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February is the time when everything around turns pink. The web seems to be changing all its colors into red, purple, rose, violet, pink. There is a reason for that – St. Valentine’s Day and all that celebrations that are concerned with it. The sites are dressed up in pink colors and gain some romantic tone.
What are the most popular tints of color for the sites? What sites use them more often? If you look at this compilation of Website Templates That Strike Pink, you can notice that most of them are fashion, wedding and baby themes. This color scheme makes them look sweet, appealing and it arouses the pleasant emotions. Sometimes you can see that night club themes also use the shades of this color in their layouts that results in the attractive look. The saturated shade of this color acts as a powerful element for grabbing attention. The example of its successful implementation in the design you can also find in the post below.
So, here they are, pink-charged themes with a strong romantic and appealing power.


Personal Page Website Template


Cosmetic Store Website Template


Today it is a hard thing to find a person that rules some internet projects and doesn’t know what flash is. Nowadays Flash technology enables you to enrich a web design with great deal of eye catching elements such as: drop and down menus, animation, enhanced preloaders and photo album with zoom in, zoom out buttons and more. Without doubt if you want to build impressive website design – Flash Templates is an ideal solution for you!

Browse Flash Templates

Internet is full of different Flash Templates providers that suggest you enormous amount of templates. But how to choose the proper Flash template for your business? We are glad to present you – the best source of Flash Templates to any taste. Here you can find everything you want – as has a great collection that includes Flash Intros Templates, Dynamic Flash Templates, Papervision 3D Templates and many more! Just don’t be lazy and browse this amazing selection right now! You can try Free Flash Templates or order Premium Flash Intro – anyway you will get a high quality template that improve your web presence.


Hello, guys, do you know what Moto CMS is? It is a rather young but successful Flash content management system that allows its users to create interactive and SEO-friendly flash websites with no limits in design and animation. It allows you to edit content blocks without external help and what is more important it doesn’t take much time. This beautiful and smart Moto content management system doest require complex programming knowledge and skills and this is the main feature of the Flash CMS which have won the hearts of many web developers and designers.

And today we are glad to share a precious piece of information with you. There is a secret promocode which gives you an opportunity to purchase the standalone version of Moto CMS with 20% OFF at

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These amazing letters and numbers would be typed on the checkout page at (you’d better copy this promocode and paste it at the valid field in case not to lose any of the symbols). After all you are welcome to buy the Flash CMS template from the Motocms online store and start creating you personal interactive flash website. There are 14 theme categories on so there you’ll easily find something special.

Discount on Standalone Version of Moto CMS

If you are not sure whether you need it or not (or, maybe, it would be better to ask about your liking) then the company offers 30-days free trial version. During this period you can try to create flash website based on the Moto CMS and make your own impression on this product. But don’t hesitate because nobody knows how long this promocode will be working. Quickly try the trial version and start your flash story creation!


We’ve received a lot of comments on last week’s article “25 Websites Inspired by Trees” and these comments have motivated us to write a new article but this time we’ll focus on Web Templates inspired by trees.

It was nice to find so many templates that come with the illustrations and images of trees. As you’ll see below trees are mostly popular in Flash templates, Flash 8 templates, CSS static templates, etc. Each Web Template is an original artwork and the only thing they all have in common is that they have been designed with a tree in mind.

While the previous article was only a source of inspiration this article offers various examples of how your future website can look like. Thus, not only you can enjoy the quality of web templates but also find a design solution to suit your needs. In other words this article may be a good find for those who want their sites to be decorated with trees.

Web Template #1



Last week we’ve reviewed Flash Templates that may be used for any purpose. Today we’ll focus on Flash Templates with huge illustrations. According to Smashing Magazine not only huge illustrations are often used in modern web design but have become one of the latest trends. Sometimes you see huge illustrations as backgrounds; sometimes you see them communicating the main message of the site whether it is a business or personal project.

Below you’ll find 10 Flash Templates from TemplateMonster. These Flash Templates definitely fall into the category of “check this out” so make sure you just do that!

If you have a closer look at any template you’ll easily notice that its homepage design is limited to a photo or an illustration. So here comes a question, Is one image enough to impress site visitors and make them enter the site or not? If you have an answer to this question, please comment this post with it.

Flash Template #1


Flash Template #2



Today we’d like you to see a variety of businesses that can benefit from Flash Templates. It’s not only design studios and photographers, but a number of others.

To prove this we’ve collected 20 Flash Templates. Each of them is designed with a certain business in mind, including hotel business, restaurant business, real estate business, hosting business, night club business, etc. The list seems to be endless because Flash Templates are just perfect for building an impressive online presence whether you need a cute wedding page or a web design studio portfolio.

I would say below is a showcase of the best Flash Templates from that can inspire you in a way that no other design has before.

Flash Template #1


Flash Template #2


Flash Template #3



If you need to have a Flash website built and you need it fast, then you should go for a Flash Website Template. For instance the one described below.

In brief, Zeroix Premium Flash Template is now available at It’s a brand new Flash Template and it differs a lot from other Flash Templates.

