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When holidays get closer to us there is always a feeling that we need that one more day to be perfectly prepared for the celebration. And it doesn’t matter how long you prepare for the memorable day, there is always a lack of time for some important trifles. And now in a couple days before Christmas we offer you not to waste your time on the web looking for more and more interesting festive things. You’d better look through the round up of Free Christmas Twitter Backgrounds. Here you will absolutely find few amazing Twitter themes for the best preholiday arranging of your twitter page.
We are sure that our small collection will catch your fancy and bring joy and happiness into your interactive life. We wish you a Mary Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry X-mas Christmas Twitter Theme

Free Christmas twitter Themes

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Free Twitter Background #27

Free Christmas twitter Themes

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Scary and mysterious Halloween night is coming and millions of people from all over the world prepare to celebrate the holiday. They will dress up in costumes of devils and ghosts, paint their faces and try to frighten each other. But these things concern the real life and what about our online being?

Many Internet resources will be changed and customized too! Toothy pumpkins, faceless ghosts, black cats and witches on brooms will decorate many web pages. And why not to diversify you twitter account with funny creepy free twitter background?! It does not take much time but it will please your followers greatly.

And now we offer you to review some free Halloween twitter backgrounds and to choose the right one for your account.

Free Twitter Background

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Free Twitter Background


These days, people from all over the world are excited by the Winter Olympic Games that take place in Vancouver, Canada. If you are a sports fan, a sports reporter or just a person who wants to spread the Olympic spirit, feel free to download the Twitter Backgrounds shown below.

The Free Twitter Backgrounds are designed with the Olympics in mind and come with the official Olympics symbols and sports icons.

To download the Free Olympics Twitter Backgrounds, please visit or simply click the link in this sentence.

Free Twitter Background #1



Not long ago we’ve introduced several Twitter backgrounds that are available for free. If you need more of them, check out the links below.

We’ve just learn that provides Free Twitter Backgrounds and here we are to share this info with you. Just in case you want to refresh your Twitter page or make it original, you can browse these Twitter Backgrounds. Not only are these designs free but professional as well.


The Team has promised to add a new background per day. No doubt all Twitter Themes will be offered free of charge. However, there is one requirement to download Free Twitter Backgrounds – you should have an account with

Keep in mind creating an account is free and easy. After you create an account you’ll be able to download not only Free Twitter Themes but many other freebies, including free website templates, free wallpapers, free illustrations, etc. All this stuff is given for free to anyone having an account with


Do you need a Free Twitter template that could be used for almost any Twitter page? Feel free to download the Grunge Twitter Background! It is available at

I would say the Free Grunge Twitter Background is all in one solution because it can be used for a personal Twitter account, hobby Twitter account or a business Twitter account.

In fact the Free Twitter background has originated from a Grunge Website Template. If you want a website and a Twitter page to be designed in one style you can Download a Free Twitter Background and purchase a Grunge Website Template. In fact the Grunge website template is available at a discount. Please click here to learn how you can get a discount.


Today’s free Twitter background is much different from the one we’ve announced a week ago. If the previous background was perfect for travel tweets, this one is designed for hosting tweets.

I bet it’s not a secret that Twitter is often used to promote a certain company or business 🙂 and most hosting companies know it for sure.

So, the free Twitter background shown below will be useful for hosting providers and hosting resellers.

Please visit to download the FREE hosting background for your Twitter account.


I bet you already know that Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to write and read each other’s updates. You may post about anything you want – your family, your hobby, your job, your trips, etc.

Yes, Twitter is easy to use but the default Twitter background is a bit boring and it’s the same for thousands of people who use Twitter.

As more and more people join, more and more people customize their Twitter pages. It’s the latest trend to make a Twitter page different from others.

If you also need a fresh design for your Twitter account, please check out the Rest and Travel Twitter Template. This Twitter background is perfect for travel agencies and those of you who like traveling and tweeting about it.

Note the image is clickable and linked to the download page.

And the last but not the least, this Twitter theme is available for FREE download!

Anyway, it’s summer time and many of you enjoy traveling and sharing your experiences. So why don’t you download a Free Twitter background from TemplateMonster and make your page stand out?


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