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What do you like about life? It’s probably the “moments which take your breath away”, right?

What do you like about web design? Wait, let me say this for you: it should be the “design moments which take your breath away”, as well. Otherwise, why do something that doesn’t astonish you, doesn’t get you excited or make you gasp with a pleasant surprise? Ideally, your visitor should think: “This is a devilishly good piece of a web design!” or else, he should silently nod, approving of the way the design is made.


However, web design is not always about loud excitement, but it’s about having something special, a  particular web design ingredient which makes your design stand out of its niche website peers. Uniqueness is a dangerous toy to play with in the design, and you must feel the golden middle. Overly unique websites loose in their user experience, because it may confuse a visitor with its unusual layout, make them wonder what to click and make them leave the website as a result.


Of course, there are hundreds of absolutely unique websites on the Web, which were developed from scratch and are totally exclusive. Totally exclusive and quite expensive, because creating a decent one needs a lot of resources. Many agencies and web designers do this – this is a presentation of their work, some kind of a showcasing it. Their websites are beautiful, yes. But isn’t it possible to create a great website without coding skills and a big budget? It is, actually. Even when creating a website based on a ready-made template, you can make your website different from others and make people remember it and come back to it. How to choose a template for your project and create a distinct face for it? We’ll give you a couple of hints. 


No developer hiring, no code learning, just picking the right web design.


1. Establish Associations, Use Perfect Coloring

You don’t wear occasion clothing to picnics, and nor do you wear shorts to the weddings. Everything needs its perfect timing and a perfect place. It’s the same with colors – regardless of which one is your favorite, think of the color which would be appropriate on your type of website. They have some kind of an untold etiquette, when you use green for gardening websites, yellow for kids websites and brown for coffee shop websites. It’s all about assosiation matter.

how to choose a blog template


Invest in books, guys. It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a well-written book. Understanding this simple idea and smartly investing in books, you are at risk of becoming successful and full of ideas 😉


So, what are the best books for designers? There is a huge variety of them on the Web, including those for graphic designers, for web designers and for both of them. Most of them may be interesting to non-designers as well, just because they explain the rules of beauty of typography, banners, color combinations, advertisements and other things around us. We’ve gathered a collection of highly-rated books for you which are available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle


Who will they be useful to? As I already said, the list will be of great use to everyone who is related to design professionally or is artistically inclined by nature.

Books for Web Designers

  1. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
    best books for designers

Although the book was first published a long time ago, the concepts can easily be applied elsewhere. It’s seems to belong to light-reading, while actually it brings you a lot of useful info.


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