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We are always looking for the ways to make our web projects more impressive than the ones of our competitors. That’s why we are always striving to upgrade our blogs, online portfolios, business and eCommerce sites or whatsoever with a unique, eye-catching style.

Vintage web design elements are among the most proven ways of catching the users’ eye with elegant curls and swirls yet making your web project look elegant and pleasant to the eye at the same time.


As a trend, vintage originated in the 19th and 20th centuries. The key elements that characterize it are all-that-natural components like wood, rough paper, cloth, artificially aged objects, etc.

So, if you would like to add a “tailored” look to your web resource, then the following vintage mockup free compilation for web designers will surely come in handy to you.

The collection includes 200 free mockups that you can use for various purposes. Logo templates, mockups, icons, fonts, textures, vectors, brushes, text effects, Photoshop actions, and other elements were thoroughly handpicked and presented in one easy-to-browse compilation. So, if you are looking for a cool vintage-inspired freebie for your website, there is a lot to choose from in the post.


Charles Richards said: ‘There are only as many days in the year as you make use of’. A new year is coming, and we wish every single day of your calendar 2015 be filled with small and big pleasures and success!
Meanwhile, we offer you a set of amazing 2015 calendar PSD templates, because a calendar is some kind of magic which presents visually what cannot be seized – TIME.

For Holidays

1. X-mas spirit is in the air: a free calendar performed in a holiday style will create a perfect holiday atmosphere in any project of yours.

free calendar psd templates


Being one of the most anticipated and joyful times of the year, Christmas celebration is busy season for many of us. Just imagine, you need to buy gifts for the loved ones, prepare for the party, decorate Christmas tree, sign greeting cards, and do plenty of other stuff. For web designers, this is a rather stressful time as well. Alongside with having plenty of household stuff on the to-do list, they need to bring festive mood into their business projects, in order to please each and every. Taking all this into consideration, we have decided to smoothen things down for you and simply treat you with a fresh set of free Christmas vectors. Meet your deadline by downloading and customizing any of these.

When the December is on, many of us start thinking on new outstanding designs to develop. However, sometimes the only solution to launch the next project on time is buying something on the web. There are plenty of premium resources to choose from. However, if you have limited budget, there are always many free Christmas vectors and illustrations for you to consider. To save your time, we have handpicked 30 of the most stunning new designs that can breeze fresh air into your website or blog and cheer up every passer-by.

If you need a wider selection of creative free Christmas vectors and PSD files for your work, you may click here. TemplateMonster Blog has a freshly released post with dozens of free icons, stickers, textures, patterns, fonts and Photoshop brushes. All of the mentioned above are free to download and use in personal and/or commercial purposes. Just click the link/image, download the necessary item, edit it the way you need, and bring it live.

That’s enough about the MonsterBlog post. Now let’s get straight to our compilation of free Christmas vectors. Take your time and enjoy!




How many of you were fascinated with everything out of this world in the childhood? Do you know a boy who was not dreaming of becoming a spaceman when he grows up? I believe every second person on earth has a secret wish to go to the moon and discover something new. Being grown-ups we start bringing our dreams into reality. This is when space-themed websites come in handy.

Space backgrounds have something mysterious, overwhelming and somewhat enigmatic. They let us get closer to something too far away from us, something we can hardly reach but want to investigate so much. Space backgrounds are great attention grabbers. These add some charm to your website and make is more appealing. So, this can be a great reason for updating your own project with them.

Generally speaking, there are two types of space-themed websites over there. The first one includes sites with realistic looking background designs, whereas projects with comic-looking illustrations build up the second group. The web is flooded with thousands of images that can be used as a great source of inspiration or simply downloaded to be further incorporated into web designs. You can order a custom-made design anytime, anywhere. However, in order to see how popular such a design will be among users it’s worth considering some ready-made, free space-themed backgrounds that you can download and add to your website. If you are looking for such stuff, you’ve reached the right post.

Today we are happy to treat you with a compilation of amazing free space backgrounds, which you can download and use in your own web projects. Have a look at the entire showcase and don’t forget to share your thoughts about it with us. We’ll be more than happy to see these incorporated into your web projects. Take your time and enjoy!


Space Vector Graphics


As Easter comes closer, it’s high time to add some cool free holiday stuff to your website. Bright icons, banners, backgrounds and Easter images will bring festive mood to your resource, spirit up your theme and evoke only positive emotions. Isn’t that what all of us what to achieve when developing a new theme? Have a look at our 5 sets of free holiday stuff and give a new dimension for your Easter festive.

Free Easter Icons

Easter is the time of rebirth. It’s the period of egg coloring, Easter Bunnies, sweat treats and family celebrations. Why not bring some festive Easter mood to your website as well?

