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We are always looking for the ways to make our web projects more impressive than the ones of our competitors. That’s why we are always striving to upgrade our blogs, online portfolios, business and eCommerce sites or whatsoever with a unique, eye-catching style.

Vintage web design elements are among the most proven ways of catching the users’ eye with elegant curls and swirls yet making your web project look elegant and pleasant to the eye at the same time.


As a trend, vintage originated in the 19th and 20th centuries. The key elements that characterize it are all-that-natural components like wood, rough paper, cloth, artificially aged objects, etc.

So, if you would like to add a “tailored” look to your web resource, then the following vintage mockup free compilation for web designers will surely come in handy to you.

The collection includes 200 free mockups that you can use for various purposes. Logo templates, mockups, icons, fonts, textures, vectors, brushes, text effects, Photoshop actions, and other elements were thoroughly handpicked and presented in one easy-to-browse compilation. So, if you are looking for a cool vintage-inspired freebie for your website, there is a lot to choose from in the post.


Are you surfing the web in search of cool vector flags of the world that you can apply to your own projects? Look no further. Today we have decided to treat you with a fine collection of quality country flags icons of different shapes, size, and styles. These will serve any of your purposes – either to indicate the language choice on your site or to customize the theme the way you wish. Whatever your purpose is, these free vector flags will make your design more visually appealing and easy to navigate.

20 sets of free vector flags we offer below come in various formats (.jpg, .ico, .icns) to perfectly meet your requirements and the operating system you’re running. One of the greatest benefits of vector format is that these world flags are not restricted in shape and size, meaning that you may enlarge, compress or widen any of them.  Mind that these free vector flags are explicit for non-commercial use. If you want to apply these files to your commercial projects, feel free to contact their creators and ask for permission.

Pick anything that meets your requirements, download them, and be inspired to create your own vector country flag after you look through our list of fabulous icons.


1. Dirty Flag Folders by Hemingway81




As Easter comes closer, it’s high time to add some cool free holiday stuff to your website. Bright icons, banners, backgrounds and Easter images will bring festive mood to your resource, spirit up your theme and evoke only positive emotions. Isn’t that what all of us what to achieve when developing a new theme? Have a look at our 5 sets of free holiday stuff and give a new dimension for your Easter festive.

Free Easter Icons

Easter is the time of rebirth. It’s the period of egg coloring, Easter Bunnies, sweat treats and family celebrations. Why not bring some festive Easter mood to your website as well?

Easter is commonly associated with such bright colors as red, yellow and orange that bring energetic and inviting mood, whereas green is strongly associated with nature and reflects relaxation. Web designers follow this trend and develop bright and eye-catching icons that won’t leave any of you indifferent. Using the following collection of free Easter icons featuring birds, bunnies, and eggs in your designs will brighten up your site and make this Easter celebration a very special one.




Only cool and only fresh! This compilation of freebies offers you most attractive and nicely styled Free Social Media Icons that were created in 2013. Minimal, clean, grunge, colorful, with fade color scheme – all of them are waiting for you to see them. They are designed with one important thing in mind – be attention grabbing and look inviting for the viewers. This is the main goal for each set of social media icons. When they are carefully done, they work as triggers and welcome the users to click them and visit social profiles. You just need to choose the sets that correspond to the style of your project’s design.

Instead of surfing for hours all around the web, check out this post, and choose free social media icons that correspond to the look of your site. Following the links, you’ll find .png and .psd of the items you are interested in.


Free Long Shadow Simple Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Long Shadow Flat Free Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! It’s really great family holiday, so if you’d like to create some special design project or just greetings for your relatives or friends – our multifaceted compilation of free web design stuff will be right for you!

Fall brings to us seasonal chill, rainy days, leaf fall and of course such wonderful traditional holidays as Harvest Festivals, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Taking advantage of nature’s best designs, we tried to include all necessary attributes in this collection. You’ll find here turkeys, pumpkins, colorful leaves, cornucopias as well as autumn backgrounds.

So have a look at this holiday set of free icons, PSD files, vectors and textures that have Thanksgiving seasonal topic in their origin. Browse and enjoy!

* * *

Thanksgiving Day PSD

November Seasonal Icon Pack

* * *

Thanksgiving Icons RSS

* * *


You didn’t really think we’d forget about Halloween, did you? This is one of the most exciting and effective holidays that is popular all around the world among kids and grown-ups. Halloween has its special original spirit, something between joy and thrill that makes it differ from other holidays.

