not compatible with the most popular systems. Here are some criteria for deciding which gateway is best for you.

1) The security measures – does the system be use a digital signature to inhibit hacking?

2) The dynamic IP address records – do they provide additional security by running a check on the IP address used in prior user transactions?

3) The 128-bit security by Secure Socket Layer – do they use SSL automatic encryption?

4) The compatibility – do they operate with banks, credit cards, Western Union, American Express, other gateways?

5) The guarantee – do they guarantee transactions and offer a reimbursement if there is a problem?

6) The speed – do they quickly process all transactions? – checks can take days to clear if not electronically processed – credit card transactions and money transfers from a funded account should be instantaneous.

Payment gateway systems like Google’s Checkout, Epay, PayPal and each offer some good features. One problem with larger companies is that they are the first targets of hackers. Microsoft Windows is hacked more than Apple and Internet Explorer is hacked much more than Firefox.

PayPal is the largest and oldest payment gateway and it gets the most hacks. There are thousands of scams conducted against PayPal accounts. PayPal is also the respondent in several class action suits because of problems with customer accounts. PayPal has lost many customers because they tried to exclude other systems from Ebay.

One excellent gateway payment system without all the hacking and lawsuit problems is They provide all the services quickly, easily and safely. When you shop around for payment gateway systems you should remember that no system is without limitations.

Every system needs to achieve a user-friendly status to serve the merchant and the buyer – and to be around for the future.

Wal-Mart should sell small solar generator and electric hookup kits for the grid – then watch their stock prices rise.  Ask them at their link.
Arthur Browning


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