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Nothing reflects the idea of a travel agency better than attractive large visuals of foreign countries most people would like to visit. If you’re looking for setting up or redressing a website that deals with traveling, consider this stylish theme – Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Travel Site – featuring the modern approach to design. Choosing it as your site basis, you invest in its future success with no money spent.

Theme’s Definitive Features

  • Beautiful top slider with full-width photos is hypnotizing. If you want to attract more viewers, make it with effective visuals like the ones implemented in this jQuery slider that shows top destinations and price notification of these tours.
  • responsive nature. Starting a site on the basis of this theme you can be sure that it will be correctly displayed on desktops, and screens of all sizes.
  • Booking form on the front page allows the clients to find the very trip they need just in a few clicks. This well-constructed form narrows the search and shows all possible company’s offers.
  • Blog page. Use this sub-page to welcome more clients to the company posting its latest news and sharing discounts and promos with them.

Now enjoy this freebie in live action and feel free to press “download” button to get .psd files and start your site.

Demo | Download

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Travel Site


Are you getting presents from our Christmas Eve Calendar every day? We’ve recently wrote about it. TemplateMonster launched a so nice calendar that counts days till X-mas and offers you some cool presents. One day – one present. They are: various promos, discounts, freebies and whatever useful stuff that can come in handy in your work. These presents are given away during 24 hours, and the next day they are changed into the new ones.

What’s today’s gift? Its a set of nice call-to-action buttons. Not a single site can go without effective buttons of this kind that push visitors to do somethings. Just have a look at them. They can be the ones you’ve been looking for recently.

Several presents are still active. Hurry up to make use of these deals:

  • 30% OFF InkyDeals current offers, 50% OFF DesignTNT.comactive till December 31, 2013
  • 40% discount from UltimateDesignerToolkit.comactive till December 24, 2013

It’s so pleasant to get presents. Don’t miss them!



‘Being on the wave’ is one of the ways to be popular online. If you want your restaurant site to be interesting for the viewers, try some effective design. Scandinavian style will be a perfect distinctive feature of your web presence. It makes use of simple structure and clean & clear look – this elegant beauty helps focus attention on business ideas. Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business with a Scandinavian touch will help you set up a site that will draw attention of potential clients.

How is Scandinavian chic presented in this design? Clean look of the theme paired with the pleasant on the eye muted olive coloration of the background, blurred images in the gallery section, elegant typography. Even the stylish pale map (a perfect fit for the site color scheme) is chosen from Snazzy maps site that offers a variety of items.

This style implies not only effective look, but a good functionality. The theme you see features well-structured layout, wise navigation (back-to-top button, Animated Border Menu). The latter looks like a burger menu (several stacked dashes) clicking which you can see menu items.

Have a look at this theme in live action and enjoy its stylish design. Feel free to download it and start a site with a modern look.

Demo | Download

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business:

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Business


How many days are there left till Christmas? TemplateMonster offers interactive Xmas countdown – Christmas Eve Calendar with a lot of presents. Christmas calendars are extremely popular in Germany where all children are waiting for the one to appear at home. The idea of such calendar is to count days till Christmas starting from the 1st of December and give away presents. It can be a box of chocolates with each little sweet put in separate sections or a hand-made tree with a lot of bags with presents on it.

Christmas Eve Calendar from TemplateMonster looks like a bunch of multicolored boxes put around the Xmas wreath. Each box has something inside: discounts, promos, etc. Every day the new box is opened. Almost each promo you get is available during a day only, the next day in its changed with another one.

Let’s see what’s for today. This is an offer from Doteasy100 GB SSD Hosting Plan for Only $1/month. It’s active during the next 24 hours. Hurry up to make use of it. Hyper-speed hosting for just $1/month – isn’t it cool?

NB! The previous offer (December 2nd) is still active: 50% discount for the full access to stuff.

christmas eve calendar

Are you in? Plenty of goodies are waiting for you. One day – one present. Get ready to get them all!


Holidays are for joy and presents. This Thursday is for Halloween and with the coming of dark the fang-tastic night will begin. All costumes are ready, spirits riding high… Do you want to make your mood even higher? We know how to do it. Great news for you, guys – TemplateMonster starts autumn promo - 30% Discount for all holiday templates.

2 weeks from October 31 to November 14th, you’re welcome to get any theme you like from a huge collection of Holiday Templates. Search for the following product types in this collection:

Moto CMS

and many others. Browsing all themes, you’ll find solutions for Christmas sites, Halloween costume shops, Valentine blogs, etc.

