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The fact that the color is just a feeling we get, seeing a specific wavelength, is not news to us. However, in many ways it’s the color that makes things around us so beautiful. We are not talking about graphic or web design, we are talking in general – remember any nice-colored room you’ve seen, the last cozy cafe you’ve been to or a picturesque mountain green-and-blue scenery, where you’d rather call a divine color palette. They all are pretty amazing and much of this effect happens due to the color palette it has.

In your work, in order to take the burden of picking the right colors off your shoulders, there are color generators which create beautiful color combinations. For even more inspiration, you may check out color palettes from famous movies.

Anyway, a nice color palette is something that you can stare at just because it is beautiful. Just because of that. Which I sometimes do, when I find or make a good color palette.
See the mesmerizing effect of this for yourself!

P.S. For those who are interested in how these color palette generators work, here’s an explanation.

Before we start listing the best color palette generators, take a look at a palette inspired by theme or place.

  1. Adobe Color CC

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Coffee takes a special place in our hearts, because with enough coffee nothing is impossible. It very often helps us out when we are short of time before the deadline, or when we simply can’t pull ourselves together in the morning to start effective and inspiring work. Finally, the very smell of it cheers us up!

However, how many coffee websites have you seen? Unless you buy coffee in bulk/you visit your favorite coffee shop website often/you prefer buying coffee online, you may have not seen many. Meanwhile, these websites may be pure web design inspiration to everyone who is somehow related to web design. Unexpected design solutions, beautiful color combinations, sophisticated typography – anything can launch your inspirational design thinking.

Before we start listing the web designs, picture a typical coffee website in your mind. It’s brown, isn’t it? Well, now it’s time to see if you guess is right.

We can easily say that it’s… coffee time!
For best experience brew a cup of coffee before looking through the websites. 🙂


  1. Bageriet

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It’s been a while since the release of Magento 2.0 framework. Featuring a new checkout, new file structure, full page cashing, multi-shopping functionality, Visual Design Editor, Magento UI library, Magento performance kit, and so much more, the framework was enhanced and specifically developed to bring your customers’ online shopping experience to a whole new level.
Soon after the release of an updated framework, TemplateMonster has added a fully-featured template to the gallery of Magento 2 free themes that you can use for multiple purposes.

Compared to the default Magento 2 template called Luma, F2 Magento 2 theme is more abundant in various features and design elements providing for a more enjoyable and seamless online shopping experience. Thus, F2 features a trendy card-based design, which allows you to share as many visual and written content as you wish, without making the page look cluttered. Category and product pages also look rather different from the default template, providing the users with total control over the way the products are filtered and presented on the page.

In terms of functionality, F2 doesn’t lag behind the default template. Its pack includes a sticky header, dropdown menu, configurable swatches, sale/new product types, image slider, and so much more. If you want to take a closer look at its functionality and compare F2 to Luma, then welcome to a more detailed review of this newcomer to the Magento 2 free themes gallery.



Everyone working in the web design and web development industry needs to have a set of free website design tools at their disposal for work or just for inspiration. In this blog post you can find literally everything that a web designer might need to keep in handy.
53 websites with professionally taken artistic photos, 37 best web design galleries, 40 powerful web design tools, and other handy web design stuff can be found in a compilation.


On top of that, the chart includes legal docs, invoice generators, domain name generators and other practical online tools that you will need to run your IT business. SEO and analytical tools, e-mail services, A/B testing and other solutions were all cleverly categorized and presented in a user-friendly manner. The best part about this compilation is that it features only free web design tools and resources, which can help businesses of any size and specification.


We are often asked – what are the best WordPress plugins for blogs? What tools are better than the other? What functionality should we better pay attention to when choosing the best option for a blog? In an attempt to answer these and other questions, TemplateMonster’s team has decided to reach out the top WordPress blogs and requested them for the lists of plugins they have installed in their dashboards.

As a result, they have made up a compilation of 98 best WordPress plugins 2016 that 15 top WordPress blogs use. Some tools turned out to be more popular than the others, some of them were installed only on 1 or 2 of the blogs that the team has reached. So, in an attempt to create a more detailed categorization of the most handy tools for bloggers, TemplateMonster’s team has organized them into two groups – the first one contains plugins that are more popular than the others, whereas another group includes plugins that are installed on individual blogs only. Each of the aforementioned groups, in its turn, features categorization of plugins by their purpose of use (like navigation, social media, security, site performance, email, comments, etc.), so you can easily navigate to any section that is of the greatest interest to you with a click.



When it comes to choosing the best ready-made website template for your site, it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of solutions to choose from. What CMS should you better choose? What functionality to include? What style to choose? How to optimize it for search engines? These are only some of the questions that come to our mind when looking for the best option.

With the purpose to narrow down your search, TemplateMonster has made up a compilation of the 24 of its most trending WordPress eCommerce templates and shared it at MonsterPost. Here you can find themes for travel, fashion, car tuning, food and drink, sport, electronics, and other purposes.


Just go ahead, browse the list and pick a solution that comes to your liking the most.


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