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When it comes to choosing the best ready-made website template for your site, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of solutions to choose from. What CMS should you better choose? What functionality to include? What style to choose? How to optimize it for search engines? These are only some of the questions that come to our mind when looking for the best option.

With the purpose to narrow down your search, TemplateMonster has made up a compilation of the 24 of its most trending WordPress eCommerce templates and shared it at MonsterPost. Here you can find themes for travel, fashion, car tuning, food and drink, sport, electronics, and other purposes.


Just go ahead, browse the list and pick a solution that comes to your liking the most.


More and more businesses are moving online. However, to start a highly competitive and user-friendly online resource turns out to be a dead lift for many. To help you with this undertaking and professionally present your project on the web, our friends from TemplateMonster have just launched a Free WooCommerce Theme for Drug Store.

Just like many other designs from their gallery, Muscle pharm is flexible and dynamic. It can be easily adjusted to fit multiple purposes, including healthcare, medical, sport, food & drink, beauty, fashion, and many others. Built with valid code and featuring advanced options, the template can be managed quickly and easily.

Thanks to parallax scrolling and lazy load images, the Free Drug Store WooCommerce Theme looks very interactive. Implementing such techniques you will not only improve page loading, but also capture visitors’ attention with interesting storytelling. The template features a full-width layout that is so trendy in 2015. Navigation on hover, sticky menu and back-to-top button provide for seamless browsing through your site. The template is rather content-heavy, so making use of negative space and organizing content in a grid is a clever trick.

With the help of this theme you can not only sell different products online, but also better introduce the web community to your business thanks to the About block, keep visitors updated due to the blog integration, showcase your portfolio, let people get in touch with you on site, etc. As you see, the design is truly functional and feature-rich. So, grab it right now and use to your benefit!

Demo | Download



The popularity of online shopping is growing at tremendous speeds. There are plenty of reasons why people are shifting online, like saving time, looking through the full list of products on offer and their prices in a more appropriate way, the possibility to keep track of special offers and buy stuff at a discount. Many retailers are starting online stores to broaden their client base and engage new buyers in. Setting up your web resource you should not only think about its attractiveness and visual appeal, but also convenience of use.

By building their online stores, small town merchants can open doors to the worldwide audience and gain international recognition. Selling stuff online turns out to be a more convenient way of doing business for both retailers and buyers since people don’t need to come into a local store, stay in the queue, and roam around the store in search of the most appropriate item. None of these are the same as browsing through an online shop with the whole variety products displayed right in front of you.

So, if online shopping is so much enjoyed by modern shoppers, why don’t all merchants get their companies online? The biggest barrier preventing them from following this track is the fear of technology. Many of them think that without adequate support of a pro they wouldn’t be able to set up a fine site. However, that is not true. The web is flooded with thousands of ready-made themes (both free and premium) that can help one develop a store of his/her dreams with a click of a button. The rule of success is rather simple – don’t be afraid of trying something new.


Drag & drop website builder is what you need to get your site up and running in no time. They allow you to cut a long process from creating to launching a site. All you need is to create an account at any SAAS site, choose the type of subscription and find the theme you need there.

Among all SAAS sites, Shopify is one of the most popular. Why? With all those 21 free templates + 152 paid templates, easy customization, a number of apps, POS. (a terminal for receiving payments from plastic), it is a great solution for starting your online shop without extra efforts and easily maintain it. 14-day trial can help you see whether you need it. Be sure, after trying it out, you’ll say “yes”.

Have a look at Shopify themes that were recently launched at TemplateMonster, and you can browse the whole gallery of these cool designs for your online stores of various kinds. If the category of your shop differ from several presented in this category, you can easily add the desired changes into the chosen theme and get the one you need.

See the list of features Shopify themes go with:

  • Bootstrap based and responsive
  • Fully configurable via admin panel
  • Well-documented
  • Uses Liquid templating language – simple & safe template engine
  • Grid display of all products
  • Camera Slideshow and NivoSlider plugins in each template
  • Fully functional forms (newsletter, contact, etc)

If you haven’t seen these themes, hurry up and check out all of them. Premium solutions for your online store will help you start with ease any you like.

Watches Store Shopify Theme



Say “welcome” to premium eCommerce designs and get them for half the price! It’s absolutely possible with an ongoing eCommerce promo at TemplateMonster.

50% OFF any eCommerce theme, through October 9-16, 2013.

It’s hard to believe in it, but the prices are really slashed in half! You could save up to $90 on a professional ready-made theme for your online store.

Product types under discount:

Zen Cart
50% Off eCommerce Themes TemplateMonster

Over 4,600 eCommerce themes fall under this promo and waiting for you to choose them. Clear and effective layout, content-oriented design, trendy colors, wise placement of content blocks, visual accents on headlines and call to action buttons – these themes know how to make visitors interested in products the shop offers.

The promo will end in 5 days. Hurry up to get any eCommerce you like 50% OFF!


The key problem for web designers and site owners is creating a profitable online store that will uplift the business conversion. The choice of the self-sufficient shopping cart is of the far importance here, but it’s not really easy to stop on the one.

All of you have certain requirements when it goes about choosing a shopping cart, and while checking out its features, you can come to the right conclusion which one you need. Besides the general info about each one, it would be useful to analyze its:

merchant interface
customer features
customer reward features & marketing tools
SEO features

Checking out all these features that a shopping cart can provide, you can easily make the decision. All the mentioned above points you can find in the following table – the cheat sheet for those who are looking for the perfect eCommerce solution. Following it attentively, you’ll find the answers for the questions:

Which shopping cart you need to start a powerful store and thus increase your sales?
Which one will be secure?
Which one can allow you to speed up the purchase process and offer your clients pleasant shopping experience?

