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Everyone working in the web design and web development industry needs to have a set of free website design tools at their disposal for work or just for inspiration. In this blog post you can find literally everything that a web designer might need to keep in handy.
53 websites with professionally taken artistic photos, 37 best web design galleries, 40 powerful web design tools, and other handy web design stuff can be found in a compilation.


On top of that, the chart includes legal docs, invoice generators, domain name generators and other practical online tools that you will need to run your IT business. SEO and analytical tools, e-mail services, A/B testing and other solutions were all cleverly categorized and presented in a user-friendly manner. The best part about this compilation is that it features only free web design tools and resources, which can help businesses of any size and specification.


Are you getting presents from our Christmas Eve Calendar every day? We’ve recently wrote about it. TemplateMonster launched a so nice calendar that counts days till X-mas and offers you some cool presents. One day – one present. They are: various promos, discounts, freebies and whatever useful stuff that can come in handy in your work. These presents are given away during 24 hours, and the next day they are changed into the new ones.

What’s today’s gift? Its a set of nice call-to-action buttons. Not a single site can go without effective buttons of this kind that push visitors to do somethings. Just have a look at them. They can be the ones you’ve been looking for recently.

Several presents are still active. Hurry up to make use of these deals:

  • 30% OFF InkyDeals current offers, 50% OFF DesignTNT.comactive till December 31, 2013
  • 40% discount from UltimateDesignerToolkit.comactive till December 24, 2013

It’s so pleasant to get presents. Don’t miss them!



Only cool and only fresh! This compilation of freebies offers you most attractive and nicely styled Free Social Media Icons that were created in 2013. Minimal, clean, grunge, colorful, with fade color scheme – all of them are waiting for you to see them. They are designed with one important thing in mind – be attention grabbing and look inviting for the viewers. This is the main goal for each set of social media icons. When they are carefully done, they work as triggers and welcome the users to click them and visit social profiles. You just need to choose the sets that correspond to the style of your project’s design.

Instead of surfing for hours all around the web, check out this post, and choose free social media icons that correspond to the look of your site. Following the links, you’ll find .png and .psd of the items you are interested in.


Free Long Shadow Simple Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Long Shadow Flat Free Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Being Flat. What it is?

Don’t make the world around too complicated. The most serious things are simple at their core. Today’s web proves this fact and pushes simplicity in terms of flat design for prime position. It’s a product of time and designers strive for it. It’s not a Bible for all, but it’s really easy on the eye and it works.

Simplicity, clarity, usability – these are 3 main stones flat design stands on. Simple interface with a focus on color and typography makes sites pleasant to view. Removing everything that is extra, this style reaches crisp and clean look.

When it comes to designing a site in a certain style, the attention should be paid to its least elements especially UI ones. This nice compilation of Free PSD Login Forms in flat design will come in handy for all of you who are going to try a flat style in designing a site.

Free PSD Login Forms in Flat Design

Login form – this is what the designer should focus his/hers attention on. This form is a way you communicate with the visitors, asking them to act. Their feedback (they become registered users and thus potential clients) depends on the way you ask. This form should communicate clearly what are you waiting from the visitors. It can be performed with such design elements:

Labels – explain what to write in a marked field.
Rows – 2 or 3 (sometimes even one), they should be clean, with enough space for the comfort of typing in.
Submit button – it should be nice enough to push the visitor to click it.

All these elements have one goal – they should guide a person seamlessly through the login process. It is achieved due to well-done design as Free PSD Login Forms in flat design feature.

Browse the whole collection of skillfully made 10 login forms and

feel free to download .zip file to get them.

Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 8
Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 9


Each creative web project needs a professional design. You should think thoughtfully about every single component of your website, trying to make a smart balance between effective visual presentation and good functionality. And any professional design can’t be made without helpful and multifaceted UI elements. Basically, user interface is a specific interaction between your site and its visitors. Usually it includes such necessary parts as menus, search boxes, forms, drop downs, etc. And what is the most important thing about user interface is that it should be effective, well-defined and easy to see. That’s why each element of UI kit needs to be well designed and nicely arranged. Therefore a progress bar plays not the last role in this process. Though its typical structure is quite simple, but even this UI element can be presented in different variations. Today we offer you to download our great collection of free progress bars and find your favorite one that will complement your great design!

Color Changing Download Progress Bar

* * *

Circular Progress Bars

* * *

Stone Progress Bar

* * *


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