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Have you been waiting for the most powerful and richest WordPress theme Monstroid as much as all the others?

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The WordPress rocket, the biggest WP theme by TemplateMonster, which already promises to be a smash hit was launched several hours ago, gaining hight every minute. Those who have pre-ordered the theme are already in front of their screens at this moment, investigating the possibilities of Monstroid. Those who haven’t are catching up as well: they purchase the theme and join an already big and growing Monstroid community.


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If you’ve been waiting for something that would hit the web design market and create a furore – this is it. The nearest years of web design are quite predefined – according to the statistics, 24% of all websites on the Web are powered by WordPress.

And since the percentage is only growing, it’s high time for a large-scale WordPress theme.

TemplateMonster produced Monstroid – the biggest and the most powerful WordPress theme so far.
Thanks to the Installation Wizard Plugin which does all the work for you, you can install a theme in several seconds. If you ever faced a problem of loosing your content after updates – this won’t happen again since all the updates will be run in Cherry Framework (the framework which powers Monstroid). And if you are a developer, you can create absolutely any website using Monstroid, making it as unique as far your skills and imagination let you.


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If you had to advertise an event in a very short time with a limited budget – what would you choose? What is one of the easiest ways to get people to know about your good or service? Flyers. Easy to spread, glossy and unavoidable. Something that gets lost in a woman’s purse and something gets a man interested right away, especially if an event runner offers great beer.  The history of it as a concept dates back to the 18the century – back then people understood it’s a great way of quick and effective way of spreading information.

Right now a concept of flyer somewhat changed, however, it still didn’t lose its popularity. A flyer turned into a glossy card which is low-cost to produce and incredibly effective for the purpose of having people talk about you and visit a spot.

Dozens and dozens of clients like hairstylists, fancy restaurants, cozy pizza-houses, new clubs, big home-parties, new flower shops, even churches – they may come to you and ask for help of creating a beautiful memorable flyer.

And if lack great free flyer PSD files for it, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose any of the mentioned below, download them and enjoy your work.

Designer is not a job, it’s a state of mind. Right? 😉

1. Freebie Flyer Vol. 9

Free flyer PSD download


Hey guys! We have some great news for you! Our good friend  TemplateMonster is getting ready to surprise you with something truly awesome. No, we are not going to talk about a new freebie. They launch such stuff weekly. This time they have prepared something that can take your breath away.



Are you ready for the Saturday celebration? On the 4th of July all popular companies treat their customers with something special. And what do you expect to get as a gift from a web design monster? Huge discounts for premium stuff, of course! TemplateMonster keeps on its tradition of cutting price of all products from its inventory. This Independence Day you may save 35% on any design from the gallery of 30,000+ themes.



Anyone who cares about his content presentation, never underestimates the visual power of pictures. Letters are beautiful, but the most quality content with no image will loose readers to less quality, yet illustrated content.
If you don’t do photography professionally (literally professionally, when you spend days in raw shooting everyone and everything so it would cover the demands of blogging like pictures of wild animals, celebrities, most sophisticated dishes, children or kittens), you have to have your own source of images. If you don’t have one and don’t have a friend who wouldn’t mind sharing the results of weeks-long work with you, you will have to search for images, which would satisfy you both with their content and high quality on the Web. The copyright rules are strict and most of the time you have to pay for really good pictures.
We bet that there are many other ways of spending money on/offline on your mind, and paying for pictures may be not in your budget plan. That’s why we picked the best free image sources which may help you save time on searching on the Web.
Here’s the list 🙂

1. Dealjumbo

free image sources



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