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Everyone working in the web design and web development industry needs to have a set of free website design tools at their disposal for work or just for inspiration. In this blog post you can find literally everything that a web designer might need to keep in handy.
53 websites with professionally taken artistic photos, 37 best web design galleries, 40 powerful web design tools, and other handy web design stuff can be found in a compilation.


On top of that, the chart includes legal docs, invoice generators, domain name generators and other practical online tools that you will need to run your IT business. SEO and analytical tools, e-mail services, A/B testing and other solutions were all cleverly categorized and presented in a user-friendly manner. The best part about this compilation is that it features only free web design tools and resources, which can help businesses of any size and specification.


Web design trends come and go, so it’s highly important to keep track of the latest web design tendencies in order to remain competitive on the market. The team standing behind MonsterPost made an in-depth research of the latest website design trends, carefully examined 70 resources on the matter and made up a compilation of 65 top website design trends covering all aspects of the contemporary web design.


Thus, the chart includes multiple examples and clear explanations of web design trends dealing with the layout structure, images, animation, scrolling, website usability, loading, coding and other. In addition to the clear, concise explanation, each trend is illustrated with a live example of how it was achieved on web resources.

The compilation is truly informative and helpful, so is worthy of being bookmarked for further references.


Gone are the days when you needed to spend thousands of bucks on a custom-made logo design. Today, even a web design newbie can create a unique, impressive logo design without any extra help. How is that possible?

MonsterPost has decided to run a research in an attempt to make a compilation of the best tools from which you can choose the most relevant free logo creator.


When working on you logo design, make sure that is look creative yet simple and easy-to-remember. Your logo shouldn’t contain more than two colors and texts written in more than two fonts. Another thing to consider is making your logo versatile, avoiding any stereotypes.

Getting back to the compilation, TemplateMonster’s team analyzed 8 free and 8 paid online tools that are available on the market and compared all of them based on the following criteria: custom symbols, industry categorization, styling options and mockup preview. So, if you are in search of the best free logo creator, go ahead and look though the comparison chart, which was made rather informative and easy-to-follow.


We are always looking for the ways to make our web projects more impressive than the ones of our competitors. That’s why we are always striving to upgrade our blogs, online portfolios, business and eCommerce sites or whatsoever with a unique, eye-catching style.

Vintage web design elements are among the most proven ways of catching the users’ eye with elegant curls and swirls yet making your web project look elegant and pleasant to the eye at the same time.


As a trend, vintage originated in the 19th and 20th centuries. The key elements that characterize it are all-that-natural components like wood, rough paper, cloth, artificially aged objects, etc.

So, if you would like to add a “tailored” look to your web resource, then the following vintage mockup free compilation for web designers will surely come in handy to you.

The collection includes 200 free mockups that you can use for various purposes. Logo templates, mockups, icons, fonts, textures, vectors, brushes, text effects, Photoshop actions, and other elements were thoroughly handpicked and presented in one easy-to-browse compilation. So, if you are looking for a cool vintage-inspired freebie for your website, there is a lot to choose from in the post.


Ready for the fresh goodie that is completely free? Meet Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme – the off the peg design for a site that presents wine specials. If you want to customize it to meet the needs of another web presence, feel free to do it easily, ‘cause the theme is skillfully done by TemplateMonster designers.

What’s inside this theme?

Visually intensive design. Rich color scheme where red plays the key role is a good choice for the site presenting wines. This color is associated with the mentioned above products and also catches viewers’ attention.

Interactivity. The theme is JS animated and it makes transition effects really captivating.

Full Screen Slider. The home page features full screen slider with the changeable backgrounds and content parts presented in tabs. Wise arrangement of information and effective visuals make the content easy to perceive.

Logo. The elegant logo from this theme is custom made. You can use it with this template or for other personal projects. It’s customization will not take you much time.


Want to see the theme in action? Click the link below.

demo | download here

Home Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme


Whatever serious yogis do in their active life, they remain yogis. They practice, attend usual meetings with like-minded, go for seminars and try to keep calm in everyday life. Their days look like the days of average people, with the difference that they are always eager to practice some asanas wherever they are. That’s a joke, but be sure they can do it with great pleasure.

Sometimes it’s really cute to observe how they perform all that strange poses that are called asanas. It seems that they bend all around and above, can keep balance on a toe and even sit for hours without a movement (while they meditate). If you ever try to do it yourself, you would certainly find out that it is also engaging.

The inspiring yoga-oriented art can be of a great value both for the devotees and amateurs. Various illustrations, wallpapers, sayings – the push your desire to act forward. It’s a source of inspiration, and I offer it to you in the following post of Free Yoga Wallpapers to Keep Desktop Calm & Spirited.

