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Time savers are of a great value for today. Certain techniques that are implied for more rapid operations can hasten the workflow. When it goes about sites where animation adds a spicy tone, they use CSS3 that offers its easy creation. Easily, efficiently, quickly – this is how you get a variety of effects with the help of CSS3. What is also important, even novice can easily make use of CSS3 tricks. Such cool effect creation doesn’t demand profound knowledge of code, flash animations, JavaScript. Everything you need is to browse a tutorial that shows the creation of some effect, and following its steps you can get the desired one.

The pack of CSS3 Animation and Transition Effects Tutorials offers you useful tips and wise tricks on how to create stunning animations on your site. It’s really easy to make a page eye-catching. Try it!


Putting CSS Clip to Work Expanding Overlay Effect

With the help of CSS clip property and CSS transitions, you can easily create simple expanding overlay effect. Use this tutorial to know how.

CSS3 Animation and Transition Effects Tutorials


3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

Step by step instruction on how to create 3D thumbnail hover effects with CSS 3D transforms and jQuery.

CSS3 Animation and Transition Effects Tutorials


Each designer and developer craves for making the work easier. What can facilitate this process? Of course, a good bunch of cheat sheets. The usual cheat sheet looks like several notes that are used for quick reference. Their primary aim is to help complete some work faster and easier. They are widely used here and there to minimize errors in code, and thus are so popular among users.

Here you’ll find helpful CSS Cheat Sheet that can seamlessly be a guide for your CSS. CSS is what makes control layout of many documents, apply it (layout) to various media-types, offers a lot of advanced techniques. The syntax of CSS is easy, but sometimes quite tricky to master, and these notes will help you do it faster.


CSS Cheat Sheet

You can print this cheat sheet that features the whole list of currently supported tags with descriptions and attributes, as long as their support in HTML 4.

CSS Cheat Sheet3


CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 Help Cheat Sheets (PDF)

To get the idea about the right CSS 2.1-property and obscure CSS 3 property, follow the link to the cheat sheet below.

CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 Help Cheat Sheets (PDF)


It’s not polite to make people wait, but it happens that you need to. If your page is too heavy and needs some time for loading, you have to make the viewers know that in several seconds the process will finish. Tiny bars, circles, fade away elements – you can use whatever signs you want, to mark the loading page. CSS animation is what you need for creating the mentioned above loading signs. Pure CSS will be enough for bringing into life the desired animation. Showing such animated elements in motion to the visitors is like saying to them “wait a bit, everything happens in a moment”.

But how to create nice with the pleasant to eyes animation effects? CSS Loading Animation Tutorials will show it to you set by step. The wise advices from professionals is what you exactly need to make a good loading animation.


CSS3 Loading Animation

CSS Loading Animation Tutorials


Creating Loading Animations Using Only CSS3

CSS Loading Animation Tutorials


Designing attractive and functional menu is rather complex process that requires enough knowledge and skills. But creating a navigation menu can be intricate and complicated, that is where CSS comes in. CSS technology allows to make various modification changes with the web document, separating its content from the presentation. CSS gives great style to the web pages and helps present any web project in the most expressive way.

Menu and navigation are very important elements of the website’s interface, so that’s why they are cannot be underestimated. Selected in this post tutorials contain interesting materials about how to create CSS3 dropdown, accordion, lavalamp, interactive menus as well as responsive content navigator, horizontal navigation menu, dropdown list and more.

We hope that this fresh selection of CSS3 Menu and Navigation Tutorials for 2012 will help you learn more about CSS3 technology and implement your knowledge into your web projects.

How to Create CSS3 Dropdown Menu

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How to Create Accordion Menu in Pure CSS3 Tutorial

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20 CSS3 Tutorials

Hi folks! As usual we do our best to find out more useful stuff for you. This day we are glad to present you the hottest collection of CSS3 Tutorials.
We are absolutely sure these awesome 20 CSS3 Tutorials will be handy for you.

CSS3 Tutorials

Let’s start from a small definition of CSS. Surely you know what CSS is and how it works. But still we are glad to remind you what this abbreviation stands for. CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to control the style and layout of web pages. As far as you have already known CSS3 is the latest standard for CSS. A great deal of web developers enjoy with CSS3 exciting functions as well as features.
So we have decided that it will be useful for our readers to get the most balanced collection of advanced 20 CSS3 Tutorials that cover various spheres of web design including typography, buttons, selectors, various visual effects and so on. This tutorials will show you how to work with the newest features in CSS3.
You are welcome to visit us more often as we enrich our greatest collection of various helpful stuff daily! Also we are glad to hear some thought from you – that’s why don’t forget to drop us a line in comments.


Would you like to use original fonts for your website even though they’re not one of those official web fonts recognized by our browsers? It would bring you new opportunities in the communication process with the audience. And the new CSS3 facilities are right on the button in such case.

The @font-face rule gives you a brilliant opportunity in web design to use different kinds of fonts even if they were not installed on website visitors’ systems. You can easily decorate your website with new creative and fanciful lettering and save some hosting space and bandwidth at the same time.

@font-face rule

Are you bored to death by converting titles into the image format and pasting them on your web pages? We guess you are, because this process is too awkward in our hi-tech and dynamic life. We need something new and convenient. And therefore TemplateMonster Blog team is glad to demonstrate you the list of 25 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face. They will make your life easier and your website will look as if it came out of a bandbox.

You can easily embed these free fonts with the help of the @font-face CSS3 rule. And we’ll be pleased to know if our review has helped you a little (or maybe it has opened new vistas for you).

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