The list that you see below compiles the answers for all these questions. Being aware of all, you can stop on the one you need and make use of all its advantages.

Try not to overlook the short descriptions and advices in the sheet below. You can see them while hovering over the exclamation marks. Now you’re ready, please welcome the cheat sheet of eCommerce platforms: osCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart.

* exclamation-mark Mouse over this icon to read the hints and advice.

General Info
Release date (year)20002003200720072009
Source Code providedYesYesYesYesYes
Administration Area Features (Merchant Interface)
Product Import/Export NoFree addonYesYesYes
Inventory management YesYesYesYesYes
Statistics / Sales Reports YesFree addonYesYesYes
Stock Control YesFree addonYesYesYes
WYSIWYG Editor NoFree addonYesYesYes
Free/Paid store templates YesYesYesYesYes
Multiple store management NoFree addonYesYesYes
Backup & Restore Tools YesFree addonYesYesYes
Error Logging YesYesYesYesYes
Customer Features

Today the quantity of eCommerce solutions is a huge one. You choose the one you need according to your needs, paying attention to what the creators offer to you. Of course, it’s hard to stop on one of them, but sometimes you need to do it. Let’s see what are the most popular platforms for today:

According to this year survey of eCommerce sites – Alexa Top 1 Million ranking, Magento featured 26% of all eCommerce websites.

Zen Cart, for example, lost nearly 2,000 site, and got the 4th place in this list.

On the 2nd place set VirtueMart.

The last month the rates of Prestashop (+14%) and Opencart (+39%) have increased a bit.

A wide variety of eCommerce designs are presented at, and you can choose the one that fits your needs from this variety. They meet high standards both in terms of functionality and trendy layouts. This team keeps an eye on the latest events in online world, and your interest in its products is of high importance for them. To offer you exactly what you need, TemplateMonster starts a survey too see what eCommerce products you want to find at this site.

So, what are your preferences when it goes about eCommerce products? Which are your favorite ones?


Creation, development, launch and managing of profitable and well-structured online store is rather challenging task that has many subtleties and peculiarities. And if you’re already have your own online store or just planning to run it, the question of its successful consolidation on the online market comes up first. Under the words “successful consolidation” we mean strong competitive capability of an eCommerce website and its great sales rates. So today we’re considering one of the main aspects of online store’s foundation to figure out what style of eCommerce product pages has the highest conversion.

Before specifying the initial principles of the appropriate style, we need to underline that the whole presentation of your online store should be effective, eye-catching and corresponding to all target goals of your online business. The overall layout must be compatible with your online store topic, highlighting its main concept and profitably introduce products.

Let’s try to single out in the thesis form the initial principles of the high-end style that will help you to get the highest conversion:

• Create clean background with simple, but effective design;
• Follow an appropriate color scheme that will suit to the whole website’s presentation;
• Maintain clear navigation paths to simplify the shopping process;
• Provide detailed description of each product item;
• Comprise impressive product imagery including zoom, angles and specific details;
• Use video for showing the product in action;
• Include well-placed variants of color, sizes and similar models of a product item;
• Set the visible shopping cart;
• Add product reviews as the great customers’ testimonies;
• Use strong calls-to-action;
• Provide the easy checkout process;
• Be sure that you’re using optimal security in your checkout system.

Actually, this list covers the style aspects of eCommerce product pages, but it is only the small part of the entire conceptual system of professional online store’s building. That’s why it is always useful to learn more about eCommerce and get enough skills to apply your knowledge in practice and set a professional online store with the highest conversion.


Sliders always serve as a kind of entertainment for users due to their striking effects. But web developers try to go even further creating design elements increasing website functionality without extra importunity or attention withdrawal.

Each day something new appears on web design market. Original progressive types of sliders are being developed on monthly bases. Internationally, designers trust only the most reliable products, such as NivoSlider. The item is considered the most fascinating and usable, it has been downloaded more than 1M times during the first year of its release. NivoSlider can be downloaded for free, it’s shareware. It is the best way to impart your website a really amazing look. Have enough patience, continue reading and we will tell you thereunder how the smallest plugin can turn ordinary image presentation into something absolutely different.

NivoSlider is a jQuery plugin weighting as low as 12kb compressed, serving for creating beautiful image sliders. It transforms an image wrapping element into a slider and proposes 16 original transition effects such as slicing, sliding, fading, folding and many many others. The plugin is able to represent prev-next buttons and navigation to manipulate the slides. The transition effect maybe a random choice of NivoSlider or you can set the one, which will be used constantly. The user also has a possibility to determine the number of slices, animation speed and pause period according to his preference. We provided several demo examples to show you the NivoSlider in action:

Nivo Slider with Default Theme & Default Settings


* * *

Nivo Slider with Orman Theme & Box Animations


* * *


Are you going to congratulate your online customers with colourful and bright Christmas cards on the Christmas Eve? At the festive X-mas season conquering the audience’s right attitude is the very suitable and profitable thing. And today we are glad to present you a marvelous bundle pack of Christmas Video Ecards from This impressive and picturesque greetings set contains 6 Video eCards made with a strong After Effects technology. This pre-holiday present is provided with all source files included. And what is more important is that you may buy it at a discount that’s even greater than 50%. The regular price of the product is $210 but you are welcome to spend as little as $99 for the purchase. So you may easily please your customers this Christmas and save your money at the same time.

Now it’s time to have a look at the Christmas Video Ecards Pack:

Video ecard

There are no doubts that you’ll find these video ecards extremely delightful. Their Christmas related motifs will dip you (and of course your customers) into the atmosphere of joy and pre-holiday excitement. Sparkling animation will enliven people’s grey everyday being and Christmas colours will fill them up with pleasant expectations. So use these After Effect video ecard templates to establish and maintain warm relations with your clients.


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