Easter is commonly associated with such bright colors as red, yellow and orange that bring energetic and inviting mood, whereas green is strongly associated with nature and reflects relaxation. Web designers follow this trend and develop bright and eye-catching icons that won’t leave any of you indifferent. Using the following collection of free Easter icons featuring birds, bunnies, and eggs in your designs will brighten up your site and make this Easter celebration a very special one.




Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! It’s really great family holiday, so if you’d like to create some special design project or just greetings for your relatives or friends – our multifaceted compilation of free web design stuff will be right for you!

Fall brings to us seasonal chill, rainy days, leaf fall and of course such wonderful traditional holidays as Harvest Festivals, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Taking advantage of nature’s best designs, we tried to include all necessary attributes in this collection. You’ll find here turkeys, pumpkins, colorful leaves, cornucopias as well as autumn backgrounds.

So have a look at this holiday set of free icons, PSD files, vectors and textures that have Thanksgiving seasonal topic in their origin. Browse and enjoy!

* * *

Thanksgiving Day PSD

November Seasonal Icon Pack

* * *

Thanksgiving Icons RSS

* * *


Today we are happy to share with our valuable customers a helpful business product – Free Facebook Covers. You won’t find Facebook Covers among TemplateMonster’s products; this entry is the only place to get them. Our designers present you this pack to make your Facebook brand page more varied.

Cover image in Timeline layout plays an important part drawing visitor’s attention to your page. Hereof, you can’t but agree that a Facebook Cover should be very efficient to arouse user’s concern. Our Free Facebook Covers were created in order to make you page more appealing and to facilitate you business promotion.

Download archive of Free Facebook Covers includes covers in .PSD and .JPG formats featuring images from TemplateMonster’s photo bank. You are welcome to edit them according to your personal business requirements. The Covers in the post are not similar to ones in the archive; they illustrate the concept of how the Cover could represent your brand page.

Here is a download package of 5 Free Facebook Covers, we are sure that they will help you present your business project on Facebook. The package contains 3 neutral business covers, 1 theme for entertainment business page and 1 for restaurant Facebook page. Feel free to customize them and create a new appearance of your brand page!

* * *

Business Free Facebook Cover

facebook cover

* * *

Restaurant Free Facebook Cover

facebook cover

* * *

Business Free Facebook Cover

facebook cover

* * *

Entertainment Free Facebook Cover

facebook cover

* * *

Business Facebook Cover

facebook cover

* * *

Download 5 Facebook Covers for free! here


Dear readers, today is a very special day and that’s why we’d like to start this article with an Irish blessing

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you whenever you go
Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We promise that we won’t take much of your time. We’ll just share a few helpful links.

Below are Free St. Patrick’s Day wallpapers from Feel free to download any of them and decorate your desktop!

Free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper #1



Web development process requires impressive images. No doubt some web designers prefer using graphics or 3D objects instead of images. Though, fascinating images make web designs look really attractive.

Currently it’s difficult to find free images that could be used for web site creation. Most web developers buy licensed images or make the pictures by themselves. Still it would be great to find fascinating images for free. So where can you find them? Here is a list of websites that offer free images and photos.






You can visit these sites and find the image that will perfectly fit web design you develop. Though, you should understand that free images can be used by hundreds of other people who have also discovered these web sites. So you shouldn’t be disappointed to see the pictures you’ve downloaded on other web sites, online blogs and online shops.

If you wish to avoid this situation you can purchase web templates from Do you wonder why? The case is that each template you buy from this templates provider goes with licensed images. Note: you get these images for free while others buy these images from famous image providers. It’s very nice to buy a web page design that already includes licensed or even unique images. It means you get top-quality images and you shouldn’t spend a lot of time for this. In fact each Template Monster customer gets access to Free Web Elements that include free icons, free images, free fonts, free logos, free sounds and etc.

We’ve just explained several ways of getting images for your web design and you are the only one to decide which way you should go: either visit different sites that offer images or purchase a web design that already includes images for your topic.


What can be better than purchasing professionally designed illustrations, web templates, 3d models and etc? Only getting this web design stuff for free, don’t you agree?

One more way for getting free designs has been recently opened at This company has started a great campaign. Every week a certain’s product will be announced a Free Product of the Week. So everyone who has an account at will be able to download this product for free all week long. As soon as the week is over this product will be for sale again. Though, there isn’t any reason to worry because a new product will become the Free Product of the week. This week you can get this stunning illustration for free.

The only one requirement for getting Product of the week is being a registered member at Note the registration process is fast and free. Please visit the presentation page of this campaign if you want to get detailed instructions on how you can download the free products offered by

This great news has been published at’s blog. So you can also read a post about the free products campaign there and make sure that professionally developed web design elements can be really given for free.


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