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The web has chosen the right direction this year and it’s minimalism has become one of the most impactful design trends in 2013. Minimalistic approach to web design – this is how it is called. Most designers and viewers love it due to the clean look and effectiveness. Less is more – this is the main principle of this design trend.

Why minimalism?

It flourishes all over the web, and it’s popularity has a solid background. Here are the main ideas beyond this notion “minimalistic design”:

• gives uncluttered look to designs
• has a soothing effect for the viewers
focuses attention on the subject matter
is laconic

Using it as the main principle of your design, you can be sure that the message you send to the viewers is clear and explicit.

To inspire you for your own clean designs, I’ve compiled awesome minimalistic wallpapers. Each item is created with a touch of beauty and simplicity. They show that the viewers can experience the design work better, when nothing distracts from its main point. Notice that most common language of minimalism is spoken by means of forms, like in most of these designs.

Enjoy all of them and apply Zen atmosphere to your desktop.


Minimalistic Wallpapers

I Love Photoshop

Minimalistic Wallpapers


Whatever serious yogis do in their active life, they remain yogis. They practice, attend usual meetings with like-minded, go for seminars and try to keep calm in everyday life. Their days look like the days of average people, with the difference that they are always eager to practice some asanas wherever they are. That’s a joke, but be sure they can do it with great pleasure.

Sometimes it’s really cute to observe how they perform all that strange poses that are called asanas. It seems that they bend all around and above, can keep balance on a toe and even sit for hours without a movement (while they meditate). If you ever try to do it yourself, you would certainly find out that it is also engaging.

The inspiring yoga-oriented art can be of a great value both for the devotees and amateurs. Various illustrations, wallpapers, sayings – the push your desire to act forward. It’s a source of inspiration, and I offer it to you in the following post of Free Yoga Wallpapers to Keep Desktop Calm & Spirited.

If you are just a passerby, you’re welcome to enjoy the aesthetics of what you see. If you’ve been practicing for some time, you can find a lot of familiar to you and judge the accuracy of execution.

Free Yoga Wallpapers
Free Yoga Wallpapers


Halloween is just around the corner! This great holiday came to us from ancient times and still remains one of the most popular and enchanting festivals in the year! Typical Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, decorating houses, carving pumpkins, attending costume parties, telling horror stories, lighting bonfires and just scaring each other. All Hallows’ Eve has the special magical zest, probably that’s why both children and adults love this holiday and enjoy it so much.

To help you meet the Day of All Saints and have fun on all cylinders we’ve selected for you Free Halloween Wallpapers that will perfectly decorate your desktops by adding mysterious dreadful look.

Tomorrow night we will be celebrating this wonderful holiday and having a blowout! So be ready to welcome All Saints’ Eve and Happy Halloween to everybody!

Free Halloween Wallpapers

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Free Halloween Wallpapers

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Dear readers, today is a very special day and that’s why we’d like to start this article with an Irish blessing

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you whenever you go
Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We promise that we won’t take much of your time. We’ll just share a few helpful links.

Below are Free St. Patrick’s Day wallpapers from Feel free to download any of them and decorate your desktop!

Free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper #1



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