Lit jack o’ lanterns, fancy decorative bats, trick or treating walks, sweets, horror stories – these are main necessary attributes of All Saints Day. In preparation to celebrate this holiday, we are decorating our houses, looking for Halloween costumes, baking some tasty stuff, making funny crafts. And of course we like to decorate our desktops or web projects for Halloween as well. That’s why we brought to you these great items to save your time and help you prepare for this holiday in time!

In today’s compilation we’ve included such traditional Free Halloween icons as ghosts, bats, jack o’ lanterns, witches, black cats, monsters, spiders and skeletons. So browse them and get ready to Halloween!

Halloween Icon Set

* * *

Trick or Treat Icons

* * *


Hi guys! I want to ask you something. How many times have you been given a present that costs $5000? Do you want to get one right now? Our friend TemplateMonster continues to gladden us with its mega gifts! So let’s untie the ribbon on the gift’s box and see what’s inside.

2,400 premium web icons

TM presents an enormous collection of 2,400 premium web icons for absolutely free download. As far as you have guessed the whole value of these professionally made web icons is $5000!

So in order to get this really big gift you need to make a purchase at during a period starting April 26th until May 10th 2011. After that you will be sent a free package consisting of 200 premium icon sets of various topics as well as styles and containing2,400 professional web icons! Keep in mind that these absolutely free 200 icon sets with PSD sources can be used for all possible kinds of online projects: business, sport, travel, music, real estate, etc. You will surely find proper web icons for your online project in this awesome collection.
Also don’t forget about other bonuses including free hosting and domain name from So don’t loose your chance to get the high quality web icons pack absolutely for FREE!


When the Halloween night comes everybody will dress up their costumes and leave their homes in search of sweets and adventures. Cheerful crowds of children and youngsters will hang around from house to house and scare everyone they meet. And nobody will think about the dearly beloved Internet at that dark scaring night.

But until the celebration time comes let’s dive into the unreal atmosphere of preholiday virtual world. Let’s decorate your websites and greeting cards with skulls, bones, pumpkins, vampire fangs and bloody inscription.

Not so long ago we presented to you the 20 Fresh Free Twitter Backgrounds for Halloween 2010. And now we offer you to review some scary tips which will make your crazy Halloween more impressive and colorful. Use these Free Halloween Icons, Fonts, Brushes and Textures to startle people around.

Free Halloween Icons

Lovely Halloween

Free Halloween Icon

* * *

Social Media Halloween Icons

Free Halloween Icon


If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts then you are an alien! In the era of total computerization even the eye-to-eye conversation goes to a digital level and if you are not maintaining an active social life then you are missing out. To avoid such a disgrace TemplateMonster blog prepared a little nice thing for you – the round up of 65 Free Social Networking Icon Sets. Every icon set undoubtedly can be used in your web project without any limitations and complexities. So you just need to look through the icon variants and click the ones which suit you. Any website (especially web blogs) would benefit from these creative free icon sets usage.

Free Icon Pack Vector 3D Social Icons

You are given an opportunity to simplify the communication process for your visitors. Moreover it is your favor if your audience will tell others about your blog. You should just help visitors to promote your project and then you can enjoy your website traffic!

These small image-buttons can attract more and more new users as well as please current users and that’s the thing that every blog needs. So don’t hesitate and start choosing the free social networking icon set that will introduce you to the whole Internet community


The final countdown for the holiday season has begun. The spirit of joy and happiness is felt everywhere and the sound of jingle bell can be heard in the background. As Christmas is knocking at the door, it is time to get ready for this wonderful holiday.

Christmas comes just once a year! With that in mind you should decorate your website and make it look festively. So we’ve collected a lot of Christmas icons, Christmas fonts, Christmas banners and Christmas layouts that are available for free. Hope this stuff will help you create incredibly attractive holiday look for your web site, web blog or online store.

In the glitz, lights and glamour of the Holiday season is your website looking gloomy? If not, go on reading to find bright and colorful Christmas templates, Christmas banners, Christmas fonts and Christmas Photoshop brushes for your websites and online stores. Free Christmas graphics and other design elements represented in this post can be downloaded for free.

So here is free web design stuff for your holiday projects

Free Christmas Themes

Free Christmas Icons

Free Christmas Photoshop Brushes

Free Christmas Banners

Free Christmas Fonts

Christmas Tutorials and has also reviewed free Christmas stuff for web designers.

Seems our post includes useful stuff for Christmas web design and Christmas website redesign.
Dear web designers don’t hesitate to show your creativity! Let everyone see that your website is ready for Christmas celebration.


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