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We are often asked – what are the best WordPress plugins for blogs? What tools are better than the other? What functionality should we better pay attention to when choosing the best option for a blog? In an attempt to answer these and other questions, TemplateMonster’s team has decided to reach out the top WordPress blogs and requested them for the lists of plugins they have installed in their dashboards.

As a result, they have made up a compilation of 98 best WordPress plugins 2016 that 15 top WordPress blogs use. Some tools turned out to be more popular than the others, some of them were installed only on 1 or 2 of the blogs that the team has reached. So, in an attempt to create a more detailed categorization of the most handy tools for bloggers, TemplateMonster’s team has organized them into two groups – the first one contains plugins that are more popular than the others, whereas another group includes plugins that are installed on individual blogs only. Each of the aforementioned groups, in its turn, features categorization of plugins by their purpose of use (like navigation, social media, security, site performance, email, comments, etc.), so you can easily navigate to any section that is of the greatest interest to you with a click.



Writing search engine friendly content is good. You need to be found by search engines. If Google can spider your website the so can MSN and Yahoo.

You also want a search engine promotion thread that you can use. You can use social marketing and book marking sites to spread the word about your site. Along with this benefit you can also:

1) Add useful content to your site
2) Get traffic to your site instantly
3) Get into Google, Yahoo and MSN Free if you are not there already – and
possibly within a week
4) Acquire one way non-reciprocal links – through social bookmarking
5) Get Google Pagerank – via links from other sites to your webpage
6) Do it all ethically without spamming
7) Do it in about one hour – yourself
8) Eventually appear in Google SERPS

This advice is suitable for any business but it all rests on you finding relevant sites to your niche.

Once you’ve found the niche-related websites you can leave a message announcing that you would like to write a brief article about niche-related website owners on your website, or you could just announce you would consider a link exchange with niche-related websites.

The Socialite of the Internet,
Arthur Browning


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