Let’s take a closer look at Zeroix Premium Flash Template and learn why it is so special. In terms of animation it’s awesome. Every little detail is well thought out and so well designed. Also, this Flash Template is a great combination of custom 3D models, custom textures, sounds, etc.

It took a great amount of time and efforts to create Zeroix Premium Flash Template. In fact this template was built by TemplateMonster friends from Zeroix web design studio and not by TemplateMonster Team.


Are you impressed with what you’ve seen?

If so, you understand why TemplateMonster has added Zeroix Premium Flash Template to its collection.


Famous website templates provider Template Monster expands its product assortment with HD Flash Intros. We are already used to TM’s top-quality designs for different websites, web blogs and online stores, but the new product is something completely different.

HD Flash Intro is a Flash Into that is originally designed in high resolution to enable high definition visual quality.

Usually Flash Intro is an effective flash presentation created to give customers an idea about your company or website. A flash intro is ideal for companies that want to quickly convey the essence of their products or services in a memorable way.

So Flash intros are great advertising tools. It means they should be of the highest quality to impress the largest number of potential clients.

This is where HD Flash Intros step in. When you use a HD Flash Intro instead of a ordinary Flash Intro things looked sharper, clearer, more vivid and have a greater depth and dimension.

HD Flash Intros launched by TemplateMonster can be easily played on the big screen and your users will enjoy high quality video presentation.

If you are interested to explore HD Flash Intros you can watch the video presentation of this newly added product here.

The whole collection of HD Flash Intros can be found at

Enhance your video presentations with HD Flash Intros and your users will truly appreciate it!


Flash is very popular technology in modern internet. A growing number of people build Flash websites which look extremely attractive. Having noticed that the most exciting websites have been built in Flash a lot of people are interested to know how they could create websites of this kind. There are several ways of starting Flash websites. The fist way is ordering custom Flash websites and the second is customizing Flash templates which have such astonishing features as animations and sounds. Of course you can order custom made Flash website but it costs much more than editing Flash template purchased from a famous templates provider.

It’s easy to notice that the most reliable resource for getting Flash Templates is While reading this post you can see several examples of Flash templates developed by TemplateMonster’s creative designers. This company is the best when it comes to professionally designed and functional Flash Templates. Top quality of these templates is guaranteed by TemplateMonster’s Flash Template quality control program.

Flash Template #1



Being a confirmed Internet user, I frequently surf through online forums asking and replying to people’s questions. Of all the questions I answer, I see one that appears over and over again, what are pros and cons of the website templates?

So, for those of you who are interested, I decided to collect different people’s opinions apropos of this and express my own of course.

First of all let me say a couple of words about website templates and what they really are. Web templates are pre-made foundation designs for fast website creation that require some customization before uploading to your hosting provider. There are a great variety of such templates:

Flash web templates combine captivating animation effects and pleasant sound accompaniment. They are characterized by dynamism and interactivity and are very popular among Internet users and webmasters.

flash3.jpg flash2.jpg flash1.jpg

SWISH web template based on SWISH technology is a perfect match of live action and fascinating music.

swish2.jpg swish3.jpg swish1.jpg

Dynamic Flash photo gallery template is designed especially for photo galleries and can be a perfect solution for painters, photographers and artists.

E-Commerce templates are designed specially for online stores.

Blog templates or themes with the blink of an eye you can easily change the look of your blog using these ready made web pages.

blog3.jpg blog2.jpg blog1.jpg

Different CMS templates – Joomla templates, Mambo templates, Drupal themes, PhpBB templates, PhpNuke templates the list of web templates types seems to go on forever

So, if you want to create a website, you may start with a template that can greatly work for you.

But other people may argue with this statement. They mostly think that web templates are nothing more than decorations. These products of web industry even can not be compared to what professional designers offer. To their mind, using a template is a cheating, because a true designer does not use templates. The opponents of the templates say: “These services provide a useless, even harmful distraction from what businesses and organizations actually need. Web and application design is not based on the templates. Rather, design is based on specific, contextual business and brand needs, concerns, and aims. These vary with each individual client.” But as for me, I cannot see any harmful distraction. On the contrary, the templates mostly being an original creation of professional designers can be a source of inspiration for others.

If you are a non-designer or a newbie in this sphere, you may easily use web templates to give your web pages a more professional look or just to try your skills. Website templates are great time saving and budget saving means for fast website creation. Use such templates for your routine work; this will give you more time to concentrate on the clients preferences.

Web templates make your site more consistent, so you won’t worry about each subpage correspondence to the general design. Build your first website with the help of a template until you become familiar with this work.

But unfortunately, a lot of people have an unpleasant experience with the templates. They complain of the low quality templates saying that most of them are coded improperly and with bloated markup. Bit I think it’s the matter of luck. The main thing here is to know good and reliable web templates distributors and resources that provide quality products and services.

Of course, it’s up to you whether to use the web templates or create your own design completely from scratch.

If you want to share your opinion or experience, make a post in the comment section. You are always welcome.

All the thumbnails of the website templates presented here are the original products of


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