Get Holiday themes with 30% Discount during October 31 – November 14th

View some of them here:


Christmas Moto CMS HTML Template

Christmas Moto CMS HTML Template


Masquerade Masks OpenCart Template

Masquerade Masks OpenCart Template


Whatever serious yogis do in their active life, they remain yogis. They practice, attend usual meetings with like-minded, go for seminars and try to keep calm in everyday life. Their days look like the days of average people, with the difference that they are always eager to practice some asanas wherever they are. That’s a joke, but be sure they can do it with great pleasure.

Sometimes it’s really cute to observe how they perform all that strange poses that are called asanas. It seems that they bend all around and above, can keep balance on a toe and even sit for hours without a movement (while they meditate). If you ever try to do it yourself, you would certainly find out that it is also engaging.

The inspiring yoga-oriented art can be of a great value both for the devotees and amateurs. Various illustrations, wallpapers, sayings – the push your desire to act forward. It’s a source of inspiration, and I offer it to you in the following post of Free Yoga Wallpapers to Keep Desktop Calm & Spirited.

If you are just a passerby, you’re welcome to enjoy the aesthetics of what you see. If you’ve been practicing for some time, you can find a lot of familiar to you and judge the accuracy of execution.

Free Yoga Wallpapers
Free Yoga Wallpapers


It’s flat! Completely flat from A-Z. It’s all about the fresh freebie from – Free Single Page Theme for Business Website. Any business you’d like to bring on the web will gain maximum attention of potential customers due to this visually attractive design.

What makes this theme flat? It’s simple design concept, clean graphics and soft color palette.

What Gives Power to This Theme?



Being Flat. What it is?

Don’t make the world around too complicated. The most serious things are simple at their core. Today’s web proves this fact and pushes simplicity in terms of flat design for prime position. It’s a product of time and designers strive for it. It’s not a Bible for all, but it’s really easy on the eye and it works.

Simplicity, clarity, usability – these are 3 main stones flat design stands on. Simple interface with a focus on color and typography makes sites pleasant to view. Removing everything that is extra, this style reaches crisp and clean look.

When it comes to designing a site in a certain style, the attention should be paid to its least elements especially UI ones. This nice compilation of Free PSD Login Forms in flat design will come in handy for all of you who are going to try a flat style in designing a site.

Free PSD Login Forms in Flat Design

Login form – this is what the designer should focus his/hers attention on. This form is a way you communicate with the visitors, asking them to act. Their feedback (they become registered users and thus potential clients) depends on the way you ask. This form should communicate clearly what are you waiting from the visitors. It can be performed with such design elements:

Labels – explain what to write in a marked field.
Rows – 2 or 3 (sometimes even one), they should be clean, with enough space for the comfort of typing in.
Submit button – it should be nice enough to push the visitor to click it.

All these elements have one goal – they should guide a person seamlessly through the login process. It is achieved due to well-done design as Free PSD Login Forms in flat design feature.

Browse the whole collection of skillfully made 10 login forms and

feel free to download .zip file to get them.

Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 8
Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 9


What can make a designing process a pleasant one? It is a bit of romance. This is what we offer you today within fresh theme from skillful designers – Free Website Template for Wedding Site. Enjoy its elegance and minimal style that will certainly make a site noticeable among a number of others. This theme is tailored for wedding page, but can be redesigned according the needs of any other web presence without extra efforts. By the way, you don’t need to be a mature designer to bring the desired changes into this well-coded theme.

Looking at this layout you can notice its sophisticated tone that creates a warm welcome to the viewers. The emphasis is put on the visual presentation within this design. Large slider in the top is good for featuring the life moments of the couple, the Gallery page offers to showcase the wedding ceremony in the most effective way. The guests can leave their wishes on the same-name page, read love story of the twosome in the specially allotted section, and learn everything about place and time of ceremony from the featured blocks. This content wise layout will present all the information in easy-to-perceive way. How it will look, you can see in free template live demo.

Free Website Template for Wedding Site:

Free Theme

Feel free to get this free website template with PSD source files. To download this theme with PSD files, visit the Free Website Template for Wedding Site download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Website Template for Wedding Site with PSD files (49,6MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.


The background of your site is what sets the tone of its design. It effects the overall mood, complements to the main idea of the project, influences the viewers’ perception of the site. When you choose it, think about the goal that you want to achieve, what kind of tone you want to bring into your work.

It’s more visually appealing to see textures and some pattern on the background, than the simple colored pieces. Of course, it doesn’t go about minimal styles where less is more and clean look is above everything. In other cases, the pleasant on the eyes backgrounds make the content more standing out.

Good background textures should fit the design you have, and here is a bunch of 35+ Free Background Patterns for you to choose from and use as a perfect decor for the site. Floral, grunge, ornamental, rustic, royal, modern – their variety is great, so you will certainly find the one you need here. Start the journey around them now!






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