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Hey fellows, I’m glad to announce that has a nice event today. It’s a day when the 30,000th template from the TemplateMonster has come to life. It’s hard to imagine so many themes which were carefully created for your pleasure. But it is true and now we are pleased to present you an awesome Flash CMS Template which is a FlashMoto-powered product. The other feature of the theme is that it is made with Papervision3D engine. And as a result your website will be alive and particular elements will shake under your mouse pointer: they will live their own lives.

30,000th template from templatemonster

In honor of the 30,000th template launch TemplateMonster declares a limited-time promo. You may get a freebie in case you purchase one of TemplateMonster themes. You can choose any template you like and the price doesn’t matter. In addition you are welcome to get one of 3,000 corporate design product types. There are PowerPoint Templates, Logo Templates, Corporate Identity Templates, Logosets and Iconsets at your choice.

The promo time is short so don’t miss a chance! You may get the additional freebie only today and tomorrow (it’s 10th and 11th of August). Note that tomorrow after 12 pm you will not be able to have such a discount. So hurry up and catch the moment!


Every time I start searching for any information concerning Flash technology and Flash websites, I only read: “Flash sites can’t be updated by owner, they need a flash designer for updates”, or “Flash pages can be slow to load”, or even “Flash websites are not indexed by the search engines and are not SEO-friendly at all”.

Full nonsense! People, you are living in the 21st century when technology develops by leaps and bounds. And all these points mentioned above are left in the past. Now you can create completely SEO and user-friendly Flash websites and provide your visitors with amazing pleasant interactive experience. Moreover, due to the content management systems built especially for Flash pages, you can manage your web sites without any difficulties and programming skills.

Nowadays, one of the most powerful and convenient solutions for Flash websites is FlashMoto Flash content management system. Flashmoto is an advanced Flash CMS that allows users to update text, images and SWFs directly on a live Flash website. Recently I had a chance to try FlashMoto, and would like to share my experience with you.

Well, once I logged into the system, I noticed that everything was clearly labeled. If you have ever worked with Photoshop or MS Word (I bet you have!), then working with FlashMoto CMS won’t cause any difficulty. Here is how the admin panel looks like:

flashmoto flash content management system


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