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Today’s web strives for minimalism and simplicity and it is clearly seen in the latest trend that has gained a huge popularity – flat design. It has turned out to be a rich ground for a number of novelties, and one of them we’re going to focus on.

For sure, you’ve heard about it and even seen its examples – “Long shadow”. Reflecting an object at a 45-degree angle, long shadows add an emphasis to the object, thus putting it in the focus of attention.

• simple shapes
• clean lines
• bright color palette

These are the characteristic features peculiar to long shadows.

This trend comes from photography where you can notice long shadows of objects creating a high-drama effect. It’s also to be found in the real life when the sun is near the horizon.
It’s interesting to learn about fresh trends, but is better to make use of them in your designs. TemplateMonster designers offer you a pack of 5 Free Facebook Covers in Long Shadow design trend. Feel free to replace your old Facebook cover with the following ones:

• eCommerce Store
• UX Portfolio
• Freelance Job Portal
• Stock Photo Bank
• Travel Adviser

These trendy covers will indicate the sphere of business, communicating it clearly to the visitors. Click the items to review their full size. Scroll to the end of the post to find .zip archive with .PSD files of the covers.


Free Facebook Cover eCommerce Store

Free Facebook Cover eCommerce Store
Click to see full size

The object remains flat, though long shadows create a three-dimensional effect. It’s an interesting fact about this trend, and it is nicely illustrated in the following example.


Free Facebook Cover Freelance Job Portal

Free Facebook Covers
Click to see full size

Notebook with a vibrant pink display looks cool due to the gray shadow that falls to the lower right corner of the cover. The image is chosen to fit the idea of a job portal.

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Facebook Analytics Tools

Nowadays Facebook is one of the famous social networks all over the world. As of January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users. Just think about it! We are pretty sure that you have a Facebook account and use it for entertaiment and communication. But today we want to discuss how you can use Facebook in promoting your business and what Facebook Tools may help in it.

Facebook Page Analytics Tool

It’s no secret that a great deal of companies use Facebook social networking to promote their products and services. So if you have an online business – don’t loose such a great chance to attract more potential customers to your business. It doesn’t matter what kind of online project you have. You can easily find a great amount of professionally made Facebook templates on the net. Such Facebook themes are aimed to help you in creating your own brand page on Facebook.

As far as you have already known:”A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Fresh and valid information is vital for any marketer, so we are recommend you to use some effective analytics tools that would help you to trace down the results of your marketing efforts. Without doubt you can use Facebook default analytics tool – “Facebook Insights”. But why don’t you enrich your collection of useful Facebook tools? We are glad to present these hand picked selection of the best alternative Facebook Page analytics tools.


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