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Flash is a world famous multimedia platform for animation and games creation and for video and audio files playback. Nobody will say that this software is perfect but you can hardly find something better. And that’s why TemplateMonster gives the world the results of their great Flash Industry Survey in which more than 10,000 people took part. Their opinions and generalized experience were carefully taken into account and now all these priceless results are graphically demonstrated to you at

Future of Flash Industry

This information is truly important and helpful for every flash developer as it gives a holistic impression about the situation on the flash market, its tendencies and people preferences. It will help you to develop the action plan in order to improve your flash activity and correct some past mistakes (if there were some of them).

The flash industry survey results are combined into three groups:

  • Flash industry figures;
  • Flash CMS and Flash editing;
  • Flash websites general attitude figures.

The survey results give the full impression of future of the flash technology and all valuable ideas will be used to improve efficiency in this industry. We’ll be glad to know your thoughts about the flash industry survey so tell us everything that you have to say in comments right here.


Every time I start searching for any information concerning Flash technology and Flash websites, I only read: “Flash sites can’t be updated by owner, they need a flash designer for updates”, or “Flash pages can be slow to load”, or even “Flash websites are not indexed by the search engines and are not SEO-friendly at all”.

Full nonsense! People, you are living in the 21st century when technology develops by leaps and bounds. And all these points mentioned above are left in the past. Now you can create completely SEO and user-friendly Flash websites and provide your visitors with amazing pleasant interactive experience. Moreover, due to the content management systems built especially for Flash pages, you can manage your web sites without any difficulties and programming skills.

Nowadays, one of the most powerful and convenient solutions for Flash websites is FlashMoto Flash content management system. Flashmoto is an advanced Flash CMS that allows users to update text, images and SWFs directly on a live Flash website. Recently I had a chance to try FlashMoto, and would like to share my experience with you.

Well, once I logged into the system, I noticed that everything was clearly labeled. If you have ever worked with Photoshop or MS Word (I bet you have!), then working with FlashMoto CMS won’t cause any difficulty. Here is how the admin panel looks like:

flashmoto flash content management system


These days a growing number of webmasters choose Flash CMS solutions when building Flash websites or updating them. Those who have tried easy content management once will never get involved with time consuming programming. If you don’t agree with above said, then answer a few questions

1. Would you spend your time on something that can be easily done with a content management tool?

2. Why would you learn programming if Flash CMSs and Flash CMS Templates enable you to create, manage and publish Flash websites easily? Moreover, most of these tools don’t require special skills to use them.

If you still have doubts whether a Flash CMS is a way to go, then we encourage you to browse websites which are powered by Flash Content Management Systems and
Flash CMS Templates. This is how you can see content management solutions in action. Also, it’s your chance to learn what companies provide the most trustworthy Flash CMSs and Flash CMS Templates. We don’t think any webmaster would use the software he/she doesn’t trust. That’s why we believe the Flash CMSs used to empower a lot of websites might be considered as people’s choice Flash CMSs.


Most Flash developers and Flash users already know that creating Flash sites can be a pleasant experience. All they should have to build a new Flash site or manage an existing Flash site is a Flash CMS like FlashMoto.

FlashMoto is a powerful Flash Content Manegement System that is now in beta. Its release is scheduled for November 4, 2009.

Currently Flash developers and users are actively playing with the Flash Moto beta version and here is what they say about it.

“I’ve been trying out FlashMoto CMS the last few hours, and I think it is among the best CMS solution. It has more functionality than many other CMS solutions. The program is highly customizable and this is an extra bonus for all (developer or CMS user). The useful components that it has are excellent solution for every small size company or person. I am also very impressed with the editing system and the build-in modules.Also, the search engine optimisation support is second to none. There are too many other characteristics to list and I really don’t know where to start and where to finish. Just read the full features on flashmoto site and test the beta version. I am looking forward to see the final product.”


If you are developing Flash web sites, then you’ll be happy to read this post. It’s all about a Flash CMS blog that writes about Flash Content Management Systems.

In case you don’t know a Flash CMS is a Flash Content Management System. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to easily create and update Flash sites. No special skills or tools are requited to work with the Flash CMS.

Most Flash designers would enjoy Flash CMSs but here comes a question, “How to find Flash Content Management Systems?” Instead of answering this question I suggest you to visit a new Flash CMS Blog. Not only it provides information on Flash Content Management Systems but also highlights their main features.

To be short the Flash CMS Blog is your way to Flash CMSs, Flash CMS tips and Flash CMS news.

In spite of the fact the blog is quite new; it’s extremely useful for Flash designers. Why? It’s because it’s the only blog that reviews all existing Flash CMSs.

Since Flash CMS Blog has been launched each web designer has a choice – either to search the web or to find all Flash CMSs in one place.


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