Be Different. How to Choose a Template Which Will Give Your Business a Decent Distinct Face


What do you like about life? It’s probably the “moments which take your breath away”, right?

What do you like about web design? Wait, let me say this for you: it should be the “design moments which take your breath away”, as well. Otherwise, why do something that doesn’t astonish you, doesn’t get you excited or make you gasp with a pleasant surprise? Ideally, your visitor should think: “This is a devilishly good piece of a web design!” or else, he should silently nod, approving of the way the design is made.


However, web design is not always about loud excitement, but it’s about having something special, a  particular web design ingredient which makes your design stand out of its niche website peers. Uniqueness is a dangerous toy to play with in the design, and you must feel the golden middle. Overly unique websites loose in their user experience, because it may confuse a visitor with its unusual layout, make them wonder what to click and make them leave the website as a result.


Of course, there are hundreds of absolutely unique websites on the Web, which were developed from scratch and are totally exclusive. Totally exclusive and quite expensive, because creating a decent one needs a lot of resources. Many agencies and web designers do this – this is a presentation of their work, some kind of a showcasing it. Their websites are beautiful, yes. But isn’t it possible to create a great website without coding skills and a big budget? It is, actually. Even when creating a website based on a ready-made template, you can make your website different from others and make people remember it and come back to it. How to choose a template for your project and create a distinct face for it? We’ll give you a couple of hints. 


No developer hiring, no code learning, just picking the right web design.


1. Establish Associations, Use Perfect Coloring

You don’t wear occasion clothing to picnics, and nor do you wear shorts to the weddings. Everything needs its perfect timing and a perfect place. It’s the same with colors – regardless of which one is your favorite, think of the color which would be appropriate on your type of website. They have some kind of an untold etiquette, when you use green for gardening websites, yellow for kids websites and brown for coffee shop websites. It’s all about assosiation matter.

how to choose a blog template

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2. Don’t Be Afraid to Step off a Usual Track


Controversial? Not at all. Sometimes (just sometimes, keep in mind the golden middle thing), breaking a usual association is a actually a leap forward, a leap out of the association circle.

For example, we all know that usually agency websites are performed in blue colors and with a typical layout. Well… I dare say, there are times when you should break web design laws, when it comes to being different. If you feel you could take this risk – go on.

law WordPress template

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3. Be Bright & Daring: The Rule of 80/20.


Anyway, where is this border between normal and overly uniqueness? There is no science-proven facts, but practice shows that the rule of 80 and 20 works here to. Make sure the 80% of the web design seems casual, while 20% of that is daring and audacious.

WordPress blog template

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4. Seduce Your Visitor With Imagery

I won’t repeat that powerful imagery is crucial in a great web design because everyone knows that powerful imagery is crucial for great design. Seduce your customer with great images, make his brain associate your website with extreme hiking, powerful car engine roar or delicious food, depending on the subject of your website.

Never underestimate the power of associations. They lead to brain zones responding, which, in its turn, leads to actions on the website and, consequently, conversions.

restaurant Joomla template

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5. If You Haven’t Decided on a Style Yet…

…consider choosing a Bond-elegant style. Classics is never out of fashion. If you don’t know which design you should choose, you could always choose this kind of a template. For some reason, there are not that many of them on the Web, and almost any website built on it could look incredibly impressive.

HTML agency template

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6. Love, Cherish and Support Your Customers

The coziest home is the home with a friendly cheerful hostess who makes you comfortable, treats you with the tastiest dishes and fills your heart with gratefulness. Needless to say, that your customer support should be the “best friend” to your visitors. Try to reply to every email, consider requests, improve wisely with critics and respond to praising. Make sure that they can easily get in touch with you via a contact form, emailing you or via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or… well, that we’ll leave for another blog post.

Just remember, be close to them, listen to them and they will respond with clicks, sharing and advising you to their friends.

Cheers! To your successful website!


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