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Halloween is finally here! The horror is casting its spell, zombies and vampires are walking all around, the gongs of spookiness are heard in the air, and we are starting this year’s horror celebration! Halloween is a holiday that not only kids are anxiously anticipating. Adults also don’t miss an opportunity to gather friends at home and throw a scary party.

In keeping with tradition of treating you with some breathtaking and inspiring stuff, we have taken this year’s October 31st to share some awesome free Halloween goodies for adding an evil charm to your designs. Below you can find a series of creative stuff for your frightful employment, including icons, logos, posters, flyers, wallpapers, and more. Each item on the list available for free and comes in either PSD  or vector format, which allows to edit these and drag onto your own designs and themes. You can get them printed, simply save on your desktop, add to your designs or simply have them stored somewhere on your PC for the next year to come. Scroll down and enjoy the collection.

Have fun this Halloween day, stun the world with your spooky appearance and evil spirit of your designs! Let us know about your celebration and come back to us for more inspiration and helpful stuff!

Happy Halloween, folks!




Online resume can be of great use to job seekers. This allows presenting your skills and achievements in a modern way. It’s trendy no more to send several pages of written text to your prospective employer. Instead, many are shifting to personal web pages. The latter allow to show off you creativity, introduce the audience to your field of work and recent projects, and sell talents fast and easy. Those of you who are looking for the most appropriate way of developing a personal web page that would grab employers’ attention and help you find new job, welcome to our weekly doze of freebies.

Not all job-seekers can build online resume on their own. For many this can be a daunting task that requires much time and effort. For those who have never written a single line of code, it can be too expensive as well. Since custom-made designs cost a pretty penny. We offer you to forget about all that and let your creativity flow with the help of this Free HTML5 One-Page Template from TemplateMonster.

Have a look at this design. Its minimalist modern layout with clever usage of negative space allows organizing content in logic blocks, making it easier for users to scan the page. Resembling infographic, it lets you place information within one click reach. We offer to welcome users with a full-width slider placed at the top of the page, move to the ‘About Me” section, showcase portfolio, skills, achievements, and work experience. User testimonials significantly help with decision-making. So, adding some vibrant accents you will never lose. The integrated map and user-friendly contact form will make it easier for employers to get in touch with you. Accompanying written data with appealing visuals you can make the design look much livelier and catchy. Make this possible with the help of jQuery scripts like TouchTouch Gallery, Camera Slider, and JQuery Isotop. We believe this is how an online CV of designer, coder, writer, photographer or any other creative personality should be designed.

Is it how you imagined your personal page should look like? Then go to the download page and pick it right away!

Demo | Download here



Modern customers heavily rely on the mobile web to search for some data, check out hot news, and make purchases. It’s of high importance for contemporary businesses to have an effective mobile presence, so when designing mobile first one should pay special attention to the basic wayfinding concepts, like iconography, circulation systems, and special cues. The way people orient themselves in digital world is not much different from how they do it in real life. So, incorporating wayfinding concepts into mobile designs would be of high importance. In this post we will pay special attention to iconography, its usage and meaning in mobile designs.

Before we move to the investigation of the key principles of iconography, let’s find out what wayfinding is. At the name implies, this is how we navigate the space around us. Various cues, guides and signs help us orient ourselves and figure out where to go next. If you’ve ever visited another country, you should be familiar with how it works. Imagine that you have arrived to a strange city and don’t know how to find the route. What are your actions? I believe the first thing each of you will do is looking around to quickly scan the surroundings, observe which direction the majority of people are walking in, and pay attention to signs and text on them. Things are almost the same in web design. When dealing with mobile web everything should be clear and intuitive, with clever usage of space. Signs should speak for themselves, guiding users to the right direction.


This week we have decided to pay special attention to UX designs. Following our chart of the top 10 must read books for every graphic designer, it’s time to get inspired and have a look at the most effective, professional UX designs.

It’s no secret that with every year the number of people who shift to mobile devices increases at tremendous pace. Whether in business or personal purposes – handheld devices are considered to be one of the most convenient ways of accessing necessary information on the go. If I ask you ‘What is the most widely used brand worldwide?” What would your answer be? More than half of the world owns some product by Apple. Besides having geniuses in design and retail, they also have great design specialists, which makes it impossible for the competition to make any real headway against the company. The latter are of special interest to us today. We’ve come up with 30 best iOS UX designers on Dribble and now we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Keep Scrolling down, enjoy these breathtaking designs, and learn how to develop beautiful mobile user interfaces. Take your time and enjoy!



First shot in Chapps


It’s no secret that a cleverly designed website predetermines the success of any business. Online presentation has become an indispensable part of any marketing strategy that targets to stand above competitors. However, if a website is poorly organized, looks cluttered and not so easy to follow, people will hardly stay on it. The success of any web project hinges on one basic thing – how comfortable users feel browsing it. So, in order to help you develop a resource that would be pleasant to use and bring its visitors some value, we offer you to consider 10 must read books for designers who want to get started and succeed in UX.


UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals

This is a quick overview of UX design fundamentals. As the name suggests, it’s an online course that contains 31 lessons on how to go from zero to hero as soon as possible. On following the link, you will be redirected to the table of contents where you can find the entire list of lessons you can learn. Start with the introductory ones, proceed to design psychology, visual and functional design principles, and complete test in the end of the course to check your knowledge.

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Top WordPress Themes

A professionally built, well-coded theme can do wonders for improving your brand’s online presentation. But where to find a design than will help you stand above competitors? How to make sure that the template you’ve chosen will help attain desired results? This is when charts of the top themes like this come in handy. In our today’s post we’d like to introduce you to the best responsive WordPress themes 2014, according to TemplateMonster customers’ choice.

A remarkable design is what bloggers and brands need for leaving a strong impression on the audience. Having a standard theme is boring. Your web resource will look more appealing with a customized one. What is more, clever online presentation is an essential marketing tool, which will help you grow customer base and reach the international market. There are so many awesome themes available for download that it’s easy to get lost in their rich variety. That is why we’ve decided to make a compilation of the most effective and usable themes to enhance your site and attract new visitors.

The compilation includes 10 themes that were in the highest demand among online shoppers during this summer period. Here you can find a template for any purpose – starting from a personal page and photographer portfolio and ending with ecommerce projects. WordPress themes for business purposes can do more than just presenting yourself to the online audience. These can become your business card, something your potential client will come across first when reaching your site. By using these you will have a chance to get closer to your customers and find a great way of building trust since all of the themes on the chart come with social media widgets, which allows to connect with the audience in real life. Web templates for building portfolio websites and virtual CVs can be used for introducing people to what exactly you are doing in a more convenient way, share your achievements and goals, showcase the recent projects, etc.

Though all of them come in different styles and feature various sets of characteristics, there is a thing that makes them similar – each and every template gas been designed for your benefit. Scroll down to see some of the coolest layouts. To see the entire showcase of the Top WordPress themes 2014, follow the link.


Web Design CV WordPress Theme

Web Design CV WordPress Theme


Why do people dance? Aside of being a proven way of keeping body and brain active, dancing can be a fine means of making new friends, developing creative skills, and simply expressing your feelings. We dance at home, in clubs, on stage, in the street, anywhere. Everyone eager to dance like a pro can partake in dance classes. The skills and knowledge developed in dance can be applied to any career path. No matter what goal users pursue, there should be a place where they can easily join a dance studio to their liking, check out the list of staff, dancing styles being taught, and much more. As you’ve already guessed, this is when dance studio websites come in handy. To save both time and effort on developing one, opt for this theme. Elegant and stylish, our weekly HTML5 freebie is available for download to each of you.

What business are you running? If you are the owner of a sport club, dance or design studio, then this minimalist, clean template should meet your requirements. Here every element of design is perfectly balanced. What is the first thing that grabs your attention? I believe that would be large, quality slider at the top of the page. Featuring images of sporty ladies, it can hardly leave anyone indifferent. Let’s move further. As you may see, the designer made use of negative space to let every visitor focus attention on the content you’ve posted. Highlighting calls to action and headlines with light purple hues, you can draw user eye to the meaningful areas and encourage them for further investigation.

Content presentation is worth our special attention. Streamlined fonts help for better readability, whereas the smart structure allows coming up with the necessary block in mere seconds. Like many other themes in TemplateMonster inventory, the given design is well-coded and easy to customize, meaning that you can make your site go live after some minor adjustments of colors, fonts, visuals, and textures.

Click live demo, see the theme in action and have a closer look at all the features mentioned above.

Demo | Download here



Creating gradients can be a rather time-consuming process. But what should one do when there is not much left and you need a breathtaking gradient to add more colors to your design asap? This is when free online gradient background makers come in handy. Whether you need to create a simple or a more complicated image, the following list of the 10 free online tools will help you achieve the desired results in no time. All of the gradient generators we list below give you a graphical user interface and access to all functionality you might need during the work. So, take your time and choose the tool that meets your requirements the most. We’ll be happy to see the design implemented into your own projects in the comments block below.

CSS gradient makers are among the most essential tools every designer should make use of. Aside from being easy to use, these help making your web resource much lighter, with faster load speeds and even better SEO. Most of such tools are based on the same principle. Then first thing we need to do is choosing the size of the picture we want to get in the end. Then goes the choice of color and adjustment of other effects you’d like to add to the gradient image. One more great advantage of such solutions is that you can either download the image or get as ready-made URL that you can further implement into your website. Everything is simple and intuitive, so even those of you who are not tech-savvy will be able to use these tools. Go further and check this out.


With the help of Gradient Maker each of you can create unique gradient images that can be further used in your designs with ease. To create a gradient background all you need to do is choose the image size, pick necessary colors, horizontal or vertical gradient orientation, and that’s all. When you finish your work, download the image or get the URL.

Gradient Maker

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