If you are just a passerby, you’re welcome to enjoy the aesthetics of what you see. If you’ve been practicing for some time, you can find a lot of familiar to you and judge the accuracy of execution.

Free Yoga Wallpapers
Free Yoga Wallpapers


Autumn has come with the first sunny days, great mood, and all that opportunities that will certainly happen to you. New creative ideas, fresh goodies – you’ll certainly get all this. But before let’s review the templates that were published during summer time on the site of our friends 6 Free HTML5 Themes – we’ve packed all them in 1 archive, so you can download them in one click (to get only some of them, follow the links below images).

What Are The Template’s Categories?

• Business
• Traveling
• Agriculture
• Animals
• Wedding
• Photography / Web Design

Each theme from the pack fits one of these categories. You can use the one to set up a site of the similar sphere, or bring minor changes into the theme to fit the needed business field.

Features of These HTML5 Themes:

Free HTML5 Themes

If effective promotion of a site is a matter of your interest, these sleek designs will come in handy for this purpose. Their visually-attractive layouts will drive more visitors in and make the site stand apart from a number of others. Have a look at all of them and feel free to download the ones you like best.


Agriculture Website Template. Freebie

Free HTML5 Themes

view demo   download


Free Website Template for Pet Site

Free HTML5 Themes

view demo   download


Today, in the age of intelligent apps, the design undergoes certain changes. It becomes more light, intuitive, interactive. A good design seamlessly guides its viewers through all the points, makes everything explicit without reading all that heavy instructions. Clean, clear, simple, focused on content, user-oriented – it is all about the modern design.

User interface elements, as a part of design keep up with the latest trends. UI Design Trends show the pulse of the modern web. The web strives for simplicity, and UI design goes in the same direction.

What Are The Latest UI Design Trends?

Try not to oversee them, and keep pace with times.


Less Skeuomorphism

UI Design Trends

Purity is a king – this is the main idea of the following paragraph. Skeuomorphism has been really popular not long ago, but flat trend has gained its forth, and now more and more developers agree with the power of the latter.


Simple Shape and Structure

UI Design Trends

UI designs show the emphasis on words and colors instead of cluttering the page with animations or things of that kind. The content is in the focus of attention, the colors help to make it more readable and easy-to-perceive. Bold colors and shapes are also widely used, still they are not glossy and look quite clean.


Only cool and only fresh! This compilation of freebies offers you most attractive and nicely styled Free Social Media Icons that were created in 2013. Minimal, clean, grunge, colorful, with fade color scheme – all of them are waiting for you to see them. They are designed with one important thing in mind – be attention grabbing and look inviting for the viewers. This is the main goal for each set of social media icons. When they are carefully done, they work as triggers and welcome the users to click them and visit social profiles. You just need to choose the sets that correspond to the style of your project’s design.

Instead of surfing for hours all around the web, check out this post, and choose free social media icons that correspond to the look of your site. Following the links, you’ll find .png and .psd of the items you are interested in.


Free Long Shadow Simple Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Long Shadow Flat Free Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons


Being Flat. What it is?

Don’t make the world around too complicated. The most serious things are simple at their core. Today’s web proves this fact and pushes simplicity in terms of flat design for prime position. It’s a product of time and designers strive for it. It’s not a Bible for all, but it’s really easy on the eye and it works.

Simplicity, clarity, usability – these are 3 main stones flat design stands on. Simple interface with a focus on color and typography makes sites pleasant to view. Removing everything that is extra, this style reaches crisp and clean look.

When it comes to designing a site in a certain style, the attention should be paid to its least elements especially UI ones. This nice compilation of Free PSD Login Forms in flat design will come in handy for all of you who are going to try a flat style in designing a site.

Free PSD Login Forms in Flat Design

Login form – this is what the designer should focus his/hers attention on. This form is a way you communicate with the visitors, asking them to act. Their feedback (they become registered users and thus potential clients) depends on the way you ask. This form should communicate clearly what are you waiting from the visitors. It can be performed with such design elements:

Labels – explain what to write in a marked field.
Rows – 2 or 3 (sometimes even one), they should be clean, with enough space for the comfort of typing in.
Submit button – it should be nice enough to push the visitor to click it.

All these elements have one goal – they should guide a person seamlessly through the login process. It is achieved due to well-done design as Free PSD Login Forms in flat design feature.

Browse the whole collection of skillfully made 10 login forms and

feel free to download .zip file to get them.

Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 8
Free PSD Login Form in  Flat Design 9


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