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Adobe Flex is software created for the development of cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. There are many various application frameworks that help developers in working with Flex but this is absolutely another store and today we will focus on Adobe Flex. Many Flash developers have heard and used this wonderful software and we’ve decided to collect small set of some really great tutorials for Adobe Flex. Of course some of these are not quite new though we believe that the best wine comes out of an old vessel.

1. Working with the Debugger in Adobe Flex Builder



2. How to Make Charts with Flex 3



We won’t tell you how beautiful and impressive Flash websites are; instead, we’ll help you learn what it takes to build an animated Flash site.

When creating a Flash website you have a few options: either to build it yourself or hire a professional web developer. If you’d like to test your skills or your budget is limited, then you should choose the first option. And this is where Flash Website Tutorials may come in handy.

Below we feature the most comprehensive Flash tutorials that teach how to create Flash sites. Note: each image shows the final result and is linked to the original Flash tutorial. Also, some tutorials come with demo links and authors’ descriptions.

Tutorial #1

Creating a Simple Flash Website


“This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple flash website that has three sections. We are not going to use any advanced ActionScript and will rely only on the GotoAndPlay method to control our movie clip”.

Tutorial #2

Create a Flash Website on the Basis of a Pre-made Design: Part 1


“This tutorial will teach you how to create a Flash web site on the basis of a pre-made design. Step by step you will learn how to create animated buttons and links, animation of content changing, Flash menu, how to convert any design element into a Movie Clip and how to convert any layer into mask”.


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